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Yuki Sohma begins to question his relationship with Tohru the day of the I stood outside the local market, waiting for Miss Honda to finish her. Fruits Basket, Kyo and Tohru, Their relationship kind of reminds me of Henry and Clara. Kyo is getting wound up and Tohru is as usual, a little confused. change drastically, and of course, hers and Kyo's relationship had bloomed.

Overcome with fear and guilt after remembering what happened with Kyoko, Kyo is afraid he will not get a chance to apologize to Tohru or tell her how he feels. When Kyo comes to the scene, he finally admits his feelings to her, but being only half conscious, Tohru didn't really understand what he was saying.

When she is unconscious, Kyo kisses her and begs her to live. While Tohru is in the hospital Kyo attempts to visit her, but Tohru's friends, Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima, chase him off telling him that she doesn't want to see him because Tohru thinks she has been rejected. They agree that when Tohru is discharged Kyo can see her.

When she is finally discharged, they all go to visit her. Kyo comes a little later, still feeling guilty. When he comes up he sees Arisa and Hana then he sees Tohru and realizes he wants her more than anything and says "Tohru".

Due to the rejection, Tohru instinctively runs away from him. Kyo stunned collapses, but then determinedly runs after her, and yells that she shouldn't be running so hard due to her injuries. When he catches up with her, Tohru screams, sits down on a bench and begins to cry.

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Kyo holds her hand and kneels in front of her. He now finally confesses his feelings for her saying he was selfish and didn't think of her feelings. He leans in and kisses her. Kyo says he wants them to be together always. He asks if he can hug her even though he would transform, to which Tohru replies that she doesn't mind because she loves him very much "it can't be beat". The two embrace and realize that Kyo hasn't transformed into a cat. Kyo backs away shocked and looks at his wrist.

He rips off his bracelet, and the beads hit the ground. Tohru picks up every single bead while Kyo stares, wondering why she is keeping them. At the end of the series, Tohru and Kyo are revealed to have gotten married. They had a son, a daughter and grandchildren. With their love still strong and his beads still there in a bowl as a reminder of their past.

Arisa Uotani Arisa met Tohru in middle school, and then Kyoko herself. She was shocked by the change from gang-leader into doting mother. Arisa didn't like Tohru at first but became friends with her after Kyoko helped her escape from her gang.

At one point Arisa overheard students talking about how Tohru must be as "rough" as her since they hung out together; she attempted to break off their friendship to keep Tohru's reputation from plummeting. However, they managed to get pass this. With Saki Hanajimashe swore on Kyoko's grave to look after Tohru, and in their "parental" protection of Tohru, noted by Kyo and Yuki, Arisa is depicted as the brash and direct father-figure.

Hanajima had trouble controlling her abilities when she was young, and blamed herself for the near-fatal collapse of a boy who was bullying her. Like Arisa UotaniHanajima is extremely protective of Tohru, who was the first person in school who truly accepted her, which helped her gain control of her powers.

She wears black nail polish and when not in her school uniform black dresses, often with a cloak or veil. It is a habit Hanajima started before she met Tohru as a way of showing her guilt. With Arisa, she promised on Tohru's mother's grave to look after Tohru, and as her "parental" protection, she acts as the "motherly" figure. She uses her reputation for sending out "poison waves" to shield Tohru from the malice of Yuki's fan club. Ayame Sohma Ayame likes to flirt with Tohru to instigate jealousy in Yuki, trying to push the two into a romantic relationship.

When they first met, he called her "Princess" and bought her gyoza. After returning to Shigure's house, Ayame says he will kiss her after she tries on one of his outfits to "express his delight", which only resulted in Yuki hitting him and starting another argument. Ayame also often says he will stay in Tohru's room, and fall asleep hugging her.

Ayame likes to take advantage of Tohru's patient and kind nature, and orders her about. But, despite this, Tohru likes Ayame and doesn't get annoyed with his "Drama King" nature, and is still kind to him when the others are telling him to leave.

