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He is one of the few officers who trusts Conan's judgments the most, .. He also fully supports Takagi's relationship with Sato, at one point. Miwako Sato (佐藤 美和子,Satou Miwako), also known as Michelei Saimone in the and deductionary ability and has since come to trust his judgements implicitly. . a lot, and Yumi always teases Miwako about her relationship with Takagi. Hello out there all you fellow Takagi and Sato fans! about it because I wasn't sure if it meant our relationship would go to the next level or not.

She also wonders if Takagi has heard anything from Yumi, without knowing that her friend has already told the police officer about what happened the previous night, saying that the person whom Sato likes is "someone from the first investigation division".

Later, the bank manager from a recent bank robbery case comes to see the police. During his phone call to his wife, everyone hears her sudden scream. Sato immediately drives Takagi, Conan and the manager to their house, only to discover the wife's stabbed body instead. The person to be in charge of this murder case is Inspector Ninzaburo Shiratoria police officer who has just been promoted recently.

Sato sarcastically congratulates Shiratori on his rapid promotion, and jokingly comments that he may as well consider her "a possible wedding match", without knowing that this statement has raised a major misunderstanding from Takagi, who thinks that she really has affection for the new police inspector. With the help from Conan, the trick and the identity of the killer are uncovered, and the case goes to an end. When all is done, Shiratori invites Sato to have dinner with him at a restaurant that he knows, but she turns down the offer, saying that French cuisine isn't her favorite.

She instead invites Takagi to go out and eat ramen together. Just as the misunderstanding earlier is about to be cleared and Takagi finally has the chance to be with Sato, a drunken Megure suddenly appears and suggests to them to go out for a drink with him at a bar. Please review and i'll add new chapters! I'm sure I'm going to make errors so hopefully that won't get in the way of the story.

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Anyways, here it is! D Obviously, I do not own Detective Conan and all related characters. It had been a little over a month since the incident where she almost lost the life of her co-worker and secret boyfriend, Wataru Takagi.

The two of them were now open about their feelings for each other and no longer had to hide it awkwardly or be shy around one another anymore. The romance between Takagi and Sato was finally beginning to blossom.

Sato began to smile as she remembered the day after work where they finally became an official couple. Hold on a moment! Sato looked back at him with a look of curiosity. She had a feeling where this was going.

Because of our work as police officers, I understand that we have to put our profession before our personal lives but how come we haven't discussed the kisses with each other yet? I don't want to pretend they never happened, Sato-san. Sato smiled warmly at him. She walked closer to him and put her hand on his cheek. I would not ever forget the kisses we've shared. I was a little shy to confront you about it because I wasn't sure if it meant our relationship would go to the next level or not.

Sato felt her face grow a very hot shade of pink.

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She looked up lovingly at him. Takagi felt his face grow a deep shade of pink as well. He smiled lovingly back at her and placed his hands on her cheeks, kissing her very passionately. After a few moments, Takagi spoke.

Sato looked up at him and smiled back.