Sollux x reader flirt

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sollux x reader flirt

You pretty much demanded a relationship with him, which surprised him but he agreed happily. Unfortunately, Sollux has a tendency to flirt. You and Sollux have known eachother since you two were grubs,you two practically knew eachother you're whole life. You had a flush crush. Feferi refuses an invitation to join him, and Sollux decides that he has to stop Eridan Cronus, his dancestor, flirts with him and asks him out to which Eridan.

Chara X Reader by Xuatiel reviews Sometimes timelines can have anomalies albeit a very low chance but it is possible. The anomalies can do many things. Such as allow certain things to be changed.

sollux x reader flirt

In this case allowing another human to fall soon after the seventh. But who is this human. Well that human is you. Elsa x Male Reader Frozen - Rated: It contains explicit sex scenes, foul language, violence, knife play and blood fetishism.

Five Nights at Freddy's and all the relative characters belong to Scott Cawthon. Azzy x reader, book 1 of 3 Undertale - Rated: You will see this story on wattpad, quotev and on archiveofourown A03 because I have accounts on all platforms. Some may not be good because it's younger me and i never edited!

sollux x reader flirt

Anime X-overs - Rated: Think of this more as a short spin-off. FNaF is by Scott Cawthon. They'd manage to blend into society as best they could, but Anti Monster gangs run the streets, scaring many away. They forced monsters to stay on the outskirts of the city, close to the mountain. Then one day, the university that you work at dared to hire a couple of monsters. Nothing could prepare you for what would happen next.

Rating will eventually change to M. FNaF is by Scott Cawthon and the amazing cover art is by acstlu. So, when a job came up that provided little to no human communication, of course you would take it. But, It turns out you're not as cold and unfeeling as many thought. They just have to Reader] Homestuck - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Which, in a series of events, end up with you and Sans falling in love.

This is your only warning! Rated T Undertale - Rated: This is my first story i have done on my own so tell me how i'm doing.

sollux x reader flirt

You are entering a competition to hopefully win a scholarship. At a try-out, you see a skeleton perform the best tango you've ever seen. His moves speak to your soul and steal your heart. You have to know who he is. Rated T for minor language and some adult situations. Mentions of past self harm and past abuse. You both gave each other less-than-impressive first impressions and now must learn to not murder each other…. Please leave a comment! Multiverse au, past reader x FS Papyrus.

Life hasn't always been easy but it's looking up more and more every day. He takes it as a good sign you're baking in the middle of a snow storm, and decides to take advantage of how good you look in that apron, until you tell him something that rocks his world. Takes place during the movie Frozen instead of Elsa alone and isolated, you were there already trying to help her and along the way fall in love with her as well but it can't happen between you and Queen Elsa right?

Now you are suddenly falling for the Queen. You swear on your life that you will protect her and Anna as their new personal guard. But now a war is beginning to form between your father and the other kingdoms, and Arendelle is his first target. Can you keep that promise in the end?

Elsa x Female Reader Rated M for later chapters.

sollux x reader flirt

In this story, I explore the idea of Frisk not being the eight human that saved everything. Instead, you get to take the role of one of the souls, that didn't get a chance a the original game. Which of the souls?

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Read to find out. Rose and Jade look on with mixed horror and awe. Just like the reader. Along the way, she meets a new family that treated her better than her actual family have ever had. You meet the gang, meet new friends, all the cliche crap. But things just have to get worse before they get better.

sollux x reader flirt

Sans, being the judgey guy he is, points fingers at Chara It also resembles the word eradicate, possibly referencing his genocidal tendencies.

His Trollian handle is presumably taken from Troll Caligula. Eridan may have actually been based off of the user Terin's name for Alternia, which was "Eridani". This is also the name of a star in the Aquarius constellation. It's also the French spelling for "Eridanus", a constellation that represents a river at times connected to the myth of Aquarius the Water-bearer.

Biography Hivebent Eridan is a sea dweller and a member of a very high caste. The typing quirk he uses doubling v and w is a reference to the Aquarius symbol, both forming a zig-zag shape representing waves. You're a wizard, Eridan. Eridan dresses very flamboyantly for a troll, wearing a large quantity of rings, an extravagant, high-collared cape, and a billowing scarf. He has a purple highlight in his hair, making him the only A2 troll to have hair that isn't entirely black, and has crooked horns reminiscent of the Aquarius symbol.

