Southern baptists and homosexual relationship

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southern baptists and homosexual relationship

of relationship between Southern Baptists and the DC Baptist days to dismiss from its fellowship churches that affirm homosexual behavior. In the Southern Baptist Convention's statement on same-sex marriage in , they stated their opposition to classifying same-sex marriage as. 5 days ago The church's pastor believes the Bible does not condemn “adult, loving, monogamous, same sex relationships.”.

I am NOT saying that we would ever compromise our position or fail to state it, just that even when they disagree with it, we do not cut them off — we draw them close. We say yes, this issue is important. I cannot compromise, but I love you more than I love being right. And so even if you don't see things my way, I'm going to keep bringing you close, and I'm going to remain committed to you. In the cross of Jesus Christ, he shows us the right way to relate to the gay and the lesbian community — clarity about God's righteousness, compassion that would give up its own life to draw them close.

My Opinion on Gay Relationships (As a Baptist)

Of course, we never should push sinners away but always seek to draw them close. Observers should know we are Christians by our love.

southern baptists and homosexual relationship

If we tell our husbands, for example, to love their wives more than they love their golf, there are going to be times when they are going to have to give up a round of golf in order to love their wives.

Choosing Option A means that, when the chips are down, you dump Option B. Greear talks about the importance of not pushing them away but instead drawing them close.

Again, the statement is fine until you start to press on it a little. The question that Greear does not deal with is this one: What if they push us away? Greear creates the impression that if homosexual sinners reject us and say hurtful and hateful things to us and about us, it must be because we have done something wrong.

In some way, it must be our fault.

Stances of Faiths on LGBTQ Issues: Southern Baptist Convention | Human Rights Campaign

They love their idea of Christians being wrong more than they love us, and they are not prepared to change their position on homosexuality in order to love us or let us draw them close. Paul says in Ephesians 4: Then we draw close everyone who responds to the truth.

Stay with Book as a People of the Book. Reply Geneva Vaughn June 17, at 1: Thanks for the resolution info. Haters are going to get on a Christian topic to discourage; its not working! Everyone is entitled to HAVE an opinion; but expressing it is not an encourage option at times. It is better to keep your tongue….

southern baptists and homosexual relationship

Carol Oakley June 16, at Reply Chuck Rich June 16, at Christianity used to be the moral compass that held our country together. Whether you were a believer in Christ or not, there was at least a recognition that Biblical truth was inheritently good.

Christian LGBT Conference Concerns Southern Baptist Leaders

Futhermore, there are other religions that behead homosexuals and throw them off buildings. Yet, the target is painted on the Christian cake decorator who politely objects to baking a cake for a gay wedding, is labeled a hater and put out of business. No, this is one of many attempts to force Christians to not only comply but embrace a world view that will eventually be void of anything that God sees as good.

southern baptists and homosexual relationship

A supreme court ruling in favor of gay marriage is only the beginning. John Pekka June 17, at 1: However, your claim about the national divorce rate is off — see this article http: We can argue percentages but that was not my point. Once they have that, they will want to force pastors to perform their ceremonies and Christian businesses to paricipate. - Southern Baptists May Be in Trouble With J.D. Greear

Chuck Rich June 18, at 8: Check out this article…. Reply Ian Shaw June 18, at 8: Ian Shaw June 18, at Evelyn Corley June 20, at Glenn Carrin June 17, at Reply Samuel Ramos June 17, at All christian have the moral and spiritual responsibility to not only teach but to live what the Holy Bible states. This is of course if you believe in the Lord and Jesus Christ. Reply buddyglass June 17, at 4: For example, we probably both agree that Christians are obligated to support the continued criminality of murder.

Michael Wells June 18, at Michael June 17, at Mary Napier June 17, at Reply Gus Nelson June 17, at 8: Reply James Bradshaw June 17, at 8: Societies that have sought to do as such have proven to be just as tyrannical and oppressive as any far Left regime.