On two occasions, gullible and naive Tohru has carried him inside her shirt to keep him warm, because, as he tells her, if snakes get too cold they will die. Her patience and kidness could be due to her understanding of the fact that Ayame is trying to fix his relationship with Yuki. Shigure Sohma Shigure, like Ayame, likes to flirt with Tohru, and teases her about going on a date with him Yuki and Kyo get very angry at his perverted remarks.

He buys Tohru a maid outfit for White Day and says he will "take her for himself" as Yuki and Kyo fight. He seems to just be a harmless pervert, but in a conversation with Hatori, Shigure reveals that he is actually using Tohru to break the Sohma Curse. However, he says to Mayuko that he is kinder to Tohru than he is to anyone else, to which she says that he doesn't treat the people he claims to like as human beings.

He also says he loves Tohru as a brother might love his sister. When Tohru seems to be overwhelmed and worried about the future, Shigure comes and gives her advice, telling her to think about what she can do today. He makes Tohru cry when he reveals that the Zodiac silently consented to Kyo being confined, and that they look down on him in their hearts. After the curse is broken, Tohru and Shigure stay good friends.

Therefore, it's implied that any bad blood between the two has waned away. In the anime, since Akito is male, Shigure's relationship with Tohru is different. He twice stands up to Akito to protect her, indicating that she holds a very dear place in his heart. Akito Sohma Before Tohru met Akito, she thought that he was a man, and a very violent one at that. However, when she first met Akito, she this article will call Akito she for consistency appeared to be "a lot kinder than she Tohru imagined".

However, her opinion soon changed after seeing Akito scare Yuki, reminding him of the time he was Akito's "playmate". She went so far as to shove Akito out of the way, but then apologized and said that they needed to get back to class. Tohru didn't see Akito again until her visit at the summer house, where she Akito punched Momiji's face, and Tohru, after trying to stop her, was scratched by Akito who revealed her identity as the "God" of the Zodiac.

Akito, after realizing that the curse was crumbling, went after Tohru with a knife, and, after attacking her, revealed her fear for living without the "bonds", for the God's spirit stayed away from society.

Tohru realizes that she felt the same way about her bond with her mother, and tries to make friends with Akito. Akito slaps her hand away, saying that Tohru will abandon her as soon as she complains, but is about to accept when the cliff crumbles. After Tohru is hospitalized, Akito is the first person who visits her, indicating her change of heart, and finally accepts Tohru's request of friendship. Ritsu Sohma Upon meeting Ritsu Sohma, Tohru managed to identify him as the "daughter" of the Okami at the onsen, due to his frantic apologizing after Tohru helped him pick up the mess from his ripped bag.

Having thought that he was a woman, due to his habitual wearing of womens' kimonos and his long hair, she discovered, after hugging him to shield him from broken glass, that he was a man, after he transformed into his zodiac animal, the monkey. Tohru was confused until Shigure explained that Ritsu wore womens clothing as it helped calm his nerves. Also, to Shigure's amusement, Tohru calls him Rit-chan-san, an example of her incorrect formal speech in Japanese. Discovering Ritsu on the roof, about to commit suicide, Tohru managed to convince him not to jump, after hearing him say: I don't know what is!

They then struggle to find something to talk about, suggesting that they are quite shy and polite around each other, which is also relevant when they both spend a long time trying to convince the other to speak first, when they both say "Um!

A certain time to beat. In other words, it's a race! Something like an insane man. Tomorrow, we're gonna find out who's the fastest! But she was also protecting me from his need to beat me at something. But of course, he wouldn't give in. Not even to her pretty face. He's not getting out of this one. I did my best to ignore him, looking straight at Shigure, who turned with the medicine in hand.

Take one of these.

And, all joking aside, remember, strain your body too much, you'll transform. That night, as I lay wide awake, my earlier thoughts return. I tried answering them the best I could. My fever could have just been rising again. Otherwise, I just imagined it because of the heat from her hand. We have become friends. Don't all friends want to be together so much?

Why do I feel so protective of her? Again, we were friends. Friends are protective of each other… Right? My mind told me I was right, but my heart said no; that there was more.

