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Wataru Takagi, the voice actor voices a character of the same name as him, but he also Which character is shown to have had a "relationship" with Rei Furuya when he was a child? A. . Who does Takagi remind Sato of?. Takagi and Sato starting date when Sato realize she in love with Takagi as Presumably, they think of themself as couple from then but did not. The visit the houses of the suspects, with Takagi and Sato undercover. Oki Kuizu, Take the Quiz, Detective Conan "Captured in Her Eyes" Original Soundtrack.

There's a buffet you know and I think Genta will be mad if we didn't get to eat anything" "Okay, wait a minute" She said while spraying her perfume while humming. Well… It's always on her face. I like them a lot. How cheerful they can get.

How energetic they can be. I won't forget them" Yukiko stayed silent a bit then become cheerful again. Not yet" His lips curved a little at the edge. One curving up and the other is down.

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He went to the hakase's house next door. She opened the door and saw Conan. C'mon let's go" He offered his hand.

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They rode in a car that Yuusaku rented while Agasa was in his beetle with Fusae. The party was rich as you might call it. Well, it's not surprising since the one who held the party is the Suzuki family.

What's the party for though? Is it someone's birthday? As I've heard" Yuusaku answered. Hattori are here too? Heiji-niichan is invited too? Well, it's used to be his real name. I haven't got used to it even when you're still Kudo" Heiji scratched his head in apologize. But just different" He said rolling his eyes. Don't turn this conversation into something I don't want to hear" He said.

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Heiji almost spitted out his drink. We're not… Yet" He stuttered. Said someone who is in the same condition" Heiji snickered. I gotta repay my debt to her for making her sister gone from this world. Not like you who have been childhood friends" "Yeah. I know you're right. It's just I'm afraid that she would react differently" Heiji become more serious. Doing everything without a care in the world" Fusae said. Everything is peaceful until a hell of a scream broke the happy atmosphere.

Aren't you going to solve it? We've got my dad and Hattori you know" He smiled. I want to kick back and relax too you know" He walked to the balcony.

Heiji and Yuusaku seemed to notice Conan's weird behavior. I'm just bored that's all. I don't need any cases right now" He waved to let them leave him alone. He's been taking it hard you know. His relationship with Ai-chan I mean. He just couldn't help but think about her sister was killed because of him" Yukiko assured her husband. Cheer him up for us will you? I'm not sick or crazy or anything" He flashed a smile at her and continued to look at the sky. She looked up and followed his gaze.

They gazed at the star for a long time. Until a white set of wings, or a hang-glider appeared in the sky. The white object approached them and landed in the balcony.

Kid changed his clothes into an ordinary one with a blink of an eye. Inside… "Something seems to be missing here" Megure thought out loud. He usually pops out of nowhere" Megure looked around. Ai and Kaito just looked at him with full concern. You don't believe me? The case finally got solved by none other than Yuusaku and the party continued. Your dad is deadly quick" Heiji turned his cap towards. Gonna do it tonight? Okay, we'll continue later Ran-chan, Sonoko-chan" Kazuha waved.

That "date" was at the end of ShinRan4ver wrote: Just the title suggest they are dating as of this episode. Granted in that episode the DB suggest he does not have a girlfriend.

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But it is clear he likes Sato. And Yumi says to him off screen that Sato likes someone. It is clear at the end of the case the person she likes is Takagi and she wanted to eat dinner with him, only Megure came in and stopped that. But Takagi was invited to come with them. But he let his own thoughts stop him.

This might have been the first almost date This will be added to At the end of the next"The Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story" Episodes She and Takagi went to see the suspect in that case off catch a plane to his daughter's wedding. Sato smiled warmly at him. She walked closer to him and put her hand on his cheek. I would not ever forget the kisses we've shared.

I was a little shy to confront you about it because I wasn't sure if it meant our relationship would go to the next level or not. Sato felt her face grow a very hot shade of pink. She looked up lovingly at him. Takagi felt his face grow a deep shade of pink as well.

He smiled lovingly back at her and placed his hands on her cheeks, kissing her very passionately. After a few moments, Takagi spoke. Sato looked up at him and smiled back. That day was exactly a week ago. The two of them hadn't told anybody about their relationship just yet but they were both pretty sure that Yumi more that likely found out somehow knowing her.

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However, the fact that nobody around the office was giving Takagi a hard time was a good sign that she didn't spread the news to the fellow police officers yet. Sato sighed as she realized what her mother was trying to do yet again. Anytime she carried those papers, it meant she was trying to find her a husband.