Relationship and organization

relationship and organization

RELATIONSHIP IN ORGANIZATION. It has long been known empirically to students of organization that one of the surest sources of delay and. For running organization properly both line and staff member's contribution is required and their relationship must be well defined in organizational structure. Two profiles in your people database can be connected by a relationship. Two people can be connected, a person can be connected to an organization, and two.

Executives must also realize that virtually any environmental trend or event is likely to create opportunities for some organizations and threats for others.

This is true even in extreme cases. In addition to horrible human death and suffering, the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan devastated many organizations, ranging from small businesses that were simply wiped out to corporate giants such as Toyota whose manufacturing capabilities were undermined. As odd as it may seem, however, these tragic events also opened up significant opportunities for other organizations.

CH 1 Part 3 Relationship between Organization and its Environment

The rebuilding of infrastructure and dwellings requires concrete, steel, and other materials. Japanese concrete manufacturers, steelmakers, and construction companies are likely to be very busy in the years ahead.

relationship and organization

Natural disasters devastate many organizations. Third, the environment shapes the various strategic decisions that executives make as they attempt to lead their organizations to success. A firm that sets a goal of increasing annual sales by 50 percent might struggle to achieve this goal during an economic recession or if several new competitors enter its business.

Environmental conditions also need to be taken into account when examining whether to start doing business in a new country, whether to acquire another company, and whether to launch an innovative product, to name just a few. The environment is the source of resources that the organizations needs.

relationship and organization

It provides opportunities and threats, and it influences the various strategic decisions that executives must make. Exercises What are the three reasons that the environment matters?

3.2 The Relationship between an Organization and Its Environment

When people are happy, they are more apt to function harmoniously as a team. Teamwork necessitates that the employer and employees trust and respect each other. The success of a business hinges on mutual cooperation.

Discord in employment relationships causes profits to lag.

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

An employee who is unhappy at work will delay work and achieve less; and an employer who is disgruntled with an employee will have a tendency to be overly fault-finding, according to Business Incentives.

Employment Relationships are Nurtured by Positive Communication Employers need to promote positive communication with and among coworkers so they may better understand each others' needs, as well as the needs of the employer. In this way, workers may perform their individual tasks with the understanding of how their work relates to others and what others need and expect from them. As a result, there is probably no area of management that causes more difficulties, more friction, arid more loss of time and effectiveness.

Yet the line-and-staff relationships of the members of an organization must necessarily affect the operation of the enterprise. One widely held view of line and staff is that line functions are those that have a direct impact on the accomplishment of the objectives of the enterprise. On the other hand, Staff functions are those that help the line persons work most effectively in accomplishing the objectives. The people who adhere to this view almost invariably classify production and sales and sometimes finance as line functions and accounting, personnel, plant maintenance, and quality control as staff functions.

The Relationship between an Organization and Its Environment – Mastering Strategic Management

An organization structure which is composed of only line executives is termed as a line organization. Imaginary structure of such an organization may be as under: An organization structure which is composed of both line executives and staff executives is termed as line and staff organization. An imaginary structure of such a type is shown below; The Nature of Line and Staff Relationships A more precise and logically valid concept of line and staff is that they are simply a matter of relationships.

Line authority gives a superior a line of authority over a subordinate. It exists in all organizations as an uninterrupted scale or series of steps.

relationship and organization