Sarah and zoe relationship

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sarah and zoe relationship

Zoe O'Connell is hoping to become MP for Maldon, Essex, and pledges that if she's O'Connell met Sarah, and the relationship evolved. Speaking to entertainment news website Digital Spy about Sarah and Zoe's relationship, Lister explained: “I don't think they do have feelings. Zoe Carpenter is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played . mixed up in the storyline's dramatic twist. Speaking on how Zoe's relationship with Sarah causes Lydia to commit her actions, Lister stated.

While Sarah's path to gender reassignment surgery had been gradual, Zoe had a lightbulb moment.

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Like Sarah, she had entered into a heterosexual marriage; unlike Sarah, Zoe had three children with her wife. And it was not until the marriage broke down eight years ago that she began to question her gender. When she saw a photograph of herself with a shaven head she realised: Zoe spent a period "part-time" before going "full-time" four months after Sarah. Sarah and Zoe were falling in love.

Soon afterwards, Zoe moved into Sarah and Sylvia's house. Many people might assume that Sylvia would struggle to cope with her husband becoming her same-sex partner. For her to then accept the transformation of a monogamous relationship into a polyamorous one must be an enormous strain.

But the striking thing when I meet Sylvia, Sarah and Zoe at their home is the absence of strain: What about polyamory, though? Isn't three fundamentally an awkward number? As long as you're careful enough so it doesn't end up with two people picking on one. Zoe and Sylvia go geocaching together; Sarah and Zoe go horseriding.

'Why three in a bed isn't a crowd' - the polyamorous trio

They also enjoy climbing, mountaineering and canyoning together. With Zoe already having three children, they are not planning any more. Zoe maintains a good relationship with her ex-wife and sees their two daughters and son every weekend; she, Sarah and Sylvia usually stay with them at Zoe's parents house. As children tend to be, hers are very accepting they don't call her Mum or Dad — simply Zoe although Zoe admits to feeling bad if "they get some stick" at school.

While Zoe has an excellent relationship with her parents and her brother, Sarah has been estranged from her father since her transition, although her relationship with her mother is "better than it's ever been".

Sylvia's mother is "accepting", but her grandparents struggled to adapt to her husband becoming her female civil partner, although Sylvia and Sarah were reconciled with them before they died. Living in Cambridge, they rarely experience discrimination or abuse. Sarah is not the city's first openly trans councillor, and when they pop down to their local real-ale pub: We're probably some of the less 'out there' people," says Zoe. I think three years in a soap is enough to do and you get to a point where you either make a decision that this is what you do or you want to try something different.

Looking back, I was nervous but now I know I've done the right thing. I love theatre work. It gives me such a buzz. I threw myself into the part and enjoyed every minute of it. I had three superb years and it was brilliant. Channel 4 publicity describe Zoe as "the bubbly student" and make note of her many bad choices in life and failed relationships.

Lister later commented on the storyline, deciding it was her most memorable: Like I said, it was a bit weird, but I quite liked it as a storyline. That would be a really good story. After the screening of the scenes, Lister explained: I thought it'd be interesting, though.

I was obviously quite worried about them. Loui [Batley] and I chatted a lot when we found out that it was going to be in the late-night eps and we were wondering 'oh no, what does this mean?!

Loui and I just had a massive attack of the giggles. I think the crew were more embarrassed than we were! We were kind of ignored for the day. Last year happened and Zoe put it down to history and experience — one of those things that teenagers get up to occasionally and she was quite happy to leave it there. They've got through a lot and their relationship is really quite special.

There's a lot of love there but Zoe's not got anything sexual for Sarah — it's purely a deep friendship. Even though they've had their fall-outs, she's always been there for her and she loves her as a friend. I think Zoe feels the same.

sarah and zoe relationship

But for Sarah it's something more — she completely relies on her and that turns into love for her as well. It wasn't something I really struggled with. I knew a year ago that this was probably going to be my last year playing Zoe.

I wasn't desperate to leave because it's awful or anything, because I've had such an amazing time and met amazing people and got an amazing start to my career.

I was keen to see what else can be done. I'd really like to do some theatre next but you really can't plan it. It's not been great but there's a lot of love there between them. Zoe's not a lesbian, it was a bit of an experimental phase, but Sarah will always hang on to that.

So when Lydia turns up, Sarah obviously has a bit of thing for Zoe and Lydia just can't take it and starts going mental. Speaking of Sarah's death and Zoe's false imprisonment, Lister stated: She's lost her best friend and there's so much history there and she's finished her degree — well she didn't even finish her degree, she failed that — so she's in a limbo land anyway.

She's working silly jobs and she's not in a very good place at all in any aspect of her life.

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Oh, and she's in prison on suspicion of murder It's all completely overwhelming for her. She can't get her head around the fact that her best friend's dead and the fact that she's being accused of murdering her is ridiculous. She's worried that because it's got this far its ludicrous, so who's to say that she won't be sent down?

When Zoe's obviously released, it's like a whole new scenario for her because there are people who haven't really trusted her or believed in her. People that have really let her down, and plus the fact she hasn't got over Sarah [ She hasn't had the chance to deal with that, so that's really interesting, and she still wants Lydia to go down!

She befriended her, and even seduced her in order to gain a confession.

sarah and zoe relationship

During an interview about Zoe's new scheme, Lister said: Zoe wants justice, especially as Lydia — Sarah's real murderer — is living with Mike! Zoe decides that the only way she can sort everything out is to befriend Lydia and elicit a confession out of her.

Sarah and Zoe Hollyoaks (their relationship from start to finish)

She doesn't really have a clue what she's doing, but she wants to get a confession out of Lydia. She can't go to the police because they've closed the case, so Zoe takes matters into her own hands. Lister continued, "It all gets really messy from here! Because Lydia's really deranged, Lydia starts thinking that because she loved Sarah and Sarah loved Zoe, if she gets with Zoe, that'll be the final piece in the puzzle and it'll all work out.

There's a point where Lydia kisses her!

sarah and zoe relationship

And then Mike walks in and kicks Zoe out. In a second interview with E4, Lister stated: But that is her only way, so I think it's really interesting. I was dressed as Madonna. We were in a cemetery, it was brilliant! As soon as she realises Lydia wanted her dead she tries to run. They both fight to grab the knife while an unconscious Zoe bleeds, ultimately leading to the arrest of Lydia when the police arrive.

sarah and zoe relationship

She is later charged with the murder of Sarah and the attempted murder of Zoe. After three of her longtime friends snubbed her ideas to make a fresh start elsewhere, ultimately she was she went travelling with her former boyfriend Mike Barnes Tony Hirst and Gilly Roach Anthony Quinlan.

During her time at secondary school, Zoe was overweight and self-conscious. She sought comfort in her teacher and fell in love.

sarah and zoe relationship

The pair began an affair, which was never discovered. While at school, Zoe also had a relationship with Joe Spencer Matt Millburnwho had arrived in Hollyoaks as a student three years before her arrival.