Rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

How Well Do You Remember Ross and Rachel's Relationship?

rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

Jun 9, One couple that comes to mind is Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from two leads, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, have great chemistry. Apr 24, While their professional and personal relationship has had its ups and downs, from blackmail to murder, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett always. Feb 26, How Many Times Did Richard Castle Get Married? How Many Times 4. When Kate Beckett Comes Home What Would She Most Likely Do?.

As the silence expanded past the thirty second mark Castle forced out a laugh to clear the air. In his gut he knew she was most likely teetering on the edge of being very upset.

Castle & Beckett Always – Secrets Surprises & Relationships

I'm just going to run to the bathroom; I'll be back. Castle sighed as he picked up the discarded shirt and pulled it over his head. One thing he knew to be indisputably true about his best friend was that when it came to her emotions her response heavily favored flight over fight. Had Kate found the quiz to be an amusing anecdote, she would have chuckled, flipped over on her back and stuck her legs back out into the sun. The fact that she was scampering off with a pallid expression meant the quiz hit a bit too close to home.

He'd give her ten minutes, but if she didn't come back—and he suspected she wouldn't—he'd follow; the conversation they needed to have could only be done privately. Sitting on the edge of the pool deck, her legs dangling lazily in the water, Kate stared casually at the ripples formed from the water bouncing off the tiles. That Saturday afternoon certainly had not turned out as she expected. It wasn't Jenny's fault, per se. Kate knew she hadn't meant the quiz to be malicious and it was intended all in good fun, but the longer it went on, any amusement vanished as the questions began hitting closer and closer to home.

Castle was her best friend; no question existed in her mind. But with their friendship as lengthy as it was, it overlapped quite heavily with a romantic relationship—a marriage. Hell, being that they met when they were twelve, Kate and Rick not only knew each other longer than every married couple she knew, their years together were double and triple if not longer than most couples.

Kate had never been the type of woman who defined herself by a romantic relationship or by a boyfriend. She had many relationships over her adult life, some long, some short, but she focused mostly on her career and as she had become the NYPD's youngest female detective, that focus paid off and she did not regret one moment of it. Still, now that she was over thirty, the idea of finding a husband and having a family was more prevalent in her mind. Of course she had on occasion thought about her best friend as a potential mate, but such thoughts felt so unattainable.

They were friends, pals. Save a few rare occasions there had never been anything romantic or sexual between them.

How Well Do You Know Castle?

But yet…he was the only person who could make her smile simply by looking at her. He was the one person she felt she was one hundred percent herself around.

For nearly two decades he was the one person who consistently felt like home. She shouldn't have been surprised that he followed her, but she was a little bit.

She thought their one-on-one conversation would be later in the evening, perhaps after Kevin and Jenny put the baby to bed, but it appeared he was impatient—what else was new? Dad gave me a box of my high school stuff—it was in there. She did not want to have this conversation. She really, really didn't. It terrified her more than she could express because if she lost him…god, if she lost him… But it was beyond her control; the conversation was coming whether she was ready or not.

I want to say we're adults and whatever conversation we're about to have we can deal with and no matter the outcome we'll be fine but it doesn't feel that way. Someone's going to get hurt. The tightness in her chest relaxed fifteen percent; it made her feel better to see he struggled as well. It'll either work or it'll take our friendship down with it.

Were they to embark on a romantic relationship that ended poorly she could not foresee a situation in which their friendship remained intact; there would be too much heartbreak. He reached out and placed his hand atop hers. They wouldn't try; they would continue on as they were. She could be all right with that—she would be all right with that. Castle's fingers closed around her palm and he gave it a squeeze. Rotating his body towards hers, he continued. What was he—but he just!

He had brown hair, blue eyes, and a sparkling grin that melted her heart. I mean, I only realized it about fifteen minutes ago but…yeah.

rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

I don't know how I didn't see it. I mean, I did…but it was never right…" "What do you mean?

rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

I woke up feeling…lost, empty, horrible. But you were there, your arm was around me and when I opened my eyes and saw your face I just thought he's here and it's going to be okay. I don't know how, but it's going to be okay.

Rick's here; it's going to be okay. Not having enough regard for the wisdom of his advice she charges on regardless and he, resigned to the inevitable decides it is he who must move on. He resigns from the unit and leaves, subsequently rejecting all her calls for assistance.

Instead of answers we find that we only have more clues to follow. Ryan, ordered to stay behind, finds that he has a difficult decision to make if the members of the team are to stay alive. As she dangles dangerously off the side of a building with only a few moments left before she more than likely plummets to her death it is Castle Kate calls for, finally realizing all along that he was just wanting to protect her.

