Tauriel and legolas relationship

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tauriel and legolas relationship

I have a theory, that Tauriel will be one of the main driving forces behind Legolas eventually joining the Fellowship. From what we've seen. In addition to talking about the motivations for creating Tauriel, the actress . first look between Kili and Legolas, that kind of exchange of looks, was so the relationship between Gimli and Galadriel that was kind of very pure. This strain ends up finally cracking when Thranduil banishes Tauriel, whom Legolas cares for and has a strong friendship/relationship with.

It may be that she has never experienced romance up until her meeting with Kili, so even though she has had time to acquire a lot of knowledge and skill in healing and fighting, she is still quite new to love. The fact that romance existed between an elf and a dwarf may also stem from how young they were.

tauriel and legolas relationship

Also, we learn that Tauriel is more open minded than the other Mirkwood elves anyway in that she cares for the fate of all of Middle Earth, rather than just for her own people. Safest bet is to either let her die or send her out of Middle Earth. Tauriel grew up around Legolas and came to admire him for his leadership and loyalty to his people while he admired her skill in battle as stated by Thranduil.


He probably saw her as a little sister since she was a child who grew up in, I assume, their household. The two also have good chemistry as fighting partners. Before the Orc can strike the fatal blow, however, Kili intervenes on her behalf, and Bolg kills him instead. In retaliation, Tauriel tackles Bolg, throwing him and herself off a ruined platform onto the rocks beneath, thus leading to Bolg's final battle with Legolas, who kills Bolg.

Following the resolution of the battle, Thranduil finds Tauriel weeping over Kili's body, finally acknowledging that her feelings for the young dwarf were genuine. Conception and casting[ edit ] In J. Tolkien published the fantasy novel The Hobbitwhose plot centres on a group consisting of the titular Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the wizard and thirteen dwarves, who go in search of a treasure guarded by the dragon, Smaug. During the course of their travels, they enter the black forest of Mirkwoodwhere they find themselves in the dungeons of the Silvan Elves.

During the climactic Battle of Five Armies at the end of the story, the dwarves, men and elves band together to fight an army of goblins and Wargs. So she's a bit more impulsive, and she's a bit more immature.

tauriel and legolas relationship

I think she's more easily romanticized by a lot of things. That's driven from her own conviction about what is right and what is wrong. She feels so much at odds with Thranduil, that she feels the need to defy him. I think that any defiant role that boxes authority is an easy fit for me, because in life I'm a little bit like that. Though she and Legolas first met as children, and their relationship is significant, [1] her romantic arc is not with him, [8] [11] as she develops a mutual attraction to the dwarf Kili.

Legolas' father, the Elven king Thranduilis fond of Tauriel, and "sees something very special in her", [1] though she understands that Thranduil would not approve of her pairing with his son, which Thranduil confirms in The Desolation of Smaug when he tells her not to give Legolas false hope of such a relationship.

He is Aragon, son of Arathorn.

tauriel and legolas relationship

You owe him your allegiance. Although in the books, there is already a good explanation for how Legolas previously met Aragon. However, this was dropped or not mentioned during the whole run of the LOTR trilogy.

In the books, Gandalf sent Aragon to track down Gollum and hand him over to the elves of Thranduil. Aragon eventually found him and Mirkwood was given the responsibility to watch over Gollum; however, he escaped and it is for that reason Legolas was sent to Rivendell by Thranduil himself. This could perfectly explain how Aragon could have previously met Legolas, who was probably one of the elves who watched over Gollum.

But this is not mentioned within Fellowship of the Ring, and thus, Jackson had to create a new reason for how Legolas knew of Aragon's identity as the rightful king of Gondor. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by J. Tolkien Pages " All sat silent for a while, until at length, Boromir spoke.

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Small, but great in mischief. What became of him? To what doom did you put him? There is no doubt that he was tormented, and the fear of Sauron lies black on his heart. Still, I for one am glad that he is safely kept by the watchful Elves of Mirkwood. His malice is great and gives him strength hardly to be believed in one so lean and withered. He could work much mischief still, if he were free.

Tauriel & Legolas (+Arwen)

And I do not doubt that he was allowed to leave Mordor on some evil errand. They are not good, but only here have I learned how evil they may seem to this company.