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Maggie Lawson as Juliet O'Hara and James Roday as Shawn Spencer from USA's "Psych" Maggie Lawson on her relationship with James Roday Shawn And Juliet, Shawn And Gus, psych -The Amazing Psych-Man Tap Man, Issue. and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. Spouse(s), Shawn Spencer · Significant other(s), Scott Seaver (–) Cameron Luntz (formerly) Declan Rand (). Relatives, Unnamed sister-in-law . Drake O'Hara (nephew) Finn O'Hara (nephew) Isaac O'Hara (nephew). Head Detective Juliet Lynn "Jules" O'Hara is a character on the American comedy Psych By the middle of the sixth season, Shawn is ready for marriage.

The man next to her so happened to be Shawn Spencer, a snarky fake psychic with remarkably good hair. However today his hair was messy and ruffled as if he had run his fingers through it numerous times that day. Both looked like they hadn't had a proper night's sleep in days. There also was an unusual silence between them and every time Shawn opened his mouth to say something, one look from Juliet convinced him not to.

When they reached Juliet's car, she opened the door and gave Shawn a questioning look when he didn't do the same and remained standing motionless on the pavement. Since I recall you saying I have a way of doing that. His voice lacked any warmth and his normally so playful tone was replaced with an unfamiliar harshness that made Juliet cringe.

Shawn hesitated one more second before getting into the car and using just a little bit too much force to close the door. He hadn't even fastened his seatbelt yet when Juliet began driving away, almost exceeding the speed limit. Shawn just nodded and ran his fingers through his hair for what seemed the millionth time that day. He looked at Juliet and noticed how her hands were gripping the steering wheel just a bit too tightly and how her smudged eyes were fixed on the road and never wandered for one second.

He closed his eyes, hoping the tiredness would slow down his over-active mind which he really resented right that moment. He was having no such luck though and from the moment he closed his eyes, the memories of the past month came washing over him and he was simply too exhausted to try to stop them Short, me knows, but it is only a prologue after all.

I really hope it did what a prologue is meant to do, which is getting you interested in the story. Right under this is a nice little button which is called 'review.

Shawn was waiting for her at her desk, and as she watched him pick a file up and flip through it, she realized what she had to do. What are you talking about? But this is about me, and what I can live with.

You have to believe me.

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It made her want to crumble, give in, let him put his arms around her and feed her sweet words about how things would be better from now on, but she was struck with a sudden memory of her mother giving in to her father when he begged for forgiveness, promised to do better, and how in the end her mom had always regretted giving him another chance, because it led to nothing but pain. Juliet shook her head again, feeling warm tears sliding down her cheeks.

Jules, you have to trust me about that. I believe you when you say that you've always been honest about that, but that doesn't cancel out the fact that you did lie to me about so much else. I love you, of course I trust you! I shared everything about myself with you.

I gave you everything I had. I never held anything back, because I loved you so much, and I trusted you. You never trusted me enough to tell me the most amazing things about yourself. I want to be in a relationship with someone who thinks of me as an equal partner.

I thought for a while that was what we had, but I was wrong. I could never be your partner, because you never let me close enough to know the real you. We can still make this work. They were standing in the middle of the largest graveyard in Santa Barbara, a stake in her hand and a pile of dust at her feet. I was hoping that the whole cop gig had kept your reflexes sharp. Nothing unusual about that, a tiny voice in the back of her mind piped up.

I met Buffy when I was still in college. It activated women all around the world who were potential vampire slayers. I was already on track to being a police officer, and at first I thought the increase in strength that I was experiencing was because of all the working out I had been doing.

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But it turns out that I was a slayer. I can leave one with you if you like. They explained to me what had happened, and spent a few weeks with me training me to, you know, slay vampires.

Buffy offered me the opportunity to come with her and help recruit slayers around the world, but my dream was to be a police detective.

But vampires and demons and the hot women who kill them? How could you not tell me? It was because I knew that the supernatural world existed. I have some really choice ones, if you ever want to try them out.

Buffy needs my help fighting a demon in Anaheim. There have been too many secrets and lies between us. Say goodbye to Gus and Henry for me, and take care of yourself. And what about Lassiter? Of course he noticed that I was different. But our job is supposed to be about upholding the law and finding the truth.

She had a feeling that she was going to regret this later, but at the moment she felt loose-limbed and content. If she had been a cat, she would have been purring.

My dad is a conman. He died in prison. Why are we talking about this? Maybe a round three and four as well. If she was going to regret this, then she planned on making it worth her while. I started it by asking about your ex. I apologize in advance because I understand that this might not be what you want to talk about right now, but I have to ask: He hesitated before answering.

Finding that out was actually what led to us breaking up. His best friend and his dad lied to me all along too!