The page of wands relationship break

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the page of wands relationship break

Page of Wands Tarot card meaning for love, money, relationships, business Quick Characteristics of Page Of Wands Including Love, Sex, Money And Either you are having love problems like cheating, break ups or hardship to find love. Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning. If the Page of Wands comes up for an established relationship, then this relationship has the potential for more, but it is . The Page of Wands is the messenger card and called "The Pony Express" You may make new friends, start new relationships, or get involved with new activities. break-up or hurtful rumor; a hidden enemy who is trashing your reputation;.

Holiday romance comes to an end with the return home. Positive progress is thwarted. Either decide you want to make it work, or let it go. Laying foundations and seeking stability. Joy of joys for a couple. Possible engagement or marriage celebrations.

Page Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Happiness, contentment and feeling stable and secure with your partner. Moving in together, house hunting, moving house or decorating your love nest. The support and blessing of family and friends. Four Reversed — Trouble in paradise. Cracks begin to appear on the domestic front.

Upheaval and lack of security and stability.

Wands – Love and Romance Associations – Truly Teach Me Tarot

Someone may leave the home. Broken engagement or being jilted at the altar. Celebrations get cancelled or ruined. No, something is wrong. Make sure you are happy with your decisions. Unexpected events and issues. Fighting against Change Five — Competition for the one you love.

All over the place about how you feel. Relationship going through a rough time. Too many demands in your life — hard to find time for love, romance, or your partner. Bickering, fighting, arguments and clashes of personality.

Competition within the relationship. No to petty arguments and rivalry. Being open or opposed to change. Five Reversed — Resolution or all out war between a couple.

Page Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning & Solutions

Make or break time. Where separation or divorce is concerned, legal teams reach an acceptable deal or arrive at stalemate. No one wants to budge or give in.

Put some money aside for your future. This may be in the form of starting a new exercise regime, improving your diet by starting a healthy eating plan or just generally being more proactive about your health and fitness.

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This card is generally a bringer of exciting news or a plan of action so it can be a good omen if you have been waiting for results or news about your health. An exciting new phase of exploration and discovery awaits you when this Minor Arcana card appears in your Tarot reading. Reversed Meaning Guide In a general context, the Page of Wands reversed represents bad or delayed news and set-backs.

This may take the form of letters, phone calls or word of mouth. This Minor Arcana card reversed can indicate that you may be lacking ideas or creativity or feeling uninspired or demotivated. However, it also suggests that you may be procrastinating and putting things off rather than taking action to make things happen. It can indicate a failure to launch a project, restricted thinking or not being able to find something you are passionate about when it appears in your Tarot spread.

It can also represent deep inner child issues coming to the surface. As a person, the Page of Wands reversed represents a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who may be hasty, gullible or impatient or alternatively, may lack energy, be lazy, lethargic pessimistic or spoiled.

This person may lack ideas, ambition, goals or plans. They may be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. They may lack confidence or be self-conscious, close-minded, predictable, fearful or boring.

This Minor Arcana card reversed can indicate that the initial romance has worn off and you are seriously considering if you and your partner have enough in common to make a relationship work. You may simply need to reinject the passion or get to know each other better to strengthen the relationship on a deeper level or you may decide to end it.

Rather put some fun and energy back into the relationship. He will leave a lasting impression on all, and in years to come will be instantly recognisable as that young man or woman who had shown so much potential and ambition. We can see this strong self-assurance in the feather he weathers in his hat. The feather is a symbol of success, achievement and accomplishments.

Such energy, enthusiasm and determination in one so young is to be applauded, for not all of us can do what he plans to do. He will be the one who makes and leaves his mark on the world while we stay home and do what so many others have done before us, live the predictable, traditional and conventional life. He is passionate about his visions and believes in them wholeheartedly. He will tackle any challenges that come his way and will push the boundaries at every opportunity.

Positive and optimistic, he focuses on success and not failure. The Page of Wands is bright and intelligent. He has high ideals and plans to go very far.

He will aim high and set his sights on being the best of the best, better than all the rest. He is driven to know and get everything now.

He is mostly interested in the big picture, and it is here he most excels. He can get carried away on the crest of a wave of enthusiasm and excitement.

the page of wands relationship break

Others cannot help but be inspired by him. Many will want to follow this Page on his quest and be a part of the experience or drama. Life will certainly not be dull or boring with The Page of Wands around.

His magnetism and charisma will win him endless friends and supporters. He is not great with the financial end of things and can often behave flamboyantly and extravagantly. He likes to be involved at the beginning and active stage of projects, when all is new and interesting.

His energy explodes in short-lived bursts of intense activity and momentum that cannot be sustained indefinitely.

the page of wands relationship break

He must keep moving and will get restless if he has to keep at something for too long. The Page of Wands will never let the grass grow under his feet, for he is in a hurry to be here, there and everywhere. He does not like to cut himself off from the potential of exciting opportunity, so can be a little unreliable if something more interesting pops up rather than the plans he has made with you. He hates to miss out on anything fun or exciting that is going on, so will be seen constantly out and about at all the IT places to be and any major events.

They hate being second best at anything and view most activities as a chance to compete against others, and even themselves. Not afraid of rough play or the odd physical interaction, The Page of Wands is tough and gutsy. His intense energy can build up to a head of steam and explode into a fiery temper.

the page of wands relationship break

He is not afraid to stand up for himself, or for the rights of others. He will be the first to volunteer for a difficult or dangerous task and will be a strong and fearsome ally or protector. In the background we see the deep orange and gold earth and three pyramids or hills. The sky is completely clear and almost dazzling white. Many of his most brilliant ideas are born out of his experiences and observations while travelling.

At this stage The Page of Wands does not fully realise the incredible power and force of the Fire he holds within his hands. If care and attention is not taken, then he or others may get burned.

At present his freshness, energy, enthusiasm, playfulness and innocence are a joy to behold, as he finds fascination and curiosity in everything. Traditionally The Page of Wands was described as a child or young person of either sex. Hair was auburn or brown, with eyes of hazel or blue.

Skin was fair to ruddy. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world. He speaks of new hope, revitalisation and an optimistic outlook on life. Your interest in life has been renewed and this may be for several reasons. You may be embarking on exciting travels, entering a new relationship, learning a new skill or entering a course of study. What ever it is you are doing, it is all about you right now.

Suddenly there are possibilities in your life and you are free to seize any opportunity that comes your way. The Page of Wands appearance in your Reading suggests that you may become very passionate about something, and that your mind has opened up to a whole new way of thinking and acting. It is time to have a good think about what you need to do in your life to bring it back to life again.

the page of wands relationship break