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YouTube vlogger and Norfolk celeb Jim Chapman is so famous that when he returns to Norwich, it is hard for him (and his equally well-known girlfriend, and now wife, Tanya Burr) to go out without being mobbed by fans. But things were quite different when he and Tanya met in Norwich. They are the internet sensations who have taken YouTube - and the teenage market - by storm. Now Jim Chapman, 27, and his wife Tanya Burr. Jim with his wife, fellow vlogger Tanya Burr, earlier this year. 'She reminded me to take it all as it comes. To be proud of what I have achieved.

Despite all the things he inflicted on her, Mum never spoke badly of Dad to me. She gave me enough credit to come to my own decision about him, in my own time. Following this incident, the long and ugly process of their separation began.

I was about seven when this was going on and, because the police were involved and Dad was taken away, I stayed with Mum. I loved her but I remember always wanting to be with Dad. He had a charm about him that was hard to resist.

Jim Chapman (Internet celebrity)

He would take my twin brother and me to the cinema or the arcades, but he would also take us to the pub where he would drink all day before driving home much too fast and much too drunk. Whereas he would let us down, Mum was the constant in our lives — ever present and ever patient. Her resilience and grit are two of the things that have inspired me most.


Mum has also instilled in me the drive to keep working hard, even if there are others around me who are more naturally gifted. I do, however, use him as a cautionary tale. If you behave as he did, you can end up losing everything. I was eight or nine when I last saw him, meaning the past 20 or so years of my life have been lived without him. My family is exceptional and he missed out on seeing us all come of age. Meanwhile, my family has grown closer than ever. Sam and Nic are the coolest people in any room and they are my idols.

They have gone from the big sisters who once locked me and my brother John in a cupboard when our parents were out so they could throw a party, to being YouTube powerhouses and owners of their own brand of make-up brushes.

They started their YouTube channel nearly a decade ago and have provided me with many a word of wisdom. I was speaking with a female friend recently, who was explaining the casual sexism she is exposed to on a daily basis. I found this hard to get my head around. I figured sexism came from men of a certain generation who have had their way of life reinforced by a system set up in their favour, but that it was dying out.

I suppose I was labouring under the illusion that all people wear my brain. It still supports them today, although they have branched out into creating products, too: Chapman, meanwhile, finished a psychology degree at the University of East Anglia, then worked in a series of uninspiring jobs in Norwich. Very few people watched them at first, but it snowballed.

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Making the content is quite simple: There are a few egos, but there are also people who have become quite reclusive. It has made me grow as a person, and now I can talk to people and I can make friends. Chapman and Burr have been together for nearly nine years — a relationship that pre-dates their current careers. Chapman still remembers the first freebie he was sent: Benjamin McMahon He has become a fixture on the front row at fashion shows, and says he may well step out on to the catwalk himself next season.

He is also wearing a rather beautiful IWC Portofino watch — a treat he bought himself on impulse at an airport at the end of And I love it. He is already diversifying: He has hosted the red carpet at film premieres, and been to Cannes to talk at an industry event for new media.

He still finds being a fashion icon slightly absurd. I try not to start over-thinking.