Sammi and ron relationship problems

Jersey Shore Romance Rewind: A Timeline of Ronnie and Sammi's Rocky Relationship | E! News

sammi and ron relationship problems

One of reality TV's rockiest relationships ever, we're looking back at Jersey Shore stars Ronnie and Sammi's complicated history. Ronnie Magro Thinks Ex Sammi Sweetheart Will Be the Next ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member to Get Married. It sounds like Ronnie Magro Opens a New Window. expects to see his ex and former Jersey Shore Opens a New Window. co-star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola Opens a New Window. Well, if you look at Sammi and Ronnie's relationship timeline on the from the start, their relationship was plagued by jealousy and trust issues.

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While they seemed to be a little more mature than the other cast members at first, this impression quickly faded. The relationship devolved into an endless gauntlet of drama, fighting, and even physical altercations, which apparently continued on and off the camera.

Ronnie and Sammi broke up for the final time inmeaning that their tumultuous on-and-off relationship lasted just five years in total. It felt like much longer than that thanks to the paparazzi coverage. Thanks to that coverage, however, we now have access to a wealth of secrets from the romance, ranging from their friends and family's opinion on them, to the fights they had, to the reason they finally split for good.

sammi and ron relationship problems

As with anything from the Shore, it's a wild ride, so strap in. Ronnie and Sammi's relationship was troubled from day one, and that is reflected by their constant breaking up and getting back together. After starting their romance way back in season one, they had broken up by the start of season two.

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They got back together in season three, but it was over by season four, - until they got back together by episode three. This continued throughout the show's run, both on and off screen, and we're not even counting the times they seemed to break up and get back together in the same episode. It's safe to say, the relationship has always been a stormy one, prone to falling out and making up.

That's not all that common for reality TV shows, due to their high turnover and relative lack of genuine relationships. Ronnie became the Ross to Sammi's Rachel at the end of the sixth season in While they may have gotten back together in time for the series finale, even this incarnation of the relationship didn't last. They stayed together until some time inso it was definitely a serious relationship, but just like all the other times the two former lovebirds tried to make it work, it didn't.

Sometimes a relationship that endures on screen can't do the same in real life. Ronnie actually had a baby with his most recent serious girlfriend, Jen Harley, but this apparently was not enough to make that romance stand the test of time. After all, how many times have Jersey Shore fans had to watch Ronnie and Sam lying around in bed like over-sized sloths, mumbling incoherent apologies in cringe-worthy baby talk? No, waving white flags in bed is never a good idea because, let's face it: Your friends, who are simultaneously frustrated, saddened, and thoroughly bored by your car-crash relationship, have started jumping ship.

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And who can blame them?! All you and your other half do is bicker.

sammi and ron relationship problems

And not the mostly adorable back-and-forth bickering that some couples manage to pull off with surprising finesse — we're talking hardcore, down-and-dirty screaming matches in public. It's completely embarrassing, and will send all but your bestest BFFs running for the hills.

Oh, and if those remaining friends who, at this point, should be beatified as saints for all the mayhem and foolishness you've put them through start writing you anonymous notes — a la Jenni and Snooki in Miami— well, then, you know there's trouble in paradise. Take, for instance, last week's episode of Jersey Shore — which was really just 60 long minutes of Sammi and Ron retaliating against one another with maniacal fury. Destroying each others' belongings, Jersey Turnpiking with other people in crowded bars: Ron and Sam pulled out all of the stops.

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If your love life sounds anything like theirs, it just might be time to put down that crowbar, take a good long look and the mirror, and start reconsidering your options.