So much more that I needed to know, to hear, to see… To feel. I looked up to see her, not smiling.

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She was still worried about me. I think I'll manage. I wanted to see her smile before we went separate ways. I was glad to see her smiling again. She flashed another smile at me. I smiled back and watched her leave. I kept trying to convince myself I was right, but, again, my heart interfered, trying to tell me I wasn't. I stood there, just staring at the ground, trying to sort out my feelings and thoughts. Trying to keep them apart so I wouldn't confuse them.

I was so focused on this task, I almost missed the gunshot. The cat and I glanced at each other while the others started jogging. Once we ran into Hatsuharu, I felt a sudden weight lifted off my shoulders. I found it was Kyo's need to defeat me, most likely changing to a need to teach Haru a lesson or two. Moments later, after we moved to a safer place, the stupid cat brought out Black Haru. Just what everyone wanted. I really didn't want Miss Honda to see Haru like this.

I would rather never have her see him like this, especially with Kyo. He just had to go and bring out Black Haru. I wasn't sure anymore. That's our nickname for him when he's like this. Hope so, cause I'm coming for you next! I heard her whimper nervously beside me. This gave me more time to think, but with all the noise and the confusion of my feelings and thoughts, I couldn't process a single one. So, instead, I watched the two fight each other.

We really don't have to stay. After all the fights I've had with Kyo, I became bored quickly. Suddenly, something left that Haru's mouth that I wish didn't. I'm gonna do a little of this and a little of that. And I'm definitely gonna do that. I didn't exactly know what he meant by this and that, but I was sure I didn't want to know.

What ever it was, I didn't want him to do anything to Miss Honda. I would protect her from Black Haru even if it took my own strength away. He ran off to the hospital, to meet Tohru standing outside of the main entrance. But Tohru cried and ran off. Kyo chased after her and apologised for what he had done to her earlier. She accepted his apology and they embraced, neglecting the fact that he will transform into a cat. However, that did not happened as at that moment, Akito broke the curse.

Unable to believe it, Kyo ripped off his Juzu beads bracelet and did not change, confirming that the curse had indeed been broken.

At the end of the manga, Kyo was in the room with Tohru when Yuki walks in. He then walks out to allow Yuki to privately talk to Tohru. Fruit Basket Another Kyo is seen briefly in a flashback where the house servants remark how similar his son, Hajime, looks like him.

Kyo is also seen in a memory flashback as silhouettes with Tohru, Machi, Yuki and his unknown younger sister as he played with Mutsuki when they were younger.

Relationships The Cat of the Zodiac Kyo in his zodiac form. Kyo shares some traits with cats. He can possibly land on his feet. He dislikes water, hence hating to swim or go to a beach shown when the Sohmas went for their summer vacation.

Due to this, his mood changes drastically during rain, becoming restless, tired, moody, and more than easily agitated but at the same time no mood to argue or fight. He prefers to wear a lose-fitting t-shirt or jacket because he doesn't like tight clothing especially around the neck, like cats hates collars.

He has been shown often drinking milk, and becoming annoyed when finding out there wasn't anymore milk in the fridge when Ritsu was around. Once, he was even shown dreaming about fish, enjoying them. As Shishou mentioned, Kyo likes to hide behind walls when he wishes to talk to someone urgently shown twice like a cat. He seems to get frightened by loud noises too, becoming startled like a cat.

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He is also often seen sitting on a roof because like a cat, he is drawn to high places. Being cursed by the spirit of the cat, Kyo has orange hair, like orange fur on cats. His eyes seems to become silt-like when his cat spirit stirs in him, for example when he gets angry at Yuki, the Rat or his 'natural' enemy.

Shigure Sohma has said that the cat was the creature that was left out. His only purpose, he said, was to make the other Zodiac members feel better. Trivia It is not known whether Kyo really took over Shishou's dojo.

While the Sohmas think Kyo's other form represents the Cat's anger, in truth the Cat was never resentful. When God cast the curse to reincarnated all 14 of the Zodiac members, the Cat did not want to live again, as it had a good life.