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tsurara and rikuo - Google Search Yuki Onna, Otaku Anime, I Love Anime, .. Miyazaki, My Hero, Yuki Onna, Manga, Image Boards, Anime Couples, Naruto. Apr 25, When Rikuo becomes the new head of the Nura Clan, Yuki Onna is .. yōkai- related games and quizzes and has a very forceful personality. Apr 25, Who didn't like Yuki-Onna (in Nurarihyon No Mago version)? .. though night Rikuo and day Rikuo are one being and are not a split personality. new yōkai -related games and quizzes and has a very forceful personality.

Due to this, when Rikuo goes there to train, he is able to stay his Night form at all times. Akagappa has said that he need to keep his blood sugar up during stressful conversations or else he'll stumble over his words. It's implied that he respects Nurarihyon, since he would have gone with the others that were recruited from Tono, if he hadn't been in charge of the village. Daisuke Kishio Japanese ; J. Rera Makiri", a sickle wind blade.

He, like most others, dislike the Kyoto Yokai. When he gets serious in a fight, he takes a different form, which is his weasel self with a sharper face and his sickles fused into his arms.

It is later revealed that Itaku is being groomed to take Akagappa's place as Tono's leader. He fights using water, and usually spars with Awashima. He list Tsuchigumo in his Top 10 list of fighters.

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But as a male, Awashima can use hyoi of the raging god, "Perfect Fatherhood Izanagi". Awashima is named after the second child of Izanagi and Izanami in the KojikiAwashima no Kami, who was discarded for being intersex. Awashima consinders himself to be similar to Rikuo because both of them take on a different form at night. Oddly, though Rikuo remains in his Night form constantly while in Tono, Awashima still changes between sexes.

Reira discovered that Yuki Onna can use a hot spring so long as they can control their Fear; she tried helping Tsurara getting the hang of this, but was unable to do so.

Her type of yokai brings good fortune to those around her. Yukari finds Itaku and Rikuo's daytime appearance to be cute. Her size differs between manga and anime; the manga shows her to be the size of doll, while the anime has Yukari as a normal-sized child.

In the English dub, Yukari's laugh is replaced by coughing, implying she has a cold. He communicate with and control animals. In addition to those listed here, the following are also members: After the battle with the Hundred Tales Clan, the entire group now knows of Rikuo's dual identity. A flashback to the Golden Age of Edo shows that with the exception of Yura, Rikuo and Tsurara, the group are reincarnations of children whom Yamabuki Otome once taught.

The group is last seen with the rest of the Yokai welcoming a recovered Rikuo back home. Kiyotsugu has also wanted to meet Rikuo's yokai form again ever since, referring to him as "the Lord of Darkness". Ironically, either due to bad luck or stupidity, Kiyotsugu never sees any of the yokai present until the Hundred Tales Arc. She was cursed by Sodemogi and nearly dies until Senba is given power by Natsumi's grandmother's belief, saving her life.

A few days later, Saori notices Natsumi's absence and informs everyone, meanwhile Kiyotsugu tells the Investigation squad of a new urban legend. The urban legend tells that the some subways are haunted, including a particular one where a young couple left behind an infant in one of the coin lockers. Even though the baby had died, the baby never stopped growing and to this day has grown considerably.

Saori appears to be easily agitated, and is very protective of Natusmi to the point of overreacting - Kurotabo accidentally bumped into Natsumi while riding a train with Rikuo's other guards, and Saori even got officers involved because of it. She stays with the Natsumi in the hospital after Senba rescues her from Sodemogi's curse.

Tetsuya Kakihara Japanese ; Donn A. Nordean English Kiyotsugu's underling who has been following Kiyotsugu wherever he has led since they were kids. It's hinted that the only reason Shima hangs out with Kiyotsugu is because he's rich. He has a crush on Tsurara's human form and attends meetings only to be close to Tsurara. This is reinforced in chapterwhere Shima tells Kiyotsugu that their meeting is meaningless since Tsurara isn't present.

Their bloodline has been cursed by Hagoromo Gitsune so that all males die an early death. Thus males from branch families are taken into the main family to supplement its strength. He fought alongside Nurarihyon against Hagoromo Gitsune. He lends the spirit blade, Nenekirimaru, to Nurarihyon during the battle during which he tricked Tsuchigumo into falling into a deep sleep and later sealed him. After Hidemoto died he became part of Hagun himself. He reappears in chapter 81 to guide Yura in using Hagun's power.

