Soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

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soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

Soubi claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka's brother, Seimei, who was Ritsuka and Soubi's relationship is complex, but in many ways Ritsuka admires Soubi. evening ABC NEWS You →NEWS You Plus →CAST, Quiz Panel Quiz Attack . Loveless- great story but I'm uncomfortable with the relationship age gap. .. Soubi and Ritsuka's stories are interesting, but I don't like the female secondary. Loveless by Yun Kouga is a manga about a young boy named Ritsuka, who While at the Seven Voices Academy, Kio tells Ritsuka of his relationship to Soubi.

Together, they provide a very black-and-white atmosphere that allows only one line of thinking. It was recently revealed that Soubi only became interested in Kio because of a tattoo on his back, and a vow that he took when he got it.

He has a daughter that looks to be around ten years old; she notably has no cat ears. A twin sister also appeared but he had no knowledge of her. She is very naive and innocent, and painfully aware of these characteristics.

At twenty-three years old, she is teased and ridiculed for retaining her ears and therefore her virginity to such an age. She is visibly embarrassed, but as the story progresses, she gains confidence and pride over making her own choices. Hitomi is greatly troubled by Ritsuka's mother and the injuries he sustains from her, and greatly desires to involve herself in the situation to make a change, despite her fears and her colleagues' dissent. Her very caring and naive nature clashes spectacularly when confronted with Soubi.

He brusquely rejects her and says he doesn't care for older women, although she has never made a romantic move towards him and is no more than three years older than he is. Despite his cold treatment, Hitomi seems to have had some feelings for Soubi.

His brash actions are mysterious—the only discernible reason being a general hatred towards teachers as a result of his experiences with Ritsu Minami.

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Although he has rejected her, it can be noted that Soubi enjoys tormenting her to some degree. This kind of behavior towards Hitomi may have stemmed from jealousy. Soubi refers to Hitomi as 'childish', despite her being three years older than he is. Yet he still respectfully calls her "Shinonome-sensei. In comparison with his extreme dislike of his own teacher figure, Ritsu, Soubi still manages to treat Hitomi as a subordinate, constantly belittling her.

She has an important influence over her sons. Being emotionally and mentally weak, Misaki has very little grip on reality, and often hallucinatesparticularly after certain events in volume 5. She is abusive and violent and blames Ritsuka's personality change for the reason Seimei "left", demanding that she wants her former Ritsuka back when she beats him.

To many, she is seen as a monster, but in volume 5, she has inner dialogues of her own, allowing the reader to witness a more human, fragile side to her behavior which she cannot control. He is shown as being socially awkward and with low self-esteem, and feels great jealousy towards Ritsuka. Yayoi admits that he loves Yuiko, but when he confessed to her, he was rejected for being too short.

Yuiko claims that she only dates boys taller than her, but the truthfulness of that statement is called into question when it is painfully obvious she loves Ritsuka, who is barely taller than Yayoi. Despite his jealousy of Ritsuka's close friendship with Yuiko, he is encouraged by Ritsuka's adamant claims that their relationship is purely platonic.

He makes a firm statement he will not give up on Yuiko, and spends more time with her than ever. It is notable that in the manga, Yayoi has a rather small role. He is absent for large parts of the story, and has only a small amount of dialogue. In the anime, they utilized his character much more to enhance the would-be Yayoi-Yuiko-Ritsuka love triangle, and to inject comic relief into a dark story.

Sanae Kobayashi Japanese ; Ashley Thrill English She is an easily angered woman who conducts experiments and creates humans who cannot feel physical pain. Although Nagisa is very young in appearance, it is later revealed that Nagisa is over 30 years old. She had a sister, but what has become of her has not yet been confirmed. She created Youji after the image of her younger sister, perhaps in remembrance or to ease the pain in her heart, but exact reasons are still unknown.

