Shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

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shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

After obtaining an Appearance Reset Potion from Shiroe, Akatsuki changed her gender . Akatsuki wanders about, thinking about her relationship with Shiroe. Sep 24, Explore Anthony's board "Akatsuki x Shiroe (Log Horizon)" on Pinterest. Horizon, Akatsuki x Shiroe. See more. Log Horizon - Shiroe & Akatsuki Anime Art, Log Horizon Akatsuki, Maid Sama, . Relationships .. See more. Akatsuki, Log Horizon Horizon Quotes, Manga Quotes, Anime Qoutes, Anime Meme. Novel Quote ” Ever since the day Shiroe saved Akatsuki, she had stayed by his side. Addressing Shiroe I know its a bit before hand but i believe Akatsuki's view of this relationship is also important. It is a bit Novel Quotes.

The Round Table play Civilisation.

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Krusty plays a Dating Sim. Shiroe catching Akatsuki practicing trying to dance, and her embarrassment; it's a pink cloud of steam!

shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

And while he says he's only just seen her, Shiroe happens to already be carrying two cups, one for each of them. Michitaka adjusting his glasses even though he doesn't wear any Episode Isuzu continues the Animal Motif of "Rudy as golden retriever" by telling him to shake like one. Air Glasses Episode Akatsuki and Minori invite Shiroe on a cake buffet.

An event that's supposed to be just for couples. The couple who eats enough plates gets a special prize. The owner trolls Shiroe by giving them whole cakes per plate. Meanwhile the other participants think he's trying to show off by bringing two dates.

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So Shiroe directs ''them'' into the shop. Near the end of the episode, when Akatsuki is stroking his hair, a somewhat weirded-out Shiroe wonders if this is "part of her whole master-servant roleplay thing". City Guardians appearing the background of Akatsuki and Naotsugu conversation, only to back away when he brings up her crush on Shiroe. Raynesia grumbling about how Krusty A. A "mean monster" lied to her about work-free Akihabara and talking and about "who holds the power here" only for Crusty to appear right behind her.

Before settling in for Snark-to-Snark Combathe informs her that her maid let him in.

Simply put, Soujiro has more girls than they had cakes! After Soujiro recounts his tale, Shiroe places his hand on Soujiro's shoulder and tells him he has the perfect job for him. Shiroe's reaction when he realizes that the attacks were improvised when they start to fall into Poke the Poodle.

Although using Soujiro's harem works, Shiroe and Issac both admit that Soujiro having a harem irks them as men. Demikas and Shiroe meet again. Demikas asks Shiroe if he remembers him. Shiro calls him Mr. Followed by referencing Demi-glace again.

Tofu in Miso Sauce. Even William was laughing at it. It gets worse when Shiroe loses it upon hearing that Demikas has married a Lander, loves her deeply, and can't get enough of her cooking. The look on the faces of some Silver Sword members show that they're amused by Tetra's story as well.

Ri Gan and Brotsugu bond over their mutual perversion. Tetra being The Tease to Naotsugu, and Shiroe trying hard not to laugh. She manages to even get into his armor, and later rides his shield, much to his anger. Naotsugu says something perverted and icicles fall on him, thus interrupting him. He freaks out and declares it "The Curse of Akatsuki! It should be noted that at that very moment, Akatsuki was throwing kunai at a practice dummy with Naotsugu's face on it, so he may have a point.

When Naotsugu is talking to Marie over voice chat, she gets Demikas's name wrong too, and not even on purpose. Henrietta accuses Marie of acting like a "drama heroine" because of her talks with Naotsugu. Marie tries to defend it as work, but it's clear even she knows that it's a poor attempt. Episode 3 Demikas is taking out his frustration on some boulders because of Shiroe angering him. BologneseMaster, Silver Sword's cook wonders if he's mad because "he found out I gave him extra vegetables".

When Raynessia complains about "the monster", Akatsuki instantly knows she's talking about Krusty. It must happen a lot. In an otherwise serious scene, a fight against a raid boss which isn't going well results in Tetra getting knocked back into Shiroe - or more specifically, Tetra flying ass-first into Shiroe's face. Demikas has a flashback concerning Upashi presumably before she was his wife. It ends with him reflecting that he can't win against her, confirming what was said about their relationship in an earlier episode.

Upashi listens to her husband tell a biased version of the Abyssal Shaft raid while doing the laundry. She knows he's exaggerating and taking it in stride.

