Smallville chloe and oliver relationship

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smallville chloe and oliver relationship

Smallville's Chloe Kicks Black Canary's Butt, Reunites With Green Arrow Lois Lane, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and Dinah Lance/Black Canary. .. her on the front line, the more her and Oliver's relationship doesn't work. Thread: The Chloe/Oliver Relationship Thread #14 .. since I like having two ships to root for on Smallville, let alone when they're two ships that don't conflict. Smallville may have been a series about Superman, but it was also a teenage soap opera Putting endless strain on Chloe's relationship, and eventual It was with her relationship with Oliver, however, that the show finally.

smallville chloe and oliver relationship

Chloe interviews Nu-Corp's Dr. Arthur Walsh, who reveals that he knows what really happened to Earl Jenkins while he was working at LuthorCorp. Walsh disappears before Chloe can get the all of information. Stephen Hamilton on experimentations involving the meteor rocks.

Chloe and Pete Ross Sam Jones IIIwho accompanies Chloe as her cameraman, learn that Jameson is experimenting on meteor infected people in order to steal their abilities.

Jameson, exhibiting the same jitters as Earl Jenkins, attempts to kill Chloe and Pete to hide what he has been doing, but his jitters become uncontrollable and he kills himself in his lab.

Andrea informs Chloe that Lex turned Lionel's "Level 3" facility into his own " Rojas, working with meteor infected individuals Yang and Molly Griggs, wants Chloe's help to expose LuthorCorp's experimentation on the meteor infected. Here, Chloe is conned into believing that Dr. Donald Jacobi, a " faith healer " is interested in her research on the meteor rocks. She quickly realizes, after attending one of Jacobi's shows, that he is nothing more than a con artist, which causes her to devote her time to proving that so no one will fall victim to his schemes.

Dragon, Chloe attempts to solve the murder of one of her teachers, Mr. Tait, which she and Clark believe to be the work of recently released convict Ray Dansk. While attending a party put on by Lex, Chloe is injured during an attack on the crowd by Dansk, who has turned into a reptilian creature thanks to exposure to the meteor rocks. Written by Bryan Q. Millerwho also wrote for the television series, the first issue reveals that Chloe and Oliver Queen are living in Star City.

Chloe is working for the Star City Gazette, but remains a friend and ally to the heroes. She and Lois discover a spacecraft in Earth's atmosphere, [63] later revealing the pilot is Chloe's counterpart from a parallel reality the same universe where Clark Luthor and alternate-Lionel Luthor was from.

She was sent by her cousin, Lois Queen the alternate version of Lois Lane and Clark's ally of that worldto warn Clark of the coming " Crisis ", which destroyed her world. She dies after Oliver and Chloe take her to a hospital. Inside what is left of her counterpart's mind, Chloe finds a universe coming to an end, caused by an attack led by a powerful gargantuan being ; she also witnesses Lois Queen's death.

Chloe Sullivan

At this point, Chloe is now about nine months pregnant. She later gives birth to a baby boy, whom she and Oliver named "Jonathan," after Clark's late-adoptive father Jonathan Kent. The character ultimately made her first appearance in the mainstream DC Comics Universe in Those roles were already filled by the adult comic book versions of Lana Lang and Lois Laneso the plan was to give the character a new background.

Busiek hoped to make Chloe the younger sister of someone Clark had gone to school with, who was a now interning at the Daily Planet. Busiek believed that this would make her different from Lana and Lois, but still familiar to readers who also watched the show.

Another distinguishing feature would be that this version of Chloe would not know Clark's secret, nor would she be meteor infected. These ideas never came to fruition. Because of the continuity differences between Smallville and the comic book Superman stories, Spencer chose to stay "as true to the character" as he could by honoring her romantic history with Jimmy Olsen from later Smallville seasons, as well as her journalistic background from its early seasons.

Spencer decided to introduce Chloe after he began conceiving of a clever, dogged female reporter for Jimmy Olsen to interact with, and realized that he had been subconsciously writing about Chloe. Chloe and Pete Smallville never really was very good at the whole first love thing. Teenage relationships were often overly melodramatic or lasted for far too long, sometimes even into adulthood.

Few of these first love relationships contributed anything of worth to any of the characters or the series as a whole. One of the only young love relationships that felt genuine and sweet was, ironically, one of the few unrequited dynamics the show briefly explored.

Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan were always depicted as the best of friends, but Chloe was too lovesick with her crush on Clark to ever give Pete the time of day in that way. However, that didn't stop Pete from secretly loving her from afar throughout their high school years, something that he admitted was his best kept secret when he finally impulsively kissed her. Tess and Oliver Few characters have been less smoothly integrated into a long-running series than Tess Mercer.

From the very beginning, her personality was in direct conflict with almost everyone's, and her eventually revealed connection to the Luthor clan would always make her impossible to trust. Through their shared history on the island, and their instances of saving each other and falling for each other, Smallville was clearly trying to set them up as some sort of destined to be couple However, their storyline was never interesting enough to merit the amount of screen time that it received.