She calls to him, but it is not Castle who comes but Ryan, thankfully disobeying direct orders. Questioned by the chief Kate dramatically resigns from being a detective after her judgment and motives are called into question. Question 16 What lie does Ross tell about how he proposed to Rachel at his parents place?

That he proposed to her while the two were at Disneyland That he proposed to her after he found out she was pregnant That he wrote Will You Marry Me on a carrot cake That he proposed in the planetarium with lilies. Season eight's eighteenth episode titled, The One in Massapequa, sees Ross and Rachel in a bit of a tight spot. Rachel takes the opportunity to fabricate some tales about their supposed nuptials and the events therein.

She even goes so far as to tell people that Stevie Wonder sang at the wedding. When the crowd wants to hear about Ross' proposal to Rachel, Ross spins a tale of his own. Mark Max Joey Ross and Rachel were happy once.

I know it's hard to remember but for five seconds they were actually happy until this season in which Ross begins to lose his mind with jealousy. Rachel had finally found a job that she was good at and fortunately that job had her working very long hours. Instead of being patient and understanding Ross becomes jealous of one of Rachel's co-workers and begins to believe she is spending time at work to be with him. Question 18 What color umbrellas do Ross and Rachel have in the opening credits?

Ross has a green umbrella, Rachel has a red umbrella Ross has a yellow umbrella, Rachel has a green umbrella Ross has a blue umbrella, Rachel has a yellow umbrella Ross has a yellow umbrella, Rachel has a blue umbrella The opening credits of Friends was one of the most ubiquitously watched and referenced openings in television history. It even brought relative success to the authors of the theme song, The Rembrandts. The opening scene involves a montage of scenes from the show and of clips of the cast members playing around in a park presumably in New York.

The cast is seen swimming in an open fountain in New York? Previously during his wedding when going through his nuptial vows he experiences the Freudian slip of a lifetime when he says not the name of his theoretically soon to be wife, but that of his paramour, Rachel.

Obviously, the wedding was off. We come into this episode to see Ross on the phone to anyone who could possibly put him back in touch with his now ex. He eventually gets in touch with her but only to find that it's over for good unless he stops speaking to Rachel. Question 20 Who did Rachel get to shave her head because she was jealous?

It was the very reason they broke up. Of course, Ross making another crucial mistake the night they broke up was the reason they stayed broken up.

But that did not stop Rachel from becoming jealous whenever Ross went on a date with another woman. Remember the time Phoebe set him up with someone she thought he'd love? Rachel was so jealous she convinced the person to shave her head in the hopes that Ross would freak out and dump her.

Question 21 Where is Rachel going when she has to say her final goodbye to Ross? Milan Paris Spain In the final two episodes of Friends, the whole world watched as each character began to put their lives in order. Monica and Chandler packed up their apartment to move to the suburbs with their new twin babies.

Phoebe and Mike were settling into their married life. Joey was being Joey and Ross and Rachel were for preparing themselves for their goodbyes.

Rachel had been offered an amazing job in another city which was, as Phoebe put it "full of Gunthers". Such is the case when Ross informs Jill that he can't see her anymore.

Apparently, Rachel's sister has quite a temper and when given the news of Ross' inability to reconcile his feelings for Rachel, Jill flew into a rage, spewing many insults, and breaking one of Ross' more prized possessions. It may seem, cliche but, Question 23 Where does Rachel go when Ross spots Emily and does not get on the plane? Bermuda Aruba Greece Standing at the altar, in front of all their friends and family, Ross said Rachel's name.

To this day, we still cannot believe it. What is even harder to believe is that after saying Rachel's name instead of Emily's, it did not stop them from getting married.

rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

Emily went into hiding over the humiliation. Ross left Emily a message begging her to go with him on the honeymoon and it almost worked out except for the fact that when she got there Rachel was there with Ross. Question 24 Which song is playing in the planetarium when Ross kisses Rachel on their first date? Ya Know, there's love all around.


Monica begins dating her much older ophthalmologist and long time friend of the family Dr. Richard Burk, Joey and Chandler fall in love with two recliners, and Ross and Rachel go on their first, and second dates. The first date hits a slight snag when Rachel starts laughing when Ross touches her butt. She wants to take him out to dinner for a do-over, but when Ross is called into the Museum Rachel goes with him and they wind up spending the night in the planetarium. Question 25 How does Rachel first admit to Ross that she has feelings for him?

Previously Rachel found out that Ross had feelings for her just before he went to China.

rick castle and kate beckett relationship quizzes

Upon his return to the United States, we meet Julie, whom he went to graduate school with and was reunited with while in China.