Star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

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star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

The Star Wars prequels try to frame Anakin and Padmé as the ultimate love story, But the central relationship that propels the plot also has its fair share of problems, Maybe things are a little different when your dad is literally the Force, but it's rare for 19 Anakin Changes A Lot, But Padmé Barely Ages. This was their relationship began. The real In Star Wars, why did Padmé Amidala love Anakin Skywalker? , Why can't she get guys her own age ?:). Same age gap, but different relationship types and life stages. Anakin and Padme are both adults with a five year age difference (Padme was.

Suddenly, there was a faint echo. Luke's cute face appeared in the doorway. Then he saw Chewbacca. He ran down the hallway and hid in the underground passage, which was secret, so how could he have found that? Once Han persuaded him to come out, Luke hesitantly came back up and started to pet Chewie's fur. The Wookie seemed to like that, so Luke ended up really enjoying his presence.

Han came back and sat down. That would be awesome! The kids were thrilled, and Han was happy to see them smiling. When they were back in the house, Luke and Leia were both exhausted. The three of them sat down and watched Luke's favorite cartoon hologram show. Soon, Leia was out cold, but Luke stayed awake. I don't wanna go to sleep. His son got lost one day because of a big battle between clones and droids.

star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

His village was destroyed and the son had to fend for himself. And then guess what happened? The son found a big monster, but the monster was good. So the monster and the son went on to be the best of friends and they went on a lot of adventures.

And they all lived happily eve after, the end. Han must've been a pretty good storyteller, because the story was true. The children were tucked into their beds, snoring peacefully.

Even Luke, traumatized by monsters in the night, was resting soundly. Han got his pay, thanked her, and left in a hurry. But whatever had made the kids so tired, she was glad that he had done it. She was sure to be hiring him again. Leia's wedding was beautiful.

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She wore a simple white gown with her hair done in a plait down her back. After the Christophisis incident, he finally accepted Ahsoka as his apprentice and the two quickly became good friends, Anakin would not give up on saving Ahsoka after she got caught in an explosion of a droid foundry that she destroyed with a tank, having no other method.

Greatly relieved that Ahsoka was still alive, he told her that he hadn't doubted her, after she told him that she knew he would save her. Anakin's desire to keep his apprentice safe went beyond the battlefield into his teachings to her. Though she was skilled in the classic Shien, Anakin began teaching her Ataru and Djem So, two aggressive forms he was greatly skilled in, being a master in the latter.

Wanting Ahsoka to be prepared for any opponent, he also trained her to protect herself against Sith enemies, such as Asajj Ventress, whom he'd faced before and barely defeated. Ahsoka was as great as his attachment to his mother and his wife. When Obi-Wan told him it was Ahsoka who had saved the day, Anakin "felt a rush of pride" and boasted that she was his apprentice. That pride was evident in his trust in her to command in his stead, such as during the Battle of Ryloth.

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Although Anakin was usually reckless and impulsive, Ahsoka's presence seemed to soften these tendencies. Despite the fact that when he was Obi-Wan's apprentice, he occasionally disobeyed him, he did not like it when Ahsoka disobeyed him.

Nearing the end of the Clone Wars, Anakin also held a great degree of trust in her, being one of the few people to correctly believe that Ahsoka had actually been framed and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time due to knowing her well enough to know she would never commit the crimes she was being accused of.

However, he also realized that he could not help her directly as it would have made her look even more guilty than she was already believed to be by everyone else.

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He also managed to track down the actual guilty party, Barriss Offee, and expose her after defeating her in a lightsaber duel. Unfortunately, his efforts were ultimately in vain as Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. Despite knowing that he also harbored an intent to leave the Jedi Order, Anakin was very sad to see his friend and former apprentice leave.

Ahsoka's choice to leave the Jedi Order, as well as the circumstances surrounding that decision, intensified Anakin's frustration with the Jedi High Council, as he blamed them for Ahsoka's departure because of their decision not to stand by her when she was accused of treason.

star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

As Yoda was a firm believer in the Jedi Code, he thus believed Anakin, who was nine years of age, was far too old to begin training as an apprentice. He also sensed Anakin's emotional attachment to his mother and fear of losing her, and believed this made him vulnerable to the Dark Side, and potentially dangerous. By the time of the events of Attack of the Clones, Yoda had outgrown his fear of Anakin.

Also unlike Mace, he never judged him by age, but by his skills, experience, and maturity. In fact, he was the very Jedi who promoted Anakin to the rank of Jedi Knight. Yoda was one of the few members of the Jedi Council that Anakin had genuine respect for; throughout the Clone Wars, Anakin and Yoda were civil towards each other and were friends. Anakin's trust and respect for Yoda became strained, when at Ahsoka Tano's trial, Yoda, along with the rest of the Jedi High Council, stripped her of her status as a Jedi and turned her over to the Republic military for crimes she did not commit.

