Toews and kane relationship

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toews and kane relationship

It's an endogenous relationship between the two. .. Kane and Toews contracts both look a lot more logical if you think of them as 2 separate. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are the collective face of the It's a real healthy relationship for me and I hope he'd say the same thing.". Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, PK Subban and Mike well together, and part of that has to do with their relationship off the ice.

Without knowing, they picked out the same sectional and the same carpeting. Then-coach Denis Savard had seen both players in prospect camp and had fallen in love. He thrives on it and will find a way to make things happen.

We knew in our minds he had the makeup, the leadership qualities and we knew how his character was.

toews and kane relationship

But we had to see how his NHL development was going to go. So it was a little scary for us. It's something you never know if you're prepared for and that makes you nervous a little bit. But I just tell myself it's a challenge that anyone would love to have a chance to take on. So I made the best of it.

I still have so much to learn but I'm enjoying it right now for sure. Right from when he walked in, he kind of had that label put on his shoulders like he was the future leader of the team and at the time, we were all pretty young. We were all learning as we went, but he's done a great job as our leader. Patrick Kane was the first pick of the draft.

What are the guys going to think about this? But for the guys, it wasn't an issue at all. It may have been a different decision if we had a bunch of year-olds.

Blackhawks: Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews have taken their bromance to Twitter | NBC Sports Chicago

But it's a young group of guys. And the way he carries himself, the way he works on the ice, it just screams leadership. It wasn't an issue in here at all. He comes and works every day and prepares and works at his craft.

But apparently they have not outgrown getting teased.

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But they both take the game seriously and both love the game. It's a lot of fun for me. They're both terrible at comebacks.

The growth of Chicago's skating stars

They have no game. And after Kane scored his first goal, Brent Sopel told him tradition was that he buy everyone wine. The tradition began with him. It really lightened the locker room up. But Sharp said both Toews and Kane are somewhat misunderstood. Jonathan Toews is having a record-setting postseason.

He has his fun though, don't let him fool you. He has that reputation of being laid-back and loose, but he's just as serious as Johnny is.

They were both very professional right from day one. They're very humble kids as well, so it's nice to be teammates with guys like that. But he faced the media's questions and continues to answer them, and it has seemingly had no long-lasting negative effect on his career, save for some residual razzing on the road. I hope in people's lives, they're not just defined by one incident, one situation. I, as a quote, normal person, wouldn't want to be, but a lot of times athletes are.

He stepped up to it. He wasn't going to say, 'I didn't do it' and give the full story because that doesn't get you anywhere. But he handled himself like a man.

toews and kane relationship

As much fun as he likes to have and he's a smiley guy, he handles himself pretty darn maturely to be under that spotlight and to be under that much pressure every day as a year-old kid. What exactly is going on there? They proceeded to have the flirtiest, nudgiest conversation with their eyes of all time in the room. Look at those little side smiles! Those are some good close ups. Obama is talking about the Cubs… not sure what inside joke they have there. Now you truly see why the Hawks separated them for the second Cup parade.

Patrick Kane: Ladies man; Jonathan Toews: Mama's boy

Watch the full video here in all its terrible glory. The Olympics also happened this year. They were pretty tragic for Kaner and very similar to the Olympics except that this time the U.

Canada still got gold.

Toews or Kane, who’d you rather? -

Traditionally they shared a touching moment in the handshake line. Watch how emotionally stunted they are. Any time I see his face from this tournament I want to cry. Jonny offers Kaner a supportive pat on the shoulder. They will be here no matter what.

toews and kane relationship

The identical nature of their contracts is unprecedented for star players in comparable situations around the league. It probably helped that they share the same agent, Pat Brisson.

toews and kane relationship

We could lean on each other, and that really helped us early in our careers. Here are many more gifs and video.