Their characters were too stubborn, too incompatible, and ultimately lacked the necessary chemistry and connection to make any meaningful relationship possible. Chloe and Jimmy Nerd girl meets nerd boy. Nerd girl and nerd boy fall in love. Nerd boy and nerd girl get swept up into the world of superheroes and villains and find themselves an unlikely team of heroes in their own way, reporting and photographing the latest breaking stories.

The relationship between Chloe and Jimmy was far and away the strongest one that the series ever allowed Chloe to have. In Jimmy, she found someone who finally fully respected her and her talents, who saw her for who she was, and who didn't always consider her just a friend.

smallville chloe and oliver relationship

Their marriage was a truly joyful moment for the show - one of very few of them, at that - and their union was all too brief, following the unfortunate plot line involving Chloe and Davis Bloome. As AC, Arthur was depicted as a spoiled, spacy surfer bro - someone who didn't at all work with Lois's tough as nails personality.

She then realizes that she is also completely naked under her towel and, very distressed, runs out of the room.

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Meanwhile, 'Lois' encounters Oliver, who thinks she is about to scold him for what happened with Chloe, but she in fact offers to take him to see Chloe and the two leave the Inn. The Silver Banshee appears. Clark and Chloe meet outside the inn and try to figure what possessed Chloe and where Lois and Oliver have gone. Chloe tells Clark that she doesn't remember anything after her fight with Oliver, and then asks if he saw her naked.

When Clark doesn't answer, Chloe assumes the worst but changes the subject to express her concern for her cousin in that he might injure a human during sex. Clark, uncomfortably, tells her that Jor-El's training has given him better control of every part of his body.

smallville chloe and oliver relationship

Then they find the lifeless body of the boy in the forest and Chloe starts to remember everything. On the other side of the woods, 'Lois' and Oliver are walking through the woods when 'Lois' suddenly strikes him and throws him to one side. In a flash, Oliver sees the spectral face of Siohban. Clark and Chloe talk with Maggie to learn more about the legend of Siobhan and she tells them that, according to the legend, Siobhan returned from the underworld with great powers and that any man who heard her wail died instantly, so the villagers renamed her Silver Banshee.

She says that there was a portal in a relic that belonged to Siobhan, through which she could return to this world, but that her uncle was so afraid of his sister that he performed a ritual to seal the portal with Siohban's own blood. Clark uses his X-ray vision and finds Siohban's portrait underneath the portrait that Lois scratched. They realize that Lois accidentally opened the portal, and Clark asks Chloe to find a way to close it while he goes to look for Oliver and Lois.

Silver Banshee attacks Clark. In the woods, the spirit of Siobhan emerges from Lois's body and prepares to take her revenge on Oliver. She screams her banshee cry at him, forcing Oliver to his knees before her, but Clark arrives and Siobhan stops. Clark tries to reason with her, but Silver Banshee attacks him.

Clark defends himself with his heat vision, but the interaction of her cry and his heat vision causes an explosion which throws him backwards through the air. Chloe closes the portal. Chloe tries to figure out how to close the portal with the help of the innkeeper.

They find the diary of Bevan McDougal, but it is in Gaelic. Maggie says she can read it and discovers that fire can close the portal. Chloe cuts the portrait out of the frame, and places it into the fire which is burning in the fireplace.

This closes the portal just as Siohban is about to attack Clark, and the Silver Banshee is exiled back to the underworld. Tess and Zod in bed together. The next morning at the Luthor Mansion, Tess is in bed with Zod and he asks her how she weakened him at the barn. Tess only tells him that she has her secrets, and Zod reminds her that he is willing to do anything to protect his secret. Tess tells him that only a few people know how to stop him and Zod replies that that's why the information she has is so valuable.

Tess tells him that they are on the same side and then asks if he is jealous of Clark. Zod lets her know that he is jealous and says that he wants to know what can take his powers and how he can get them back. Tess kisses him and gets out of bed, saying that information is also power.

Chloe and Oliver talk about Clark. Chloe is sitting outside the inn looking at the unopened gift that Oliver gave her, and Oliver appears and tells her that it is a spoon. Chloe looks at him and then starts talking about what happened. She makes him promise not to take more relationship advice from Clark Kent and then lets him know that the relationship they already had was fine for her.

Oliver takes the opportunity to ask her about her feelings for Clark and Chloe says that although she loved Clark a lot in the past, she waited a long time for him to notice her, but it didn't happen. She tells Oliver that she only wants somebody who wants her, and although Clark is a very good friend, he's not the man for her and she discovered that many super saves ago.

Then Chloe asks him about Lois and Oliver says he has already moved on. Chloe smiles and kisses him. Zod calls Lois as the Blur. Back at the Talon, Lois is telling Clark how horrible their trip was, but Clark tells her that it was not so bad, especially the ball of yarn.

smallville chloe and oliver relationship

Clark lifts Lois onto the table and starts to kiss her passionately, when her cellphone starts to ring. Clark says it could be important and insists she take it. Lois asks for some privacy and Clark, still holding her, tells her to pretend he is not even there.