Shabbir ahluwalia and panchi bora relationship questions

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shabbir ahluwalia and panchi bora relationship questions

Panchi Bora clears the air that she is not dating Shabbir Ahluwalia, and that she has not been approached by Nach Baliye. Shabbir Ahluwalia is an Indian actor and he is mostly seen on small In addition to this, he had been in a relationship with Panchi Bora but the. Shabbir Ahluwalia speaks on anchoring the dance reality show Dancing What about your Kayamath co-star Panchi Bora? (Smiles) No, I'm not dating her. I can't see myself getting into a relationship with anyone right now.

He was the first person I met when I went for the look-test. Is it difficult enacting the romantic scenes with Shabbir? While doing romantic scenes, I just sit quietly and Shabbir tells me what to do. Does his stubble hurt in the intimate scenes? Laughs No, we never get so close, so no such issues. How is your off-screen rapport with Sanjeeda? Sanjeeda is a very sweet girl and fun to work with.

In real life, she is very unlike her character Ayesha. Your on-screen character is very docile and giving. Are you like that in real life? I am always screaming at my mother.

shabbir ahluwalia and panchi bora relationship questions

I have a split personality; I can be quiet as well as talkative. I would not hate my stepsister or deprive her either. But I would give it back to her, it is pretty human. What has your Balaji experience been like? Ektaa knows how to select people and give them the right kind of characters. I faced the camera for the first time with Balaji. As a newcomer, they gave me the main lead despite my Hindi being very bad I am from Assam.

All of Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi was dubbed. Are your lines dubbed in Kayamath too? I thought Kayamath would be dubbed but they told me that I could go ahead with my own voice. Initially, they gave me easy dialogues to make it simpler for me but now I have regular lines. I have been working hard on my voice and people have loved it. Is Ektaa a regular on the sets? Milind and Prachi's marriage leaves Neev and Ayesha devastated.

Milind uses Prachi to make Ayesha jealous, but when he's alone with Prachi he mistreats and humiliates her. However, she fulfills all the duties of a wife without hesitation and quietly puts up with Milind's misbehaviour. Slowly, Milind starts respecting and caring for Prachi.

Ayesha constantly attempts to create misunderstandings between the two by making Milind believe that Prachi couldn't care less about him or their marriage. She also implies that Prachi is cheating on him with Neev. Eventually, Neev comes to know that Ayesha was the reason why Prachi ended her relationship with him. He confronts her, declaring his love while she apologizes.

Milind witnesses this, which further instigates his suspicions. The misunderstandings are cleared; Milind pulls Prachi into a kiss and they consummate their marriage.

Milind and Prachi's relationship continues to grow stronger.

shabbir ahluwalia and panchi bora relationship questions

Prachi comes to know about Sukriti and Alaap's illegitimate son, Ritvik, whom Sukriti has kept a secret. Prachi brings the child home and pretends to be his mother after Ayesha claims that he is the product of Prachi's extramarital affair with Neev. This infuriates Milind and he takes the matter to court.

The two nearly get divorced, but the truth comes out just in time — much to Ayesha's displeasure. She decides to get Prachi out of Milind's life once and for all, by murdering her. Milind is the one who gets hit by her car. This causes him to have partial amnesia, where he doesn't remember his life beyond his return from Turkey. Ayesha seizes this opportunity to the fullest by encouraging Milind to avenge the Shahs through Prachi. Meanwhile, Neev ends his marriage with Ayesha, who forces him and Prachi to marry so that Milind could be hers.

In spite of his seething hatred towards Prachi, Milind finds himself drawn towards her. His memory returns after Ayesha unintentionally tells him about the memories of him and Prachi which he has forgotten.

Mallika, a businesswoman, enters the story.

