Rome and carthage relationship

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rome and carthage relationship

Though Carthage had clashed violently with several other powers in the region, notably Greece, its relations with Rome were historically friendly, and the cities. Punic Wars: war and peace between Carthage and Rome affected Phoenicians Those accounts of Hiram's relationship with David and Solomon provide clear . The relationship between Rome and Carthage began slowly through small skirmishes and trade interactions. The First Punic War and Rome's heavy- handed.

Ruled by an oligarchy, Carthage controlled the greater population and drew from the funds of the country more than from their own pockets. Unlike Rome, Carthage provided little militaristic incentive, as generals were as likely to die upon their return as in the field. In addition, Roman resources expanded beyond city limits, as the Italian provinces and territories provided ample manpower and funding for further warfare Caven Carthage however had few men — as they could not pull resources and men from North Africa as Rome did from Italy — and instead relied heavily on mercenary troops, an expense in itself Dorey It should be stated that the two Punic Wars were to be heavily influential with the eastern part of the Mediterranean.

The first Punic War was the largest war in the western Mediterranean until the second war. The Greek kingdoms took notice of this war and signed treaties with Carthage and Rome to ensure they were allies with who they thought would be the victor in the end.

After his death, his brother-in-law Hasdrubal created a booming economic center and focused on developing a new source of trade and commerce for the Carthaginian state Caven Hasdrubal, much like his brother, felt at odds with the Romans but hoped for peace, and signed the Ebro River Treaty in the year BC Caven Rome was not completely honest in the Ebro River Treaty however as they maintained control and military support of Saguntum, a town on the western side of the River.

It should also be noted that while there are accounts of an alliance with Saguntum, there is no physical evidence besides here-say that Rome had developed an alliance with Saguntum Dorey The Ebro River Treaty prevented Carthage from expanding eastward into Roman Territories, however Rome was concurrently spreading westward and neglected to state their own allowance for expansion across the Ebro Caven This would be yet another assumption of Carthaginian ports and commerce, as Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily were Caven He took initiative and devised a strategy for confrontation.

Saguntum would serve as the tipping point for the Second Punic War: Carthage sought trade and Rome sought territory, and both collided as fear placed them against one another Caven Saguntum from the East. What Rome believed to be a victory in the First Punic War was only temporary, as she forced Carthage to expand and rebuild the commercial empire that was lost. While there are many scholarly accounts of early Roman history, there are very few of Carthaginian history and society.

The major source for the events of the Second Punic War is Polybius which makes it extremely biased toward the Roman side of the story.

rome and carthage relationship

Rome still did not control the town of Syracuse, because rather than sacking it, they merely signed an alliance treaty with King Hiero there Hoyos, It is interesting to note how easily both sides got into a war with each other after over two hundred years of enjoyed peace.

The factor of pride in the Roman general Appius and in the Romans themselves helped to cause the war. Carthage merely responded to the fact that Rome aggressively sought to take Syracuse for fear that Syracuse would attack first. Appius had no legitimate reason to move into Sicily aside from personal glory.

The irony of the aftermath of the first Punic War was that Rome would go on to help Carthage a lot. This is all startling considering the long and brutal war that had ensued only a few years before. Unfortunately, as history dictates, this goodwill would not last for long.

rome and carthage relationship

Problems arose when rebels in Sardinia in BC, then controlled by Carthage, actually left Sardinia, and Rome decided to take Sardinia site on second Punic War and pictures.

Carthage allied with the Gauls and made the Roman Provinces in Spain quite weary.

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In the city of Saguntine, in the Western part of Spain, general Hannibal was told by Roman envoys not to attack the city, but he did anyway general site about Hannibal. There was hesitation at first when Hannibal sieged the city, but that soon was forgotten Hoyos, The situation was not as simple as the first war between Carthage and Rome.

Rome sent armies both to meet Hannibal in Spain and to North Africa to confront the city of Carthage. He was the first general at the time to do the march, and it is still unknown today as to the exact route he took through the mountains on the fifteen day expedition.

However, the losses he experienced were staggering.

Punic Wars

He had 20,00 infantry and 6, horsemen out of 46, total Caven, As a patriot he wished to make the world safe for Carthage; as the son of Hamilcar, he was determined to reverse the decision of the first Punic War Caven, Rome employed General Scipio to lead their armies against Hannibal, and when Rome finally started having military successes in Spain and taking back land in Italy, Scipio went after Hannibal.

Overall, though, according to Brian Caven, the second Punic War was not particularly successful for the rest of Carthage, but only for Hannibal. Another blunder that the Carthaginians made was by not sending Hannibal with sufficient supplies to attack the Romans in Italy.

His forces had seriously been depleted by the lengthy march from Spain, and there was little chance of him successfully beating Rome. These attacks were still effective, though. They generated massive amounts of fear in the Roman people. The result, unfortunately for Hannibal, was that the propaganda in Rome hailed Scipio as a hero and he was given Carte Blanche to do whatever he could to bring Hannibal down.

rome and carthage relationship

Hannibal was defeated there by Scipio. Hannibal retreated to Carthage and advised the Council there to seek peace with Scipio, and they did. Along with that, Carthage could not attack any region outside of Africa, nor any region allied with Rome. The great Hannibal would eventually commit suicide a few years later having seen the downfall of his army and Carthage to general Scipio In the years after the second Punic War, Rome had become somewhat of an empire, and Carthage had been very close to destruction.

Carthage had begun to rearm itself in BC, and a Roman Commission headed by Cato decided that Carthage was making an aggressive stance. At this time, Carthage was divided into three factions, two of which were at war with each other. Not even Cato can have seriously believed that ineven before her[Carthage] defeat by Masinissa, Carthage directly threatened the safety of Rome Caven, Rome also obtained the ally of the city of Utica which was within thirty miles of Carthage.

Rome had all of the advantages in place, including a superior army and easy base from which Carthage could be attacked.

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Also, the war between the two Carthaginians, Hasdrubal and Masinissa still raged. Everything was wrong for a war for Carthage. His troops looted and pillaged the city and Carthage was utterly destroyed in the end Caven, The three Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome did a number of things. From the most obvious stand point, they only made Rome stronger while eradicating Carthage from existence.

rome and carthage relationship

Not only this, but Rome had met its true enemy: Hannibal would give hatred to the Romans until the fall of its empire. Vergil all but says directly that he is talking of Hannibal. Hannibal gave a face for the Romans to hate.

Carthage: Ancient Phoenician City-State

Still, however, it is important to see that these three gruesome wars never had to be fought in the first place. Hoyos wrote an account of the first two Punic Wars titled Unplanned Wars: The Punic Wars were unplanned because Carthage and Rome were such good allies. Even after the first Punic War, the two peacefully existed. Hannibal did not need to begin a rampage from Spain right through Italy.

The factor of pride seems to have played a key role for Hannibal and for the Roman general Appius, who also did not have to invade Sicily.

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These hard facts show that the years of hatred and the decimation of a perfectly sound relationship between Carthage and Rome did not need to occur. Butler and Tanner ltd.

rome and carthage relationship

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