Sirius and remus relationship counseling

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Ron and Hermione's relationship may have been a mistake that Ron and Hermione would have needed to seek relationship counseling. even better godfather than Sirius: Harry becomes a true father figure to Lupin's son. Remus had taken him there immediately after Peter was captured as well as additional potions and therapy to restore the degradation to .. "Sirius, may I ask a couple of questions while Professor Dumbledore is still here?. and james being something of a relationship counselor No Archive Warnings Apply · Sirius Black/Remus Lupin · James Potter · Sirius Black · Remus Lupin.

I saw you feeding it to Alice's cat last week in the common room. Is something going to blow up? What did he do in his careers meeting, she was all right when I left. We have Transfiguration next anyway, is he going to skip that as well?

McGonagall had left her seat and was heading towards them. And Black, I am still waiting for that essay on Animagi from you. Have it finished by next period, please. Next time one of you sees him, could you inform Mr Lupin that I wish to speak to him after class. I don't need him collapsing from starvation in my lesson. Remus crawled out from under the table, bright red, to be greeted by the laughing faces of his friends.

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Minnie's got a good sense of humour when she's mad. Enjoy your detention Lupin. She's never held off on it before. Knew you were on our side. McGonagall was holding the door and raised an eyebrow as he stumbled past her. She waited as the other three hurried to their seats but didn't say anything.

sirius and remus relationship counseling

Remus was very quiet all period, he didn't put up his hand to ask or answer questions as he usually would. This earned him a few confused looks from his friends, but McGonagall didn't press him either. He spent a good deal of time sketching little animals around the edges of his parchment and his notes were almost useless. When the bell for the end of the lesson rang, Remus tried to make a quick escape but was hindered by James and Sirius appearing in front of him and refusing to walk quickly.

They flashed him identical grins and left him to his fate. He sighed quietly and dropped his bag back onto his desk.

I won't keep you long. When they were all in their place, McGonagall sat herself on the edge of a table looking concerned. I am so sorry, Professor. I don't know how I could have forgotten about it. You may come to my office then. I'm sorry I missed my slot but I'll manage without one.

How else would you know which NEWTs to select? What time would you like me? It's a stupid idea. She'll get the hint soon enough and leave me alone about it. He looked at Lily who smiled innocently and drew a fingertip across her throat. Remus walked past meekly, stopping in front of her desk.

The witch was looking out through her window, down onto the training ground where the Gryffindors were practicing. James was probably out there, along with McGonagall's nephew Murray.

Remus took a deep breath, "Look, Professor, I don't understand why you're insisting on seeing me anyway.

sirius and remus relationship counseling

Nobody's going to want to hire me. Not with my… condition. It's fine-" "Oh be quiet, Lupin.

sirius and remus relationship counseling

And take a biscuit. She opened it and held it out to him. He grabbed the first one he touched.


I am going to give you your options. There's nothing I can-" McGonagall sighed impatiently and picked up a piece of parchment from her desk. Professor Dumbledore joined me and we have checked through the legalities. This means that the Ministry will not employ you directly. Anthropologists who document the life experiences of werewolves both in and outside of packs; Psychologists studying the mental impact of lycanthropy, and how to make it easier; Historians working to prevent the erasure of werewolf accomplishments and contributions; and of course, Medical scientists searching for better treatments, and ultimately, a cure.

The applied research and services division works in a tremendous and ever-expanding variety of ways, including: Any werewolf can request a safe place to spend the full moon, no questions asked, no money required. Rooms come equipped with sound-proof walls, soft furniture, a pool of drinkable water, a protein-rich meal, and things like sticks or toys to chew on and destroy if the mood strikes; An awareness team that visits schools and other events to dispel myths about werewolves and discourage prejudice; Employment services to help clients find werewolf-friendly jobs.

Werewolves apply for Project Pup and have to pass a background check and psychological evaluation to make sure the dog will be safe. When the dogs get too old to accompany the client on full moons, they can either return it to the Moony Institute to be adopted out, or they can keep it as a pet which most do.

12 Post-Potter Revelations J.K. Rowling Has Shared

Either way, they are automatically eligible for a replacement full moon companion. The Moony Institute became much larger than Sirius ever envisioned, and it had tremendous impact on the lives of people with lycanthropy all over the world.

It created a lot of jobs, and preferentially hired werewolves to fill them. So much of the staff has lycanthropy, in fact, that many offices shut down altogether around the full moon!

Which is fine, because their clients are in poor shape at that time too.

sirius and remus relationship counseling