The 27th heir of the Keikain family was named after him. He is later revealed to have been a potential candidate for the leadership of the household and is injured in his fight with Akifusa and rescued by Mamiru. After Yura discovers her ability to summon "Hagun", and is subsequently named the future leader of the Keikain house, Ryuji begins to show slightly more respect for her.

However, Ryuji is still not above using Yura as a pack mule for hauling the luggage he needs on missions. He is said to be the most talented in the house so far and was able to defeat Aotabo, albeit while the latter was in his sealed form. Originally a happy and kind person Yura got along with well, Mamiru changed when he became host to his lightning shikigami, and underwent training to protect Yura; he is now mostly expressionless and usually mumbles combat advice that he's using.

He later explains that he changed to protect Yura, the next head of the family. Hirofumi Nojima Japanese ; Todd Stone English The protector of the third seal and next leader of the Fukuju branch family, he specializes in barriers and seals.

He was defeated at the third seal and is trapped by Hagoromo Gitsune but later rescued by Mamiru. Asami Sanada The protector of the second seal and next leader of the Aika branch family, he is a child who uses the original shikigami "Gomoramaru", a large black cyclops.

He is usually seen levitating by focusing on a crystal ball.

Rikuo Nura's Relationships

He was defeated at the third seal and is trapped by Hagoromo Gitsune but rescued by Mamiru. As revealed in the "Yokai Brain" bonus section, Pato can use his crystal to give fortunes to others. Showtaro Morikubo Japanese ; Kaiji Tang English The protector of the first seal and next leader of the Yaso branch family, he was Yura's teacher and uses "Yoso Kioku", a blade he constructed to surpass Hidemoto's blade.

It possesses him turning him into a demon to fight. He was defeated at the third seal and fought against the Keikain house at the second seal after being possessed by Minagoroshi Jizo who used the darkness in his heart to take him over. He constructed weapons for the demons to use against the barriers sealing Hagoromo Gitsune and fought Ryuji, stating that he always wanted to fight him since they were both candidates for leadership of the main family.

He was purged by Yura and rescued by Ryuji. Rikuo later asks him to reforge Nenekirimaru into a stronger blade to use against Nue. Akifusa unknowingly asks one of Nue Seimei 's descendents for assistance in forging the blade, until Rikuo later saves him.

Setting up base in a skyscraper overlooking Ukiyoe Town, they went on a rampage until they faced off against Rikuo. The group dissolved after most of its members were killed by Tamazuki. In truth, his real name is "Tamazusa"; he changed it to reflect his desires. Edit Rikuo has known Tsurara since he was a child and used to play a lot with her. After the Gogaze incident, she was designated as Rikuo's bodyguard along with Ao, a fact that he never realized until Tsurara and Ao explained it to him themselves.

At first Rikuo didn't agree with the idea of her being around him all the time at school, but he slowly got used to it. She also cooks for him; he admits that the food she cooks tastes good, the only problem is that it's always frozen. Through time, Tsurara developed feelings for him, making her act a little bit strange sometimes because of her being nervous or getting jealous when Kana was present.

Rikuo asking Tsurara to do Matoi with him. Naturally Rikuo is oblivious about her feelings and he thinks that she's just overreacting. But even so, he trusts Tsurara greatly.

Throughout the manga, and some omakes, it was hinted that Rikuo also developed feelings for Tsurara in a way. He's not as obvious as his attendant, but the hints are in his actions.

In one of the omakes where Tsurara had pigtails, Rikuo showed interest in her although he did not recognized that she was actually Tsurara because one, she had pigtails, and two, she didn't wear any scarf that day.

In the last scene of the omake, he wondered what section was she and if he could meet her again. Also in one of the chapters of the manga prior to Hyaku Monogatari Clan Arc, Rikuo went to pick her up from Nishikigoi District and walked her back under an umbrella one snowy night.

In Japan, sharing an umbrella is a romantic gesture. He confronted them all while still being in his human form carrying Tsurara.

However, in the latest omake chapter, 'Tsurara's Love Comedy', Tsurara is ordered by her mother to steal a kiss from Rikuo before she leaves.