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She is instantly smitten by Milind and thus plots to get Prachi out of the picture. One night Mallika brings Milind to her uncle's farmhouse and tampers with his drink, making him pass out. Before she could take advantage of the situation, Ayesha shows up. The two get into a scuffle, during which Mallika stabs and kills Ayesha. Prachi learns that she is pregnant but, before she can tell Milind, she finds out that Ayesha has been murdered and Milind is arrested for it.

'Ektaa changed my destiny'

Mallika forces Prachi to leave Milind on the condition that she'll stand as witness and help Milind to get rid of the false accusations. After a lot of hesitation, Prachi agrees and leaves Milind to catch a train. In the meanwhile, Milind is released. Prachi humiliates him over the phone but cannot keep herself away when she comes to know that Milind has gone to visit Mallika. Milind figures out that Mallika is responsible for Prachi's sudden decision to leave him. He tries to stop Prachi but in vain.

Prachi gets into a train to Kolkata. She meets a Bengali couple - Proteek Dasgupta and his wife Panchi, who are travelling with their infant. Panchi hears out Prachi's story and urges Proteek to convince her to stay with them at their house. Milind drives off to the station where Prachi's train is supposed to arrive.

Upon reaching there, he and the Shahs come to know that there has been a blast in the Kolkata express. They find Prachi's belongings and assume she's dead. Five years later[ edit ] The scene shifts to five years later, where Prachi is shown to be living with Proteek and his family. Through flashbacks it is revealed that Panchi had died in the bomb blast.

shabbir ahluwalia and panchi bora relationship questions

Proteek honoured her last wish by inviting Prachi to stay with him and his family. Prachi accepted his offer seeing as she had nowhere else to go.

Shabbir madly in love with Panchi Bora

When they arrived at the Dasgupta household, Prachi was assumed to be Panchi as nobody had met the real Panchi before. Proteek requested Prachi to pretend to be his wife as his ailing father wouldn't be able to bear the shock of his daughter-in-law's death.

Back to the present, Proteek and Prachi have been pretending to be a couple for the last five years. Proteek has fallen in love with Prachi and hopes that she'll reciprocate his feelings someday. On Sumonto's birthday, Prachi gives him a gold chain she had made for Milind. Sumonto, being his usual naughty self, is chased by Tanushree Dasgupta, Proteek's elder sister-in-law. Sumonto falls from the terrace and hurts himself badly. He has to be hospitalized.

Prachi fails to arrange blood for Sumonto. When she reaches the hospital, Proteek tells her that a stranger has donated blood to Sumonto. Prachi wants to thank the stranger personally and goes to his room. Although she cannot find the person, she finds a locket with Milind's and her picture.

Prachi is convinced that Milind saved their child's life and runs after him to meet him. But she remembers Mallika's warning and stops herself. The nurse from the hospital calls Prachi up and says that the man who donated blood to Sumonto is at the hospital and wants his locket back. Prachi rushes there but misses him. She finds out that he left with a social worker named Sushmita Chatterjee.

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Later on, she meets Sushmita, who reveals that she runs a rehabilitation center for people who are alone and distressed. A completely shattered Milind is shown sitting on the floor of a room in the rehab center, clutching Prachi's picture.

His appearance is extremely shaggy and unkempt. Prachi reaches the rehab center to meet Milind only to find out he has left already.

Meanwhile, Proteek has an accident on his way from Bhuvaneshwar to Kolkata. Milind saves him and brings him back to Kolkata.

Prachi sees Milind but hides from him as she is in a dilemma about which to choose between her love Milind and her responsibility to the Dasguptas. During his stay, Milind begins to bond with Sumonto. After he comes face to face with Prachi, she explains why she's living with the Dasguptas and that Sumonto is his son. She urges him to keep their relationship a secret, but he vows to get his wife and son back. On the day Prachi and Proteek are to marry, the latter stops the wedding and says that he knows the truth about Milind.

Milind and Prachi reunite and return to the Shah house with Sumonto. Alaap, though married to Sukriti, is having an affair with a woman called Kamya.