Troy and annie relationship advice

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troy and annie relationship advice

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. He had apparently decided to take to heart Shirley's advice that he should Their relationship was a good one, but the entire study group also thought Honestly, Annie couldn't remember Britta and Troy suffering the same. But this conversation comes off as more psychological advice from . Annie. The Jeff-Annie hook up will seem icky. Just like Troy-Britta does.

She smiled back a little shakily, unused to being so close to him. His body was long and hard against hers, and she felt small and fragile against him. His hands were so much larger than hers, and yet they held hers so delicately. She was taken aback by the tenderness in his eyes as he met her gaze. I'm just a little nervous. She shook her head. He pulled away after just a brief moment. That embarrassment waned as Jeff smiled down at her and unthreaded their fingers, moving them to cup her face.

She rested hers on his upper arms as he leaned in and kissed her softly once again. She held on a little tighter as her body began to react to the kiss. It was so much sweeter, so much purer than the others they'd shared. She almost wasn't sure what to do with it. Jeff threaded one of his hands in her hair, gently holding her mouth to his while his other arm snaked around her waist. He opened his mouth and teased her lower lip with his tongue, barely dipping it inside as she opened for him.

Annie sighed into him and relaxed against his body for the first time. It was mesmerizing, being held so gently by this mammoth man. She could feel each of her limbs responding one-by-one to the way he kissed her and moved with her. His large hand was splayed across her lower back, and her stomach was flush against his, and her breasts were pressed against him, and her hands were still grasping his arms, and his other hand was still gently cupping her head and guiding their kiss.

Annie realized at that moment that this was incredibly easy.

troy and annie relationship advice

Being lost in this moment was what she wanted, and it was almost impossible not to be. She relaxed her grip on his arms and with open palms caressed his chest before looping her arms around his waist and pulling him closer.

She felt no urgency, and was perfectly content to just live inside this kiss, this moment, for as long as she possibly could. Jeff's tongue found Annie's and traced around the tip and underneath it, meeting it's smoothness with his own. She pressed back, tonguing the inside of his mouth and flicking along the roof, behind his teeth, learning his taste. They went back and forth like this for a few moments, all the while standing in the entryway. Idly, Annie wondered what would happen if they ever made it to the couch, or the bedroom for that matter.

If he could drop her with a simple kiss at the door, what else was this man capable of doing to her? Jeff moaned into Annie's mouth and brought her back to the present and the purpose for her visit. She could feel him hardening where she was pressed against him and was relieved to know that she wasn't alone in being affected by this kiss.

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She felt a surge of sexual power at feeling him hard against her, and decided it was time to up the ante. Annie pulled away from the kiss and dipped her head forward, placing her lips against Jeff's shirt-covered chest.

He allowed his fingers to brush through her hair a few times, still holding her tightly against him and not wanting to let go of her body heat. She placed another kiss over his heart and turned her face up, meeting his gaze. She noted that Jeff swallowed particularly hard before responding.

She pulled away slightly and shrugged her jacket off, tossing it aside and slipping out of her flats. He reached a hand out to her, which she accepted and allowed him to pull her into the depths of his apartment. Jeff left her by the door of his bedroom as he wound his way around the bed to flick on the lamp beside it, casting a dull glow around the room. She waited patiently as he dug around in the drawer of his bedside table for something, and she was surprised when he pulled out two small candles and a condom, dropping each item on the table's surface.

He pulled a lighter from the drawer and flicked on the flame, lighting both wicks before turning the lamp off again. He turned back to Annie then, and she felt her breathing become a little heavier. With the room bathed in flickering candlelight, it made the whole scene feel oddly unreal to her.

The angles of Jeff's face were well-pronounced beneath the orange hue, and she could see an ounce of hesitation as he hung back by the bed. Annie pushed the door closed behind her and leaned back against it, the sound of the latch the only noise in the room besides their breathing. Encased in the small, dim room with Jeff, it finally, and for the first time, actually hit Annie that this was about the happen.

She was already incredibly wet, and he'd only kissed her. Jeff looked at the bed and then back at her, before crossing the room and meeting her by the door. This time, his kiss was far more hurried, far more passionate, far more like what Annie had expected the first time.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled him down to her as far as she could while still maintaining as much body contact with him as possible. Jeff pushed her back against the door and dipped his head down to her neck, ravishing it with attention. Annie clung to the back of his neck as he did so, dropping her head back and closing her eyes so she could fully appreciate the feeling of Jeff's mouth on her body.

This time, Jeff's hands didn't stay confined to PG areas. He allowed himself to feel her body in earnest, ghosting over each curve and crevice and taking full inventory of her shape. Annie moaned and did what she could to grind against him as his hands palmed her backside over her skirt.

He pulled her toward him and allowed her to feel the full extent of the power she had over him, hard against her stomach. She pulled his mouth from her neck and devoured it with a hard kiss, desperate to have him in a way she'd never really experienced. Jeff took this opportunity to unclasp the single button on her cardigan and push it off her shoulders.

He moaned into her mouth as he caressed the bare skin of her arms, and once again reached down, grabbing both of her hands and bringing them up. This time, instead of gently threading their fingers together, he pinned her wrists to the door over her head and returned his lips to her neck, then her collarbone as she writhed against him. Annie kept her arms raised over her head as his hands trailed down the silky skin of her arms, then down her sides, ghosting over her ribs before reaching the hemline of her shirt.

