Suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

The Kamal Haasan-Mani Ratnam Family Tree - Photogallery

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

After Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam's wife Suhasini to enter politics? enter politics if people are ready to support another woman leader. her relationship with Kamal Haasan, who happens to be her uncle. Kamal Haasan (uncle) Anu Hasan (cousin) Shruti Haasan (cousin) Akshara Haasan (cousin). Suhasini Maniratnam (born 15 August ) known commonly as Suhasini, is an Indian .. Interaction. Help · About Wikipedia · Community portal · Recent changes · Contact page. Vani's decision to tell her side of the story came after Kamal Hassan Our relationship lasted 12 years and I know him well - he doesn't answer a question if he doesn't want to. “The first thing I did was call Suhasini, his niece. . Don't sweat it anymore, here are some home remedies to help you deal.

She was on a work trip to the Tamil Nadu capital and also due to visit and stay over with the family of Haasan's brother Charuwith whom she's still in touch. On Kamal Haasan's statement that the divorce settlement left him nearly bankrupt Do you really believe that in India, an alimony, which is part of a divorce, can make a man bankrupt or that it ever settles a woman comfortably?

Kamal was trying to get sympathy of his daughter, says ex-wife Vani Ganapathy - The Economic Times

Does the court even give such an order to settle the woman comfortably? On Haasan's claims of moving to a rented house after parting ways with Vani He says that he had to move to a rented place, but when did Kamal ever own a house at that point of time? All through our marriagewe lived in two rented apartments. Except when we lived in the family house, of course, with Kamal's brother, Mr Charuhasanhis wife and three daughters. Those years were in the house which belonged to the family and when Kamal's father was very much alive.

So to make it look like he was living in the most palatial house and then had to move to a rented house after our divorce is complete hog wash.

I think Kamal was trying to get the sympathy of I don't know who — maybe his daughter — to make himself look like the father who sacrificed so much and that's just very, very, very petty and childish. On his zero bank balance and the blame game Kamal can't just blame somebody else for his situation. Anyway, he was never the type who took the blame on himself — be it about his films or his personal life. He's just looking for somebody to blame all the time. Honestly, I don't know if he was bankrupt at that time.

I don't think he was bankrupt. But if he was, there could be other reasons. I could guess the reasons for his bankruptcy, but that's not something I want to discuss.

On moving on It's 28 years since we've been divorced. I've moved on, and moved far ahead, thanks to my hard work and the blessings of my parents, my dance guru and the divine.

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

I have made a niche for myself. I may not be a celebrity like Mr Kamal Haasan, but I have a strong standing on my own. When the interview with him saying these things about me came out, I got so many messages on my Facebook account with people wondering why I was still being dragged into this.

Twenty-eight years is a long time. I've moved on, it looks like he hasn't. On details of the alimony and breaking her silence Alimony details are personal. It's not that I want to show what all Kamal gave me and what all he didn't at the time of our divorce, but I think I wouldn't like to stoop down to that level. In 28 years I have never spoken about Kamal, because I thought it was too personal.

I wanted to maintain a dignified silence. I would like to be directed by Mani Ratnam but, of course, it is not a big deal.

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I know the man. I think Balachander will make me act better. Mani's characters will be good but, when it comes to performance, I think Balachander is even better; or, for that matter, Bharati Raja, Mahendran or Kranti Kumar. Mani has considered me for many of his films -- Mouna Ragam, Nayagan for the daughter's role. He is a good director -- he does not need a co-director. He just needs help with writing so he can concentrate on the making.

I wrote the dialogues for Iruvar. On her journey in cinema I have been hooked to cinema since childhood. I am like a typical Indian villager who had no other source of entertainment while growing up. Cinema was the only exposure to the outside world. So, the obsession was inevitable.

After Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam’s wife Suhasini to enter politics?

People think we are serious as we are, unfortunately, good at doing serious roles. I can do lighter roles though, like a mad woman or a crook, much better.

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  • Kamal was trying to get sympathy of his daughter, says ex-wife Vani Ganapathy
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In real life, I am not that serious. I have a great sense of humour. I am teasing, taunting and authoritative.

The Kamal Haasan-Mani Ratnam Family Tree

I would like to work with Kamal Haasan, but he is sceptical. I have no problem, but he can't see me as a colleague. On her social responsibility I don't believe in God, in prayer, in going to temples begging God to give me and my family happiness. I am not asking everyone to be an atheist, but good thoughts are not spent in a temple. You are not going to make money merely by reciting slokas; you need to know the share market, mutual funds and so on.

I am learning French even though I am a housewife, a mother, daughter, friend, agony aunt to friends and family. That is why I am into social work. I am a well-wisher of the Ability Foundation.

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

I have been part of Action Aid and have done a film for them on the empowerment of women. I am on the board of the Health Trust started by Srinidhi Chidambaram. It has distributed 1,20, artificial limbs in 20 years and the people behind it want to distribute 80, this year.

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

I have also pulled Madhavan into it, and he is a spokesperson. I look for different kinds of activities to help different people.

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

Once, for Exonora, we had a garage sale of old clothes only for maids of the colony. All items were priced reasonably Rs 10 for a sari, Rs 2 for blouses, Rs 5 for pants and we collected Rs 25, On balancing home and career Everything is physically possible.

The advantage for me is, I have a husband who is straightforward. He and I think alike. When there is a crisis in the house, I don't expect him to drop work and come to help me out. If I think I might make a mistake, I might consult him. Similarly, Mani will not disturb me at work if there is a crisis. Being lethargy is wonderful and tempting laughs though, and I sometimes long for it. On her child My son wants to be a politician and an economist. He is following Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

He wants to study at the London School of Economics and then get into politics. On the Khushboo episode All women every woman, in fact are together and their sympathies are with Khushboo. They agree with her about a lot of things and feel that one has freedom of speech. If a man has freedom of speech, why not a woman?

It also shows how scared they are of that one particular party. The whole thing was made political. For Khushboo and me, it was waste of a lot of money -- I had to stop my reality show Ladies Junction because of that for a while.

suhasini and kamal haasan relationship help

As I am a champion of freedom of expression, I did a few episodes in January. The Tamil people are lovely, they adore you -- it's just a few people who do things like that.