Raph and leo relationship forums

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raph and leo relationship forums

Apr 1, They were both envious of the relationship their younger brothers had, Raph grinned, and even though Leo couldn't see it, he could feel it. Feb 15, The most popular bodybuilding message boards! in the rough. (+). raph is the most badass, but everyone knows leo is the best fighter. Aug 17, There is a Raph with Skateboard from next mutation $9 shipped (SOLD) There is a pic with 3 leos. $14 shipped. Misc turtle items board game.

Raph often gets into quarrels with them and is easily frustrated with Leo's position as a leader, Donnie acting like a Know-It-All and Mikey's lack of maturity.

On the other hand, his brothers can't stand his temper and his rash decisions. Despite all that, Raph loves his brothers as much as they love him and he will go to great lengths to fiercely protect them from any sort of harm, especially his two younger brothers and sister Donnie, Mikey and Vee and he'll always back them up in a fight, especially Leo.

Raph had even admitted that he's willing to risk his life, but never the lives of his brothers and little sister. Family and Friends Edit Leonardo: There's usually a lot of tension between the two older brothers as Leo acts as if he's better than Raph and he has made it his personal goal to prove him wrong.

In Rise of the Turtles, The reasons why Raph doesn't accept his big brother as a leader is because he views himself the strongest, he gets annoyed when Leo ties to compare himself to his favorite character Captain Ryan, a hero from a show called "Space Heroes" which is a show Raph can't stand and makes fun of Leo for liking itLeo willing to be merciful towards bad guys and because he feels Leo's plans and decisions are lame.

In New Girl In Town, Raph doesn't accept Leo as leader up until maybe where he mentions how he needs his older brother. In The Alien Agenda, they also fight over other stuff, like the Karai situation. The two are often bickering and clashing over what to do in various situations as Leo would make some complicated plan, while Raph would just charge right in. Their sibling rivalry tends to put a strain on their relationship and at times puts the team at risk. Arguably, Raph might be the closest to Leo.

They do love each other, but never seem to make an effort to show it. Raph and Leo seem to be very close and they'll always have each other's back. Raph loves Donnie as a brother, but like the rest of his brothers, gets really annoyed when Donnie starts acting like a Know-It-All and starts talking in super-smart techno-babble and likes to make fun of him as a geek or for his crush on April.

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It wasn't until the near end and dubbed him and Mikey the "A Minus-Team", which was find considering it was as good as they were gonna get from Raph.

Despite this, Raph doesn't tease Donnie nearly as much as he does Leo or Mikey. Raph and Donnie are complete opposites when it comes to thinking, Donnie often thinks too much and Raph often doesn't think enough. Despite that, Raph loves Donnie and willing to do anything for him.

Donnie is Raph's younger brother, even though Donnie's taller than him. Like with all his brothers, Raph is protective of Donnie and he is willing to assist him the best he can in battle. Raph often gets annoyed when Mikey says or does something dumb or silly and likes to insult and make fun of him.

In Never Say Xever, Raph is seen to guiding his baby brother to somewhat the dark side when it comes to villains like, where he told Mikey not to apologize for dropping Bradford and Mikey did so. It wasn't until the near end and dubbed him and Donnie the "A Minus-Team", which was fine since it was as good as they were gonna get from Raph as he playfully gave Mikey a nuggie.

In New Girl in Town, Raph was really concerned when Mikey got hurt during the battle with Snakeweed, even giving him a hug. When the other was sad or scared he would give him a hug or tell him something comforting. Raph seems to be very close with Mikey and is often protective of him as much as he is with the others. Raph loves his little sister and he is freely protective of Vee.

First, Raph didn't like her when Leo and the others deiced to take her in the family when they found her when she was a baby and thought the band on her leg was a tracking device, but when Raph realize that he had to protect and that she is his sister, he began to love and care for her. Vee always called him "Raphie" when she was younger.

Raph calls Vee "Little Ninja" as her other nickname. In New Friend, Old Enemy, Raph managed to comfort Vee, who was sad that she blames herself and messes up everything stating she was amazing and anyone would love to be her friend. In New Girl In Town, Raph actually hugged Mikey and Vee mentioned how he was afraid of losing them, thus showing how much he loves them. Raph kisses Vee brotherly on the cheek if she's okay.

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Raph will do anything to keep Vee safe just like he is protective of his younger brother Mikey. Vee and Raph seem to be quite close, although they fight a lot.

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Raph loves Master Splinter as a father and Sensei and often tries to prove to him that he's better than Leo. In I, Monster, Raphael loves his father and showed much concern when he was taken over by the Rat King. Raph even gave him a hug when Splinter came back to his senses. Splinter is aware of Raph's temper and often must give him a guiding hand to keep his anger in check. Splinter can be hard on Raph, especially when he picks on his brothers, but never the less see's great potential in him.

raph and leo relationship forums

Splinter often wishes Raph would think more before reacting when it comes to battle. Like with all his sons, Splinter's very protective of Raph. Don's 16 three months younger than Leo Raph is 15 Mikey's 14 Baby Raphie looks like Raph and is emerald skinned and golden-eyed.

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The family were gathered around the kitchen table for their evening meal. Mikey had made chicken enchiladas, which were one of his specialties. There's a re-run of Fast and Furious Seven playin'.

raph and leo relationship forums

I promised Sensei I'd…. He did want to go with Raph, but he was afraid of what would happen, given the intense chemistry between them and the longing looks Raph gave him when he thought no one was looking. Raph's glances made Leo feel butterflies in his stomach and have a strong desire to drop down and be dominated by the strong and muscular emerald skinned turtle, but he knew he had to control his urges.

raph and leo relationship forums

Their father would most likely not approve of any relationship between them, because even if they were not biologically related, they were still raised as brothers.

I'm going to play video games. I have Leo all ta myself and we're gonna have a terrific time. If so, I'll clear the plates and wash the dishes. You go and get ready, Leo. Hey, Raph, you can help me, though. He carried the plates into the kitchen and dried the dishes while Don washed them. After the chores were done, Raph got ready and then he and Leo headed to the movie.

Arriving at the cinema, they got popcorn and sank down into their seats. It's Saturday night, for damn's sake.

raph and leo relationship forums

We deserve a night of fun. It ain't fun goin' ta a movie alone. We should do it more often. Ya look spaced out. Just watch the movie. Casey naked, April naked with Casey, Splinter naked in the bath. Raph leaned over, brushing his hand against Leo's, which was enough to undo him.

raph and leo relationship forums

Before he could drop down, Leo jumped up and ran out of the cinema, his heart hammering. Raph turned me on.


My own brother turns me on. How could I think such thoughts? He's my damn brother! It's wrong to feel that way.