Tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

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tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

At the end of the 2nd disc, Cloud and Tifa are out of the Highwind having a . They confirmed and consummated their relationship under the. Tifa has a ring on her finger, for one, and two, her and Cloud have a It's been a while) employed Strife delivery service to send a bouquet of flowers see any reason why he and Tifa wouldnt pursue their relationship even. Cloud and Tifa's relationship is one of the most complex in the entire For example, Strife — Cloud's last name — is meant to showcase "Lockhart" is a way to show the feelings that she's locked down deep inside her heart.

In each, her appearance relates to Nibelheim's destruction.

tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

Told from her point of viewthe story details how she creates a new 7th Heaven bar in the city of Edge, and attempts to hold onto the concept of a normal family with herself and Cloud, despite him beginning to isolate himself from others. Recreating a fight scene from Advent Children, the video was banned from airing on Korean television after a copyright lawsuit by Square Enix citing plagiarism.


Record Keeper as a playable character. Although the character's attire has varied, a miniskirt was kept as a staple of her design [24] Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, Tifa was not present in early versions of Final Fantasy VII, as initially, the game was to have only three playable characters; the protagonist Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough and Barret Wallace. However, during a phone call to project director Yoshinori Kitaseit was suggested that at some point in the game, one of the main characters should die, and after much discussion as to whether it should be Barret or Aerith, the producers chose Aerith.

She has long, black hair in a style resembling a dolphin's tail at the tip, [26] and garments described as simple and monotone, consisting of a white tank top and black miniskirt.

She also wears red boots and gloves, and sleeves extend up her arms from her wrists to her elbows, with suspenders connecting her skirt to her shoulders, and a large metal guard covering her left elbow. Seeking input, he passed his sketches around Square's offices, and the majority of the staff members approved of the miniskirt design.

What is Cloud Strife's relationship with Tifa, Aeris, and Sephiroth?

Tiferet is associated with aspects of beauty, compassion, and spirituality, all of which are traits that can be attributed to Tifa. Tifa learns Dolphin Blow as the first of her third-level Limit Breaks, which allows her to summon a spout of water and a dolphin during one of her attacks.

tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

Tifa's dolphin-summoning ability is actually referenced in her hairstyle, as the tip of her hair is split into a style resembling a dolphin's tail. Tifa can find a weapon called the Powersoul, which will quadruple her attack power if she is affected by the Doom status.

This boost is counteracted by the fact that she only has sixty seconds in which to use the boost before her life is taken.

It's possible to protect yourself from being offed by Doom if Tifa also has the Added Effect materia connected to Odin, which means that she can boost herself with Doom without fear of being struck down by the negative effects of the condition. You can only acquire this materia if Cloud played on Tifa's piano during the Kalm flashback sequence.

tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

You can return to the piano at a later point in the story in order to acquire Tifa's final Limit Break. The difference between each demo is that you have a third party member that isn't present in the first game - Aerith in the first one and Tifa in the second one.

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The Tifa demo gives the party a lot of powerful abilities and spells to use, which are meant to show off the amazing graphics of the game. The need to grow stronger and protect the ones closest to him grew over time, and he decided to train and become an elite warrior. It's one of the most endearing moments in the game that shows just how deep their relationship actually is.

The constant need to protect someone close to them is a constant that will never change, no matter what. So, how can one say that Cloud is any different? So, while the emotional speech that Cloud makes on that fateful night in Nibelheim might've actually been heartfelt, there's a chance that a small part of him really wanted to impress Tifa with the amazing achievement of getting into one of the most elite groups in existence.

However, as we all know, this wasn't the case. In her mind, Cloud was perfectly capable of achieving his goal, no matter what.

So, when Shinra decided to visit Nibelheim to check up on the reactor, Tifa served as their guide. Chirpy attitude aside, Tifa was genuinely curious about the faceless organization that Cloud wanted to join, and asked them if they'd heard of a blond-haired individual who might've joined them.

tifa lockhart and cloud strife relationship

He was accepted as a fighter in the Shinra ranks so that he could develop the ability to protect people. Unfortunately, this wasn't exactly a very bombastic or appealing way of achieving it. Being a lowly member of the Shinra infantry wasn't exactly glamorous for Cloud, which is why he decided to cover up his face in Nibelheim. In fact, there were times when she even dreamt about him. So, when the SOLDIER duo of Zack and Sephiroth reached Nibelheim, Tifa had only one question for them — a question that involved a spiky blond-haired individual in their ranks who protected her in her dreams.

Both of them were understandably perplexed since a person did fit that description