Isuzu and Touya are baffled at how dressed up Rudy got for the welcome wagon. The coconia fruit has a local legend that someone who eats it on February 14 will tell whomever asks who or what, as it turns out they like best. Since this is in the fruit's flavor text, it becomes a real magical complusion. Touya and Rudy questioning what the hell they should call Tetra. Touya accidentlly combines sister and brother into sisbro.

Nyanta helping everyone make the coconia treats. Issac and Shiroe realizing that assigning West Wind to patrol on Valentine's day was a terrible mistake. Akatsuki sneak attacking Naotsugu from all the way in the guild, before he could say something perverted. Made even better by a stunned hidden Shouryuu observing and wondering if it's a new type of royal guard. Shiroe is given the fruit so Minori and Akatsuki could ask who he likes, only for Touya to come in and ask a question, forcing him to answer that and be freed from the curse.

From within Naotsugu's shirt. Roderick gives Minori a price estimate for a tank caravan that Tohya likes. Minori drags Tohya away after seeing the price. Minori attempts to draw a giraffe upon the caravan sign. Tohya, Serara and Isuzu wisely restrain her. It's shown later that she does anyway. The entire issue with Danish and Croissant. The Junior group sees a Green Elk Herd, everyone comments on how cute they are, except for Serara, who comments on how delicious she heard they were.

Everyone else does a Double Take when she licks her lips. While camping, they do imitations of the senior members of Log Horizon. Roe 2 is basically is Fem! Shiroe and a Genki Girl. Her over-the-top joy at becoming a "big sister" for the Junior Log Horizons members is funny in comparison.

In spite of this, as well as the fact that Naotsugu tends to call her short names despite knowing it irritates her, the two are shown to be good friends and frequently watch each other's backs in combat. Isuzu also states that Akatsuki has a hidden sense of humor, and enjoys washing and cleaning.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

After Shiroe leaves to the raid in the Depths of PalmShiroe leaves Akatsuki behind to protect the princess. It's during this time that her insecurities deepen even further; having never been in a raiding party, she felt lonely and unwanted, believing Shiroe left her behind because he thought she'd just be a burden.

However, after taking part in the Akiba Raid Partyduring which she learned an Overskill and defeated Enbart NellesAkatsuki regains her confidence back, and starts to view her short stature as an asset rather than a hindrance.

Synopsis Prior to the Catastrophe Akatsuki in the real world. Akatsuki was always smaller than normal and often mistaken for being much younger than she really was.

She was so short that her younger sister, Hibikireferred to her as the younger sister. At one point, a middle school boy in her neighborhood thought that she was his age she was in college and confessed to her, an incident that left her bedridden for several days out of despair, and it is implied that pedophiles have also targeted her in the past.

To make up for her height, Akatsuki took up kendo to gain more self-confidence. She also raised a dog named Myojo. When Akatsuki was entering college, Hibiki's advice was to become a pet groomer, since she's bad at talking and works better with her hands. She was usually a solo player who would only party up for specific quests. It was during these times that she became acquainted with Shiroe, who never suspected that she was a girl.

The Catastrophe arc Akatsuki's appearance after using the potion After being trapped in the world of Theldesia, she quickly realizes that her male avatar was only going to be a hindrance.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

However, unwilling to expose herself as a female player out of fear of harassment, she instead bode her time in an abandoned building while trying to figure out what to do. Around five days after the Catastropheshe sees Shiroe pass by and remembers that he owned an Appearance Reset Potion. After hailing him and Naotsugu down, she finally musters the courage to ask for the potion, shocking both of the men.

After she takes the potion, the three of them discuss the situation after the Catastrophe. For the convenience of all three of them, Shiroe proposes that Akatsuki join them, which she agrees to—on the basis that she treats him as her Lord. To steel themselves for fighting, the trio regularly visit the Archive Tower Foresta map filled with monsters that attack on sight. Although fighting the monsters face-to-face was difficult at first, they are able to adjust to it.

While Naotsugu and Shiroe took on the four members that confronted them, Akatsuki went into the depths of the forest to scout for any hidden members. She finds two Mages and kills them both, preventing them from backing up the main group when her companions end up victorious.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

Naotsugu, who already killed their Samuraikills their second Swashbucklerand Akatsuki kills the leader. After fighting through the Depths of Palmthey arrive in the city and quickly take note of the city's atmosphere. While Shiroe went to the designated meeting spot with Naotsugu guarding the entrance, Akatsuki is ordered to keep an eye on the city. She reports that Brigandia's men were on the lookout for them, causing Shiroe and Serara's guardian, Nyantato decide to face the guild in a one-on-one match.

