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Even the famed Torvill and Dean, two-time Olympic medalists who denied a relationship for years, recently admitted to having "dabbled" in. Yes, we DID have a fling: Torvill and Dean finally admit they partner and the relationship breaks down, you won't have your skating partner”. Torvill and Dean: 'We'll never retire again as we can't bear being apart' who insists their relationship hasn't changed over the years and is.

Britain used to be good at figure skating. Amazingly, we are still ranked fifth in the discipline's all-time Olympic medal table, or fourth if you count Russia and the Soviet Union as a single entity.

Sochi 2014: Britain used to be good at ice skating – what went wrong?

Only they, the United States and Austria stand ahead of us. It started with Madge Syers, one of the 15 children of a London builder, who won the gold medal in the first Olympic women's singles event, held during the Summer Games in London in Jeannette Altwegg — already a junior Wimbledon finalist — took gold in Oslo in Then came John Curry and Robin Cousins, winners in the men's singles events at Innsbruck in and Lake Placid in respectively, and Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, who last week celebrated the 30th anniversary of their triumph in Sarajevo.

Their bronze in Lillehammer inthe reward for their brief return to Olympic competition, is Britain's last medal on the rink. Nowadays we're good at commentating on ice skating.

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That came as a relief this week after the barrage of uncontrolled enthusiasm from the people paid to report on the events at other Olympic venues, for whom "Stonking! However fevered the atmosphere down in the Iceberg skating palace, Sue Barker and Robin Cousins blended decorum with expertise.

Crucially, they knew when to keep quiet. When Lipnitskaya fell, there was not even an "Aaah! Barker did remark, apropos of the wonderfully graceful Carolina Kostner, that "she knows how to sell a programme", immediately evoking 50s images of young women in cinema aisles with torches and trays of ice creams. But there was nothing remotely as stupid as this remark from one of the halfpipe commentators, about a competitor in the women's event on Thursday: In the pairs, a Russian couple performed a complete routine to the sound of wire brushes on a snare drum, interrupted only momentarily by a few semi-abstract phrases from an acoustic guitar.

After this startling break from the traditional pattern of selecting music from the era of the mighty Wurlitzer, they were immediately beaten into second place by a couple of their compatriots skating to 42nd Street. In the ice dance, behind the superb USA and Canadian teams, two more Russians won a bronze with a spectacularly moody routine inspired by the film Black Swan.

Later it would be suggested in the overseas press that the surprise victory of the year-old Adelina Sotnikova in the women's singlesthe first for a Russian skater, had come about through bias among the judges, or at least an imperfection in the scoring system, but the alleged murkiness of the outcome could not obscure a magnificent contest, full of virtuosity, drama and pathos.

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As I recall, most of us drew two people figure-skating. So we're due for another skating debacle, to gin up interest in Sochi and allow us to revive terms long dormant in the collective folk memory, like the axel jump and the triple lutz, a move described by US Figure Skating as "a toe-pick-assisted jump taken off from a back outside edge and landed on the back outside edge of the opposite foot", and named after Alois Lutz, the Austrian skater who unveiled it on the ice in There are times when the Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory seems less like a spoof than it is real life.

So far, there is a small upset coming out of the national championships on Sunday, the results of which traditionally determine the Olympic team, but not this year. Causing a scandal in what must be called the skating community, the Olympic committee eschewed Mirai Nagasu, who won bronze in the competition, for Ashley Wagner, who placed fourth. This was, according to skating commentators, a move designed to avoid the risk of a "medal shutout" in the skating, as happened in Vancouver in It is, to non-skaters, absurd in the way that all pursuits taken to an extreme are absurd, and which is, of course, a large part of its appeal.

So too, as with a lot of virtuosity, the freak show element of figure-skating, both in terms of the basic gravity-defying nature of the sport, and the youth of its participants.

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The youngest member picked for the Olympic team so far is year-old Polina Edmunds, who, if she does well, promises to become the Shawn Johnson of the skating world and like the gymnast, invite speculation on the deformations that occur when children are required to train like adults. Tonya Harding made her first triple lutz at age 12, and her story is sad. After being stripped of her US championship title and banned from the sport inshe tried professional boxing, appeared in a wrestling show, and featured in a sex tape released by her lousy ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly.

Kerrigan meanwhile, won silver at the 94 Olympics and went on to have a successful career as a commentator and in ice shows such as Broadway on Ice and and the figure skating adaptation of Footloose. On Sunday, one of the participants in the men's competition did his routine to the theme from Schindler's List, complete with hand gestures and head shakes that very much depicted man's inhumanity to man. Personally, I'm waiting to see the routine to end all routines, which would be the story of Harding and Kerrigan on Ice, on ice.