Torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

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torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

There was kerfuffling from sections of the press when Jack and Ianto first of Torchwood, Children of Earth rolls around, their relationship has. It's the same problem I have with Adam. Ianto suggests that something has changed in their relationship with Jack, but without that line it's hard. Ianto Jones started out as the most minor character in Torchwood — sort of a glorified Jack always has a problem getting close to people. So Ianto is probably the closest relationship Jack has had in a long, long time.

When his whole life was torn to pieces at the battle of Canary Wharf, Ianto moved back to Cardiff, bringing Lisa with him. Despite the unlikelihood of success of his plans, he still kept Lisa secret, waiting for the right moment to help her back to her human life. Meet Captain Jack Harkness.

Or who you think is Captain Jack Harkness.

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Con man, omnisexual, wit, cosmic cowboy with a stride full of sass and a really good coat — yes, all of these things, but so much more. A man determined to rebuild Torchwood as a force for good, and yet a man who could walk twelve children to an uncertain alien future. A man who could stay away from his child, could let the fairies take an innocent young girl away from her life and parents.

torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

A man crippled by guilt over his brother, with a sledgehammer gap in his memory, and a man who can never, it seems, be permanently killed. Toshiko also exhibits bisexual behaviour: Existentialism[ edit ] Torchwood contains numerous existentialist themes including the meaning of life and the possibility of an afterlife.

Ianto Jones

Suzie Costello tells Gwen in " They Keep Killing Suzie " that there is no meaning to life and that "we're just animals howling in the night. Mark Lynch tells Owen that the latter are not aliens but what "we" i. The issue of mortality is also a common existentialist theme in Torchwood, raised through repeated discussion of and reference to the possibility or impossibility of an afterlife.

For example, episode one features Jack questioning a recently deceased, though temporarily resurrected, man on the afterlife, who is shocked to discover he can remember nothing. Episode three, " Ghost Machine " presented the scientific view that ghostly phenomena were due to imprints of strong emotions on time. In "They Keep Killing Suzie", Suzie Costello, a recurring villain, states she can remember nothing having been resurrected.

She says that "there's something moving in the dark" and it is after Jack. During episode eleven, " Combat ", Mark Lynch also tells Owen about something coming "in the darkness.

In " Dead Man Walking ", having been resurrected, Owen remembers nothing but blackness during his time dead, but he also speculates that the living "aren't supposed to remember", explicitly suggesting for the first time that there might be more to the afterlife than the characters remember and they simply never recall it because their minds can't fully process it Similar to how Spock told McCoy in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home that it would be impossible to discuss what he experienced while he was dead "without a common frame of reference".

In the season finale, " End of Days ", Jack expresses existentialist sentiments regarding the religious referring to the apocalypse. Continuing the ghost theme carried in several episodes of Torchwood, what appear to be the spirits of Lisa and Toshiko's mother appear, as well as Diane who may be dead or trapped in another time. Toshiko's mother warned of something "coming in the darkness", as Suzie Costello had done before. It is left unclear whether these were spirits or the machinations of the villain, Bilis Mangeras they urged Torchwood staff to do as he desired.

In the episode's climax, biblical demon Abaddon is released from his prison beneath the Rift only to be defeated by Jack. This is contrasting with optimistic themes presented in parent series Doctor Whowhere frequently the idea of life being "beautiful", and individual existence being significant is touched upon. Also contrasting in Doctor Who are the explicit examples of destiny and theism in the narrative, presented by the characters of the Black Guardian and White Guardian both of whom are apparently representatives of an even higher power and the Beastwho claims to have been imprisoned by a group called the 'Disciples of the Light,' a name that echoes traditional Christian and Zoroastrian theology.

Christian imagery[ edit ] Although Torchwood has an existentialist view of life, there are several pointed moments with Christian symbolism. In one episode Captain Jack offers himself as a sacrifice to a satan figure to save the world, and his loyal followers wait faithfully for his resurrection. In the episode that explores how memory defines us, Jack's team sits around a large table in a tableau that recalls the Last Supper.

One by one, Jack gives each the sacrament of a short term amnesia pill which will save them from the "death" of being filled with false memories that are threatening to forever alter their real selves. Of course, while Jesus said of his sacrament, "do this in memory of me", Jack's instructions are more along the lines of "take this and remember who you are. This idea was further reflected in Torchwood: Miracle Day where Jack was briefly returned to mortality while the rest of the human race were trapped in a state of immortality where they continued to age, get sick and sustain injuries without actually dying; in order to save the human race from this state of potential perpetual agony and the rule of the mysterious 'Three Families' who had triggered this immortality, Jack allowed Gwen to shoot him in the heart in the final episode, triggering the reversal of humanity's forced immortality without Jack knowing if his actions would also restore his immortality in the process.

