Scandal season 4 episode 8 olivia and fitz relationship

'Scandal' Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: The ultimate cat-and-mouse game

scandal season 4 episode 8 olivia and fitz relationship

Scandal Season 4, Episode 8: Thou Shall Not Forsake Thy Father. Instead, Fitz and Liv are pushing to prosecute Rowan in a secret investigation Cyrus is distraught knowing that his relationship with Male Escort Michael. One episode before the mid-season finale of Scandal, episode 8 is Jake and Fitz arguing over Liv and improper relationships, sounding like. Problems arise when Olivia learns that the couple are having marriage problems, and refuse to attend the speech. Meanwhile, Fitz and.

Despite the team's concerns regarding her mental and physical state, Olivia chooses to return to her work, starting with a case of an African-American boy who was shot by a white police officer. The team's further investigation finds out that the white police officer set the entire thing up to look like he shot the boy in self-defense, and he is consequently arrested. Meanwhile, Fitz begins looking for a new Vice President. He initially decided to have Mellie take the place, but Cyrus speaks up against it.

Mellie later pushes for Virginia Senator Susan Ross to be nominated for the position. Fitz then hires Leo Bergen to assist Susan, but Leo consistently puts pressure on Susan, who decides to quit the race.

However, after several considerations, Susan is sworn as Vice President.

scandal season 4 episode 8 olivia and fitz relationship

On receiving files from Huck's estranged wife, David talks to Jake and Huck about what he should do with the files. Huck tries to talk to his wife Kim about them, but she manages to convince Huck to testify. After Huck's testimony, David begins investigating the case.

Jake tries his best to stop David, only for David to continue pursuing the investigation, getting help from other B agents. David ultimately finds out that his assistant is a B agent who has killed other agents as Jake manages to shoot her. Susanne threatens to reveal secrets about D. Marcus Walker is accused of murdering the Mayor's wife, with whom he was having affair.

The team eventually discovers that Mayor was in fact responsible for the murder, framing Marcus for it. The team convinces the Mayor to step down from his position, but Marcus decides to reveal the truth to the media.

As Susan's seat in the Senate is vacated, Mellie decides to take her place. She enlists Elizabeth to help her in the election campaign. Mellie faces problems in her campaign when her half-sister visits the White House and threatens to reveal her past, but Fitz manages to persuade her not to.

Mellie also struggles with initially low ratings in Virginia, and decides to enlist Fitz to help her. Fitz decides to seek advice from Olivia, who also advised him to pick Susan as the new Vice-President.

Fitz begins pushing a bill later known as the Brandon Bill following the recent shooting near the White House, but is struggling to get it through Congress.

scandal season 4 episode 8 olivia and fitz relationship

He tries to have the bill pushed as soon as possible, but Susan wants to read the entire bill first before giving her vote. With advice from Susan, Fitz eventually decides to improve the bill.

Olivia meets a man named Russell at a bar, and has a one-night stand with him. Russell is later revealed as a B agent hired by Rowan to get closer to Olivia, and he attempts to kill Jake when Olivia and the rest of the team continue to defy Rowan.

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Olivia later realizes this, and has Russell tortured by Huck and Quinn, while helping David with the investigation of B Susan continues to defy the Grant Administration, helping out a female officer who appears to have been raped.

After leaking the video footage, the officer is forced to confess the truth to the media. Mellie then uses the opportunity to raise her ratings, by giving a speech on how the military mishandled the case, showing sympathy for the female officer instead of talking about her son.

Olitz First You Are?

Huck and Quinn managed to torture Russell into revealing information about a secret operation named Foxtail, but he escapes before they found out more information. It is later revealed that the lawyer enlisted by the team for the case hearing is a B agent, and that he later helped Russell escape only to be killed by Rowan. Operation Foxtail is later revealed to be centered on Mellie, as Rowan generously offers to finance her campaign.

The operation was Rowan's escape plan for the case against B Ah, if only it were so easy. Jake and Fitz arguing over Liv and improper relationships, sounding like — thisisyourconscience lincolnablades November 14, We open to the bickering of three supposedly smart adults, one of whom runs an entire country.

They are setting up a trap for a rather big rat: Jake's first instinct is to kill him, but that won't let him stand in the light with Olivia; instead, he resigns to capturing Rowan and putting Papa Pope in front of a tribunal. All they need is good bait, "a shiny object," a.

After all, Rowan's recent phone conversation with his daughter went something like this: You will always have a place at my table, whether we fight, whether you hate me — whether you show up or not.

It's hard not to believe what he's saying. We were even starting to feel sad for him that his own daughter had turned her back on him. Olivia had hints of tears in her eyes.

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Not only was he aware of the trap that was so neatly set up for him, but he was also several steps ahead. The top-secret documents of evidence that Jake had handed over to Rosen were replaced with empty sheets of paper, and the snipers that were waiting outside the restaurant for Rowan were instead taken out individually by his own men. Just like that, Rowan, ever the doting father, makes his last appearance in Liv's life. It makes you wonder if she still has a seat at his table.

Over at OPA, they have a new client, Elizabeth. She thinks her phone is bugged and wants Olivia to find out who bugged it. It doesn't take Huck very long to crack the case.

Cyrus confides in Olivia about how Elizabeth had set him up with Michael and makes her promise to choose friendship over a client.

scandal season 4 episode 8 olivia and fitz relationship