Tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

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tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

Jude is 15 year old and cm tall while Milla is 20 year old and cm tall. If they were dating, than Milla is a pedophile for dating a little boy. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jude-Milla Relationship (Spoilers!)" - Page 5. For Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic Jude growth to be adult dependable man who ready to help anyone and he also I read the relationship of Milla/Jude on TOX2 becoming more.

She still play the same but more movelist. Don't worry, they really focus on newer cast. So much that you even want some old cast to have more scene time lol So in other word, Jude and Milla And Rowen While Alvin, Elise and Leia are pretty much 'there' for the most part.

Read- About as much role as Leia got in X However there are "Character Episode" which is pretty much a 'longer sub-event' about X characters so even Alvin, Elise or Leia don't have anything to do much in the main story they can still shine in there character episode. Tigerfog Tigerfog 5 years ago 3 IMHO, the little girl Elle following the main character is the low point of this game. The tagline of Xillia 2 is "are you ready to destroy worlds for the sake of a little girl?

She's grating, annoying, rude, impolite and even though the story tries to make me feel sorry for her many times which I genuinely didshe'd always say things to make me hate her again. It's really too bad too, because Elle's backstory's well thought out.

But to the writers' credits, it's not like the old cast give her all the attention. The main character, I thought, was really well done. He's mute, but for a mute character, he has an elaborate backstory and I actually cared for his fate. EfreetUndineSylphand Gnome. She holds the duty to protect the world and everything that resides in it. Sensing the death of a great number of spirits, Milla travels to Fennmont to investigate the cause.

The four often left her on her own for awhile as they fought Exodus on their own until Milla could handle the responsibility.

The young Milla was curious about the cries she could hear from the lesser spirits, and the Great Four eventually explained to her about Exodus and spyrixes. The same day, the four decided to take her with them to an Exodus base on an island north of Leronde. Upon arriving, the 6-year-old Milla was left in the care of Gnome while Efreet, Sylph, and Undine left to investigate. However, she was able to escape Gnome and go exploring.

Tales of Berseria - Jude Mathis & Milla Maxwell

Eventually, she stumbled upon two children, and they played for a bit. Before leaving, they gave her a glass bead, which is the same bead that she would give to Jude Mathis fourteen years later, and brought her to the village. She wandered around and eventually stumbled upon a crying baby, revealed to be Jude, left outside a house. Curious, she played with the child for a bit and calmed him down for a while, but he began crying again and pulled at her hair, causing her to cry as well and run away with him.

The two children found themselves in the Exodus base, where she and baby Jude were assaulted by the cries of the lesser spirits. Her desire to protect Jude led to her awakening as Maxwell and summoning the Great Four to her side. They destroyed the base and its spyrixes almost immediately.

Milla Maxwell

In the aftermath, Milla reluctantly left baby Jude near a carriage to be found by his parents, but not before leaving him with a kiss on the cheek. Tales of Xillia Status image in Tales of Xillia. In Milla's arc, she begins her journey traveling from her shrine in Nia Khera to the city of Fennmont, the capital of Rashugal.

Sensing the death of many spirits, she investigates the cause and meets Jude Mathis along the way. Entering a research building from underground, they discover human experimentation and the Lance of Kresnika weapon of mass destruction that Milla refers to as a "spyrix". Deeming it as the cause for the mass spirit annihilation as well as other threats, Milla attempts to destroy it by summoning the Four Great Spirits when they are interrupted by a mysterious girl in red clothing.

After engaging in a fight and defeating the girl, she activates the lance, causing massive mana absorption, consuming the Four Great Spirits leaving Milla powerless.

Before the floor collapses under the power of the lance, Milla manages to steal the key required for activation, stopping the machine. Jude saves her from drowning as they fall through the floor into a water reservoir.

tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

Leaving the sewers, they are soon apprehended by knights of Rashugal and placed under arrest for treason; however, Alvina wandering mercenary appears and saves them as they board a boat and begin their journey to regain Milla's powers and stop the Lance of Kresnik.

Being marked a fugitive along with Jude, Milla finds herself powerless without the aid of the Four Great Spirits. Regardless, she still holds strong to her duty to protect the world. With Jude wanting to follow her since she needs help, and having nowhere to go being a fugitive now, they continue their journey with Alvin. Despite wielding a sword, she has no practical experience, and asks Alvin to train her in basic combat since he is thoroughly experienced being a freelance mercenary, paying him with the rewards of a quest.

Milla explains to the party the nature of spyrix. Similar to magitechnology from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphoniaspyrix is a form of technology that is fueled by the power from spirits, ultimately causing their death.

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Status image in Tales of Xillia 2. Without spirits, life on Rieze Maxia slowly withers away. In particular, the Lance of Kresnik is a weapon of war, adding additional danger to its existence. Reaching the town of Hamilthey are treated to a rather hospitable environment. There, they have a close encounter with knights from Rashugal, before leaving with the aid of Elize Lutus. They arrive at the village of Nia Khera, where a shrine dedicated to Milla is located.

The residents all revere Milla, bowing in her presence recognizing her as Maxwell.

tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

At her shrine, Milla attempts a ritual to resummon the Four Great Spirits to regain her powers, but the process fails. They conclude that the spirits are still alive and trapped within the Lance of Kresnik, and set their next goal as finding away to release them. Leaving Nia Khera, the party travels back through Hamil.

There, they re-encounter Elize, who is being shunned by the village, completely contrary to the initial welcome they received, blaming her for the arrival of the knights resulting in injuries to the village people. Jude wants to take Elize with the party instead of leaving her there, but Milla initially objects since she would only be a burden to their cause; however, she eventually allows it, showing a more compassionate side to her and Elize joins the party as a non-playable character.

tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

Milla demonstrates her knowledge of Efreet as they meet Driselle in a market place where she is picking out a tea set. The shop owner claims the set was created to the liking of Efreet with his emblem, but Milla explains otherwise, describing Efreet's own tastes along with Rowen noting the date of creation, being younger than the last time Efreet was summoned. Despite the fraud, Driselle purchases the set, taking a liking to its appearance, and invites the party to her home later as a sign of goodwill for the help Milla provided.

After a brief confrontation, Milla's legs become paralyzed, caused by an explosive trap wall.

tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

Jude takes her to Leronde and with the help of his childhood friend Leia Rolandorestore the use of Milla's legs using a painful aspyrixis device and a long period of rehabilitation.

The party then decides to infiltrate Fennmont by other means, mainly by flying there with wyverns found in Auj Oule.

tales of xillia jude and milla relationship help

As they meet the king of Auj Oule, Gaiusit is revealed that a war between the two countries in nearing and that the party must rush to Fennmont to stop Nachtigal. However, as they travel there and defeat the king, they soon realize that the Lance of Kresnik has been taken away from the palace.