He saves the world through the power of his mind and his passion. Episode four, " Cyberwoman ", has him kill Ianto's girlfriend Lisawith full certainty she was no longer human.

In " Countrycide ", he tells one of the cannibal villagers that he used to be a professional torturer, though of course this may simply be a lie calculated to intimidate the man. In the second season, continuing the idea of redemption in the series, Jack's newfound appreciation for life following his reunion with the Doctor is shown when he attempts to rescue the space whale from the group who have imprisoned it and are cutting up its flesh for meat, as well as his anger at Owen when Owen is forced to kill the creature out of mercy when it is further injured.

In " Dead Man Walking ", following his resurrection, Owen encourages a young boy dying of leukaemia not to give up on life no matter how scary the treatment might seem by telling him that sometimes death can be defeated. In the subsequent episode, " A Day in the Death ", Owen convinces a woman not to commit suicide due to her grief over her dead husband by telling her that, if she can see even one faint glimmer of hope, life can't be as bad as she thinks.

Although the team fails to prevent the Night Travellers from disposing of the last breaths of their victims in " From Out of the Rain ", Jack nevertheless regards the mission as a success as they manage to save the life of a young boy, enthusiastically hugging the child after he awakens. Jack's compassion is further highlighted when he is shown to take care of those who have been sucked through the Rift in " Adrift ", despite the fact that many of them have been horrifically physically and mentally damaged by what they have seen, preferring to help them enjoy the times when they are well rather than euthanise them.

Right as his team were captured, Jack stepped in and incapacitated the cannibals. The cannibals were arrested by the police.

Countrycide Ianto and Jack become closer. Broken Ianto became very sad after Lisa's death. His grief was so intense that he attempted suicide after the ordeal, but was unsuccessful. Because of Mandy 's advices, he tried to connect more with the Torchwood team, and become more active.

torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

This led to him becoming closer with Jack. Broken Ianto named the life knife and gave the resurrection gauntlet the nickname "risen mitten". When Suzie Costello was resurrected by the resurrection gauntlet, she tricked the Hub into lockdown.

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Despite being cut off, Ianto got a signal for his mobile phone by using the water tower above the Hub as a relay so Torchwood could call for help. Random Shoes Ianto tries to stop Owen from opening the rift. Although Owen asserted that, with Suzie Costello dead, he was now second-in-command, Ianto displayed authority in Jack's absence that Owen was not aware he had, and even shot Owen in the shoulder to prevent him using the Rift Manipulator.

However, as he was shot, Owen succeeded in activating the Rift Manipulator and brought Jack and Tosh back. Captain Jack Harkness Owen's actions had caused cracks in space and time to spread from the Rift.

During this incident, Ianto saw an apparition of Lisa, telling him to reopen the Rift and undo the damage. The team turned against Jack. Owen shot Jack and reopened the Rift to send everything that had come through back.

torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

The opening of the Rift forced out Abaddonwhich Jack defeated. While chasing after a BlowfishJack arrived out of nowhere, saving a family.

torchwood jack and ianto relationship problems

He took over Torchwood again. When Jack returned from travelling with the Doctor, also seeing the end of the world, he asked Ianto on a date- to which Ianto said yes. Torchwood met an old lover of Jack's, Captain John Hartwho had came through the Rift searching for some canisters that had also come through. He told Torchwood that they contained radioactive bombs. While John tried to kill Jack to take the canisters' contents for himself, he challenged Ianto to save his wounded and poisoned teammates.

Ianto caught up with John, but the contents of the canisters were actually components of a bomb that latched onto the DNA of the owner of the canisters' murderer. Torchwood found a way to confuse and safely get rid of the bomb and John forcibly left 21st century Cardiff. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Ianto kept a paper diary, which he used to write down interesting Rift activity as well as more personal concerns. When he confronted Adam Smith about his role in the Torchwood team, Adam gave Ianto false memories of killing three women.

Strangely, Ianto appeared to have more resistance to Adam than the others, though this may be because he never fully trusted him. When he did succumb to Adam's influence it appeared, as with the rest of the team, that dormant or unused parts of his psyche were awakened.