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10 things you didn’t know about the film Grease

And so, it is clear that Stockard Channing's Rizzo is Grease's real hero, and her choices; at one point, she tossed a milkshake in Kenickie's face. Like Sandy, much of Rizzo's narrative is also wrapped up in her relationship with men. . sex- therapist sexcapade sex column sexual drive slutever spinsters. Rizzo (Stockard Channing) is the bad girl with a heart of gold, known many flirtations and her on-again-off-again relationship with Kenickie. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Romance - [Rizzo, Kenickie] [Danny Z., my parents, they found out about me getting a degree in beauty therapy. . I told her as we ordered some cappuccinos and a couple of omelettes.

Doody and I came here a while back when we were still in collage" Frenchy told us "Well I'm glad you like it. Sandy and I come here often" I told her as we ordered some cappuccinos and a couple of omelettes. I had one question to ask Frenchy now that we had ordered "Aye Frenchy where is Doody I thought you two moved in together" "Well aren't you nosey, Sandy did say you liked reading about the Kardashian's in her Who magazine" Teased Frenchy I rolled my eyes and signalled for her to go on.

We haven't seen them since graduation" Sandy asked, "Who knows with them. They are weirdos but are probably still together. I could see Kenickie dumping Rizzo for some blonde though, they are totally not going to start a family Rizzo hates kids!


Sandy rolled her eyes "Let's stop talking about them behind their backs it's not British" She told us. Frenchy and I just looked at each other and shrugged. Why does Sandy care about Rizzo? Rizzo hated Sandy so much she even bounced on a bed with a blonde wig just to tease her. My coffee is almost done" I told her as I got up and pushed my chair in.

We paid and headed back to the Mazda. We drove along the road going straight towards their house. Sandy had texted Rizzo to find out her address so we knew where we were going.

Soon enough we pulled up in front of a modern house just minutes from the city. By now Sandy was looking plain annoyed, more annoyed then I'd ever seen her before, she turned to us anger in her eyes "Guys can you just leave them alone!

I couldn't believe she just yelled "How do you know she works in a bar for all you know she could have some huge money making job and Kenickie is a nice guy I bet you he has some respectable career and about the tattoos as if she does and even if it's true it's not up to us to judge!

10 things you didn’t know about the film Grease

We then just got out of the car and forgot about the fight vowing not to ask Rizzo about her career path. We knocked on the door and it opened revealing Kenickie.

As we walked in we saw Rizzo lying in the bed sheets wrapped around her and a phone in her hand. When she saw us she laid the phone down one the bedside and turned to us. Geez I felt like telling them to get a room but I couldn't since I was in their room in the first place. Rizzo and Kenickie pulled apart looking sorta annoyed and gave Frenchy a bad look "I have to tell you guys something" Continued Frenchy regaining her usual calm tone of voice. They just looked at each other and didn't reply to Frenchy.

Clearly he'd been involved in one of these situations before. Well I s'pose she only really got it in beauty treatment hair dressers are stereotypically airheads. Rizzo looked at Kenickie, a really, really confused expression on her face.

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What, how doesn't he know about his own job? Oh the liar, she didn't know if it was true. Oh God, Kenickie is gonna hate me now! While Danny is running he trips over the hurdle. Sandy who was talking to Tom see Danny fall.

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She runs over to Danny to see if he is okay. She says he should talk to her because he has treated her so badly. Danny said he has already tried to apologize to her. She laughs and say see I got you talking to me.

Danny asks if Tom is taking her to the big school dance. Sandy says it depends if Danny will be taking her. He says that Tom can go stag.

Danny and Sandy go to the diner. Danny rushes Sandy in to the restaurant so that none of his friends see that he is with Sandy but they get caught anyway. One by one they all come over to the table. When you care enough to send the very best. Danny and Sandy leave, leaving Rizzo, Kenickie and Frenchy at the table.

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She apologizes to her before she storms off. Then Kenickie goes after Rizzo leaving Frenchy alone in the diner. Vi Joan Blondell the waitress come over to clean up the table and talks to Frenchy. The morning of the dance Rizzo and Marty are in the school parking lot wondering who will be their dates to the dance. Just then Leo of the Scorpions pulls up. Rizzo and Marty get in the car and drive away.

Kenickie is talking with his friends and they ask who he is bringing. He said the hottest girl at the dance. Everyone arrives at the dance. Sandy and Danny come to the dance and Kenickie calls him over to meet his date but Danny already knows her. He says it is just a girl he knows. Marty is over by the side of the stage when she runs into the host of National Bandstand, Vince Fontaine Edd Brynes who starts hitting on her.

Then the he is called on stage to start the show. They say to keep the dance moves clean. When the cameras started rolling everyone gathers around. All the waitresses at the diner are watching the regular customers on the show. She plays one of the waitresses at the diner. As the dance contest starts Danny and Sandy are dancing together. Then as Kenickie and his date get kicked out of the contest this makes Cha Cha made because she wants to win.

She enlist Sonny to get rid of Sandy. Then Cha Cha moves in on Danny and they win the contest. Sandy runs out of the dance crying. Sonny, Putzie and Doody make a surprise move for the cameras. The next night they all wind up at the drive-in. Rizzo and Marty are in the bathroom and Marty ask Rizzo what is wrong with her. She tells Marty that she is pregnant but not to tell anyone.

Yet on the way out of the crowded bathroom Marty tells everyone to get out of the way because there is a pregnant lady trying to walk. The cast achieved Royal Caribbean's highest guest ratings. Kory Fulton, who was playing Danny at the time, performed opposite of Newton-John.

The show was revived inwhich will open on May 31st, There have been professional productions of Grease in Argentina cast: Inthe Mexican pop band Timbirichestarred in the musical, with Sasha Sokol and Benny Ibarra in the leading roles, getting an overwhelming success. Also recorded a CD with musical themes Timbiriche Vaselina.

The musical was produced by the Mexican actress and producer Julissa. Alvarezamong others. It played at the Atlantis Theatre from June 30, — September 2, The show was produced by Mansfield through her own production company, jjazmans productions.

During the Madrid run, the singer Julio Iglesias, Jr.