Her over-the-top behavior and strange lifestyle leaves her alone and alienated. She befriends Nana, and shamefully confesses that she is her only friend. Her relationship with Ritsu is an intriguing one. She puts up a front of hating him deeply, and wishing for nothing more than to see him fail. However, there are small moments that reveal possibly more intimate feelings, as she blushes deeply whenever he is near her or touches her, though she steadfastly denies caring for him.

Starting in volume 3 and finishing in volume 4, she makes a bet with Ritsu that her older Zero pair, Yamato and Kouya, can beat Ritsuka's Soubi. Ultimately, Yamato and Kouya are defeated, and Nagisa's sibling rivalry-like attitude towards Ritsu continues. Also when Seimei gouges out Ritsu's eyes she goes crazy, showing more than she probably intended of her true feelings for him, but still denies it when her Zeros make fun of her over it.

He is one of Nagisa's experiments, and presumably the second generation of Zeros. He first makes an appearance in volume 2, when he and Youji corner Soubi when he's alone. When Soubi wins the battle, Natsuo tells him that he and Youji have no place to return to if they lose a battle.

soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

Soubi offers to let them live at his apartment, and Natsuo warily accepts. Natsuo seems to care for Soubi and Ritsuka, and in turn, does nothing to harm them. In one of the Zero-sum chapters, they are told to defeat Seimei. But because of the other's unusual power with words, the Zero team was rendered practically useless.

In the past Natsuo pulled his own eye out but he felt nothing, because the Zero pair feels no pain. He is the more cruel and brutal of the two; however, they are both rather blunt and cold towards others. Like Natsuo, Youji seems to care for Soubi and Ritsuka, and in turn, does nothing to harm them. Nagisa is unashamedly biased towards Youji, often ignoring Natsuo. According to Youji, this is because he bears a significant resemblance to Nagisa's younger sister.

Until they met, both pairs believed they were the only Zero pair to exist.

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Both teams are experiments created by Nagisa at different times, and the female pair is presumably the first generation. Despite their unusual background, both Kouya and Yamato attend high school, although different ones. In an interesting demonstration of the series' fictional world's rules and expectations of society, Kouya wears fake cat ears despite not being a virgin. Yamato often teases her about it, particularly because Yamato doesn't try to hide her status.

They lost their "ears" to each other. Shortly, after they first met, Kouya slit her wrists just to "know how it would feel", since Zeroes can't feel pain. In contrast to Kouya's solemness, Yamato has an outgoing, vivacious personality.

Loveless, Volume 2 by Yun Kouga

Their relationship is the focus of a mini- arc in volume 4. The relationship Yamato has with Kouya is a passionate and dedicated one that becomes unexpectedly stressful for Yamato in volume 4.

Her marking, which she interprets as physical proof of her relationship with Kouya, slowly fades without warning. In a blatant reference to the homosexual nature of their relationship, both girls' markings—a 0 with a line through the middle—are on the same place: She once invites Ritsuka to a coffee shop, and reminisces the first time she and Kouya met. When she saw what Kouya did to her wrists, she got the cutter and slit her wrists too, in which point Kouya apprehends her.

She replies that whatever injury Kouya has, it will also appear on her. She holds her wounded hand to her heart, and says "it's beginning to hurt, here. She goes in the bathroom claiming it is in order to remove the stain since it's going to spread. Inside, she opens her blouse and stares at her mark, which is beginning to fade, meaning it won't be long before she is not going to be Kouya's sacrifice anymore.

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During their fight with Loveless and Soubi, her mark has completely disappeared, so she had to endure all of Soubi's attack. Kouya doesn't know so she proceeds fighting. However, when Yamato is brought on her knees by the pain, Kouya begins suspecting, in which Yamato vehemently refuses and says "it doesn't hurt!

She withdraws from the fight, even if it means certain outcomes. They decide to die together and be reborn than to live separately. Takehito Koyasu Japanese ; Marc Matney English He is Soubi's former teacher, and held a very influential role in Soubi's life when he was still his teacher. In the few times they have made contact within the current timeline, Soubi acts very brusque and treats him with disgust.