Eridan's fashion sense, in as much as the term can be used to describe how a troll dresses, could be likened to a combination of supervillain the cape and jewelry and hipster the pants, shoes, glasses, and hair.

The cape and scarf, along with the rotated bolt shapes of his zodiac symbol, horns, and hair highlight, also evoke a reference to Harry Potter, also implied by Eridan's obsession with wizards and wands. Eridan wields Ahab's Crosshairsa weapon he found in a ghost ship along with Vriska 's Fluorite Octet. The very first thing he was seen doing was using it to kill a flying whale. He did this to feed Feferi's Lususin order to keep its voice down.

According to TereziEridan was part of a "conspiracy" that had foreknowledge of Sburbalthough he has never demonstrated any. He is an especially powerful and influential member of the Nautical Aristocracy that wants one of Vriska's doomsday devicesapparently intended to kill all land dwellers. The biological differences between aquatic and land-dwelling trolls are unclear as of now, but both Eridan and Feferi are unique among the other troll players in that they have fin-like protrusions on the sides of their heads.

Eridan's hive appears to be the ruins of an antiquated ship, lodged upon black rocks on a small island. This shows that Eridan is comfortable with breathing air, despite his fin or gill-like facial protrusions.

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In fact, Eridan spends the vast majority of his time above water, although he claimed this is only so he can more effectively wipe out the land dwellers. Being introduced last along with Feferi, Eridan appeared the least of the twelve trolls during Hivebent and currently has the least number of appearances for a Troll character overall. He was the only troll whose Planet was not seen during those introductions, and he was also not given a Mythological role at the time, an exclusion he shared only with Gamzee.

Upon arriving on his planet, the Land of Wrath and AngelsEridan began slaughtering the inhabiting angels. He found the angels were difficult to kill, requiring at least a minute of constant fire from his powerful weapon, Ahab's Crosshairs. The angels were not intended to be his enemies, though it is unknown what purpose they were meant to serve. However, according to Doc Scratchthey had some role in granting Eridan his deadly wwhite science powers.

Also of note is this conversation, in which Sollux Captorpossibly prematurely showing some access to his abilities as the Mage of Doomtalks about an angel as 2ome terriible mythiical demon. Post-Hivebent Eridan in hero mode.

Whilst hiding in the lab from with the other trolls, he comes to the conclusion that there is no hope left and informs both Feferi and Sollux of his plans to join Jack Noir. Feferi refuses an invitation to join him, and Sollux decides that he has to stop Eridan and challenges him to another duel. Sollux's eye beams are no match for Eridan's magic science wand and he is knocked out, and when Feferi attacks Eridan in retaliation, he kills her.

Eridan Ampora

DEAD Kanaya looks on in horror at the murder and starts to go for her weapon, while Eridan holds his wand at the ready.

When Kanaya hesitates because of the Matriorb next to her, Eridan obliterates it destroying the hope of troll re-population, appropriate, given his mythological role and then kills Kanaya when she attacks him. It wwas fuckin unconscionable. Eridan absconds from the room through the transportaliser as Karkat stares in disbelief at the carnage, vowing to kill him.

However, Kanaya, after returning from the dead, takes care of this herself. Once she finds him along with Gamzee and Vriska in a 3x showdownshe promptly disables the latter two, " debunks " Eridan's wand, and pulls out her chainsaw for some vengeance, sawing him in half. Cronushis dancestorflirts with him and asks him out to which Eridan agrees to but not before expressing his disdain for him.

Alternate Selves As the Trolls' session had many Doomed timelinesEridan had many alternate selves. However out of all these alternate selves only one has been seen outside of brief cameos in the flashes.

This alternate self had ascended to the god tiers before dying and was seen in a dream bubble with an alternate Feferi. Many more alternate Eridans were seen during Mini-Strife, featuring various different outfits, most notably "March Eridan".

Personality and Traits Eridan has an affection for tales of historical leaders, conquerors, and military history. His passion for these extravagant stories of conquest and glory lends itself to his overly theatrical mannerisms and his massive ego. As a result, people tend to see him as a "bit of a tool". He is described by Kanaya as overbearing, to the point where he has been blocked on Trollian by Vriska, of all trolls.