Anakin was outraged to learn that the meeting was nothing more than a formality to disguise how the Council was casting Ahsoka out to suit the political interests of the Republic. Although he successfully proved his apprentice's innocence, she refused to rejoin the Jedi Order due to the fact that most of its members had refused to believe in her.

Heartbroken by Ahsoka's departure, Anakin blamed Yoda, along with most members of the Council, for Ahsoka's departure. When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine appointed Anakin to the Jedi Council as his personal representative, like all members of the Council, Yoda reluctantly agreed, but hoped to use him as a means to spy on Palpatine which ultimately backfired; as he underestimated how strong Anakin's friendship with the Supreme Chancellor was Yoda, along with rest of the Jedi Council did not grant Anakin the rank of Jedi Master.

Angered by the perceived insult, Anakin criticized Yoda and the rest of the Council, on the absurdity of occupying a seat on the Council devoid of the rank of Jedi Master - although Anakin apologized for his behavior, he was not sorry for what he said to Yoda and the other members of the Council.

When Obi-Wan asked Anakin to spy on Palpatine on the orders of Yoda and the Jedi High Council he became even more angry and quickly came to the belief that Yoda was trying to use him as a pawn and that the orders to spy on the Supreme Chancellor were treason which was partly true he lost complete trust and respect for Yoda after this.

Mace was a firm believer in following the protocol of the Jedi Code and thus believed Anakin too old to begin training as an apprentice. When Anakin was brought before the Jedi High Council, like Yoda, he was secretly afraid of Anakin, not because of what he was, but because of what he could become in the future; by the time of the events of Attack of the Clones, Mace had largely outgrown his fear of Anakin. Qui-Gon requested that Anakin be tested - but Anakin failed the Jedi High Council's test, due to the fact that he was distracted by his concern for his mother.

Despite Anakin's unusually strong connection to the Force and the fact that he had the potential to become the most powerful Force-user in the history of the galaxy, Mace firmly stated that he would not be trained. After the invasion of Naboo was lifted, Mace reluctantly agreed to allow Anakin to be trained by Obi-Wan Kenobimainly because Obi-Wan had made it clear that he intended to train Anakin with or without the approval of the Jedi High Council, as it was Qui-Gon's dying wish, but also because the Sith Order had come out of hiding and Anakin's potential made him someone who could one day defeat them.

Throughout Anakin's years as a Jedi, Mace arrogantly remained skeptical of whether Anakin was truly the Chosen One from the Jedi prophecy and repeatedly judged him because of his age; instead of by his skills, experience, and maturity.

However, he did show a degree of respect for the boy's skills and encouraged Obi-Wan to have faith that he would choose the right path. Throughout the Clone Wars, Anakin and Mace were civil towards each other as a product of mutual respect, but were not necessarily friends. This civility and respect came to an end after Ahsoka was accused of being a traitor and a murderer. Padme is the elected leader of her people even though she is referred to as Queen on the planet of Naboo.

star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

Padme request help from the Jedi Knights when her planet is under seige from the Trade Federation who want to impose new taxes on the trade routes. The Trade Federation is led by Nute Gunray, a greedy individual who was easily manipulated to tax the trade routines. Padme is not one to go silently, her people elected her to protect and defend her planet and that is what she plans to do.

Padme does not agree to the new taxes. During the films, Padme becomes the target for many of the Separatists that want her dead. Padme falls in love with one of the Jedis that was sent to protect her in the second film, the Attack of the Clones.

star wars padme and anakin age difference in relationship

Throughout the course of the second film, she grows closer to her protector Anakin Skywalker and end up getting married in secret. Anakin Skywalker would later become one of the more iconic characters in cinema history, Darth Vader.

The secret marriage is not revealed to anyone until late on in the third film, the Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan Kenobi finds out about who she married. Queen Padme Amidala When we first see Padme, she is the elected Queen of Naboo whose planet is under siege from the Trade Federation over new taxation.

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During the journey, the space craft that they are travelling in crash lands on Tatooine where Padme meets for the first time Anakin Skywalker, a slave. Despite being told to remain on the ship, Padme swaps places with one of her hand maidens and joins the Jedis as they look for a piece of equipment to repair their craft.

The Jedi's probably know that the Hand Maiden is Padme but choose to ignore it. The age difference between Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker shrinks by the second film. The age difference is seen as a major plot hole in the films. Not accepting the opinion of the Senate who want to send a fact-finding team back to the planet, Queen Amidala returns with the Jedi Knights to fight the blockade.

Padme leads a small force into the Royal Palace to confront Nute Gunray. In the first film, Padme Amidala's character wore a lot of make up for certain parts of the film, however they toned the make up down a lot in the following films.