During this time, Akatsuki remains hidden, biding her time until the enemy dropped their guard so she could take out their healers. However, witnessing Nyanta, Shiroe, and Naotsugu's cohesive teamwork, without even having to speak to each other, causes Akatsuki to doubt her own abilities.

Round Table Alliance arc Upon the group's return to Akiba, Shiroe finds the resolve to throw away his history with guilds so that he could start his own, which he calls Log Horizon.

Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Nyanta are its first three members, and they launch their "campaign" to revitalize Akiba in conjunction with the Crescent Moon Alliance. For the most part, Akatsuki spends her time in reconnaissance, keeping tabs on the Hamelin members and capturing their names so that Shiroe could later blacklist them on the day of the Round Table Conference.

On the day of the conference itself, Akatsuki is kept on guard to make sure that the kids in Hamelin were successfully retrieved. However, she misses Shredderso he is able to access the main guild hall while the rest of his compatriots could not. When Minori and Tohya are attacked by the furious man, Akatsuki comes to their rescue, gracefully kneeing the man and freeing Tohya.

When he grabs her by the collar and demands to know where she is, she simply calls Shiroe and asks him to blacklist him, adding insult to injury by saying that Shredder's face matched his name. With that, he is kicked out of the building and lands outside, where Naotsugu and several other companions were waiting for him. Summer Training arc Akatsuki is present when Maryelle throws a fit over going to the beach. After Shiroe finds a resolution, she is seen cowering from Henrietta inside Log Horizon's guild house, as the latter had prepared a summer dress for her to wear.

shiroe and akatsuki relationship memes

When Serara talks to Nyanta, both she and Naotsugu listen intently for Serara's reaction. When a messenger from Eastal arrives, however, and Shiroe is selected as one of the representatives to go to the Ancient Palace of Eternal IceAkatsuki decides to accompany him there.

Much to both of their distaste, Henrietta tags along to "observe, "definitely not" to force Akatsuki into the aforementioned dress. Akatsuki ends up wearing said dress at the ball held by the Lander nobles, and shyly asks Shiroe if she looked strange. Much to her shock, she learns from guild master Tatara that the sword which she wanted, on top of being too expensive for her, was already sold to someone else.

Faced with the reality that she was still only a second-class Assassin, she goes off to a forest and observes members of the Black Sword Knights train together, wallowing in her misery over her own incompetence. She wishes to acquire an Overskill, which she overheard several members talking about, but thinks that it is beyond her because she rarely participated in Raid Battles that would give Secret scrolls that would improve her skills. On Shiroe's request, she accompanies Maryelle, Henrietta, Serara, and Rieze in accompanying Rayneshia and guarding her.

She is mostly silent throughout the engagement as Maryelle throws clothes on Raynesia and forces her to dress up, empathizing with the Princess. Occasionally she speaks, but usually only to reprimand her companions. As she watches, though, she feels a pang of jealousy towards Raynesia and Rieze, both of whom she deems to be more beautiful than she is. After they leave, Henrietta and Rieze are shopping for food together when Rieze mentions that Akatsuki had been watching D.

D 's training sessions as well. Despite having only known the Assassin for half a month, Rieze could tell that Akatsuki was feeling depressed, while Henrietta, whom Akatsuki had confided in, understands that she had a lack of confidence in her skills. In the early hours before dawn, Akatsuki patrols the city, having decided not to return to her guild house in order to track down the murderer who had been killing several Adventurers over the past week.

Hoping to learn more about Overskills and perhaps witness some major battle guilds fighting him, Akatsuki wanders about, thinking about her relationship with Shiroe.

Log Horizon Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Minori's epic date

Her jealousy towards Minori becomes eminent as she starts criticizing the younger girl in her mind, but she catches herself and feels guilty for thinking about her that way. In the end, she decides to stay at the inn rather than return to the guild house.

Now with a hint regarding the murderer's capabilitiesshe goes off to find and combat him, unaware that Soujiro and the West Wind Brigade had already entered in combat with him. However, while leaping from branch to branch, she overhears the battle and decides to join the fray. Her attacks are futile against the murderer, oftentimes missing or dealing little to no damage, but Soujiro's attacks keep the murderer from focusing on her.

Even with Nazuna 's help, both fighters were aware that it would do little to nothing against an opponent of such caliber. Despite this, Akatsuki yells at Soujiro to run, but he refuses.