It is also revealed that he was the one who took away Soubi's virginity. Ritsu is said to have been the Sacrifice to Soubi's mother, which led to him and Soubi meeting.

He called again, no answer, and he left another message. I might have forgiven you for the first time, but not now.

He still got nothing. Because if you needed time on your own you could just tell me! I don't understand you sometimes. You lead me on and tell me all these things and spoil me, then the next day you just drop off the face of the earth without telling me?

Soubi I ca-" And the voicemail system cut him off. Well he wasn't done talking yet, calling again, getting the system and continuing what he was saying.

soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

If you didn't want to hang out with me today or pick me up you should've just told me! Or at least you shouldn't make me expect you being there to come get me, because now I do! And you worry me now that you aren't answering your phone, and no where to be found. He tried to open it and it was locked, that was odd. If Natsuo and Yoji were home they usually kept the door open.

soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

Which also meant that Soubi wasn't home, or was he? Was he trying to keep him out of his apartment now? Ritsuka's heart ached as he though these things and sighed, looked down at his feet.

What should he do now? Go back home and wait for Soubi's call or something? So many possibilities raced through his mind. Was Soubi tired of him? Did something happen to him? Had he gotten into another battle without him?

Loveless, Volume 2

No, he'd ordered him not to, he shouldn't go against his orders Ritsuka raised his hand and knocked on the door a few times, there was no answer. Sighing, he turned and started to walk off, towards the park.

He could sit there for a while before he decided on what he should do. When he was there, he found a park bench and took a seat, holding his phone in his hand and willing for it to ring. An hour later, Ritsuka was still sitting there, watching people walk in the park and little kids playing around together.

He had lost track of time, until he heard his phone ringing. He scrambled around instantly and looked at his phone, it was Soubi. Do you know how worried I was about you? You had me scared half to death! I went to your apartment and the door was locked!

Do you just not want to hang around me anymore? If you want to see less of me than you should just tell me! We had a pop quiz out of no where and I couldn't have my phone on This made Ritsuka feel like a complete idiot now, for yelling at Soubi like that and assuming things that wasn't right at all.

I understand why you were so upset. He nearly jumped because he was so surprised that he was there. He was so glad to see him, but he wasn't really sure why. Maybe it was because he had been so worried about him before, and knowing he was safe now was good. As Soubi leaned down to kiss him, a familiar sound rang out. Who would be calling him right now? The man pulled it from his pocket with a sigh, and was then surprised to see who it was. Yuiko, she hadn't called him a long while, so why all of the sudden now?

Are you with Ritsuka right now? Like he's in love with you or something. Ritsuka didn't know it because he had his back turned, watching a few kids playing on a slide nearby. You're in love with me, apparently.

soubi and ritsuka relationship quiz

I-" He cut himself off, a blush forming over his cheeks as he look at the ground, away from Soubi at all costs. Are you falling in love with me? They were going towards Soubi's apartment, of course. And now, Ritsuka's phone was the one to be ringing.

Soubi wondered to himself if it was Yuiko, and got a little frustrated at the thought. The girl really liked Ritsuka. And he knew he shouldn't keep him away from her, but he wanted to spend time with the boy. Sparks had been going between them lately and he wanted it to happen more. Yuiko's calling was ruining it. Ritsuka sighed as he opened his phone, continuing to walk along with Soubi, still holding his hand. Soubi knew what it was like to have friends who wouldn't leave you alone.

She's obsessed over me or something…it kind of gets on my nerves. He just wanted to lay down and do nothing but talk to Soubi right now. I'm always confused when people ask me those questions.

He had already told Soubi once that he'd loved him, but only that one time. And lately he had been in a lot of thoughts of love, Soubi, Seimei, and everything all put together.

But before they could continue, Ritsuka wanted to ask a couple more things. And even if he did know, he wouldn't tell him.