He quickly pulled it over her head and deposited it on the ground with her cardigan, before stepping back to admire her fully in only her bra and skirt. This new knowledge made her feel impossibly wet. She reached forward and took hold of the hem of his shirt and dispatched it as he had hers. Jeff turned them around and walked Annie backward toward the bed. She climbed onto it and shimmied up to the top as he followed her on his hands and knees, hovering over her prone form once she had settled against the pillows.

Annie allowed herself a moment to truly appreciate everything that Jeff was in that moment, with his defined torso made even more-so by the flickering light of the candles.

She reached up tentatively and placed her palm over his chest, feeling his skin for the first time. Jeff gave her space to explore, watching her attentively as she become accustomed to his chest and abdomen. She didn't dare go lower, still hesitant and nervous to lead them to the next stage.

After a moment, Jeff settled down over her, resting on his forearms as he claimed her lips once again. He kissed her only briefly before heading downward, tracing his lips over her neck and collarbone, and then dipping lower to the swell of her breasts above the seam on her bra. Annie bit her lip and watched him as his lips danced lower and lower on her body, tongue tracing her nipples over her bra, before dipping down to her belly button and drawing a circle around it.

She giggled at the way it tickled, and Jeff peeked up with a small grin. She shook her head, but couldn't wipe the small smile off her face. He gave raised an eyebrow and dipped back down, circling her belly button again and making her laugh.

She laughed a little louder, feeling what was left of the tension in the room alleviate. Jeff grinned against her skin and placed a small kiss over her belly button before continuing his journey south. When he reached the waistband of her skirt, he bypassed the area entirely, much to Annie's chagrin. Instead, he skipped all the way down to her feet.

He grabbed one leg and pressed his lips to her instep, causing her to giggle again. He sat back on his heels and rested her foot on his shoulder as he kissed the inside of her ankle, and then a little higher on her calf. He knelt down a little lower and pressed his lips to the inside of her knee, and then slightly higher on her thigh, before he had reached the hem of her skirt.

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He looked up and Annie met his gaze, offering a small smile. Jeff reached up and tucked his fingers into the waistband of her skirt. She lifted her hips to allow him to pull it off of her, discarding it on the floor.

He sat back and appraised her body, now clad only in her underwear her matching, black, lacy underwear—a set she'd never had a reason to wear before. Annie felt herself flush at his appraisal, feeling wholly exposed laid out like this on his bed. He moved back to hover over her and kissed her gently. Annie breathed into the kiss, feeling a sense of relief wash over her. It wasn't that she was uncomfortable with her body, but it still felt good to have him compliment her.

Jeff had seen plenty of naked women in his time, so the fact that he would point out her beauty was more than a little flattering. She tried to put all of those other women out of her head and focus on him as he once again kissed his way down her body. Once he was back on his knees, he reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her up to meet him. As he kissed her, he unlatched her bra and pulled it away from her before guiding her back down to the pillows.

Annie sighed into his mouth as he laid flush against her, feeling the skin of his chest against her naked breasts. Jeff pulled away again, and in a flash removed his jeans, leaving them on the floor with their ever-growing collection of discarded clothes. Annie could see his bulge beneath his tight, black boxer-briefs, and felt a surge of arousal course through her body.

Believing he wanted her and actually seeing it were two different things. She was so distracted, in fact, by his partially revealed erection that she barely noticed him pulling her panties away. She felt the draft before she was consciously aware of being completely bare before him. With one insistent hand on each knee, Jeff spread Annie's legs, fully revealing her to him.

I'll come back here and find you and do some damage," Aaron threatened. I won't hurt her. He was terrified of her father, and had no doubts that he would act on his threat. Jeff was shocked when he realized he was in love with Annie about eight months after they started sleeping together.

The group had met up as usual when the truth hit him. In the next five minutes, he's going to realize he's in love with Annie and freak out. He'll push her away, Annie will end their relationship, Jeff will get her back by admitting his feelings for her, and then they'll be extremely happy.

Troy, Abed, Shirley, and reluctantly, Pierce kept their eyes on Jeff as the realization slowly hit him when he was laughing at a joke Annie told. As predicted, Jeff freaked out. Falling in love with Annie hadn't been part of his plan. It was supposed to be a casual thing! This wasn't supposed to happen," Jeff ranted to Britta a few days later.

He didn't want to talk to Pierce, Troy, or Abed about this. She had eventually moved on from Jeff, but it had taken a long time. I'm just going to go talk to Shirley.

troy and annie relationship advice

Sorry," he apologized before bolting over to the seat next to Shirley. Britta was one of Jeff's best friends, but she had been in love with him and talking to her probably wasn't a great idea.

He had just found out he was in love with Annie! He wasn't ready to even think about marriage or kids yet! Where had that come from? Sure enough, just like Abed predicted, Jeff started pushing Annie away and she ended their "relationship". This lasted for three weeks before Jeff broke and confessed his feelings for her. They pulled apart when the group began protesting about the public displays of affection. Fourteen months after they officially started dating and confessed their feelings for each other, Jeff and Annie moved in with each other.

Three months after that, Jeff decided to propose. He reluctantly took Troy, Abed, and Pierce along to the jewelry store for advice on what engagement ring to buy.

He wanted her to say yes. Annie will love it," Jeff said of a ring that Abed had in his hand. It was simple and elegant. It was a lot of money, but not as expensive as the other two rings. Two days later, Jeff decided to take Annie out to eat at their favorite restaurant. He planned on proposing to her at home, in case she rejected him. He didn't want an audience for his humiliation if Annie said no.

She wondered why Jeff had planned a perfect for them. They usually didn't go all out for date nights. Jeff smiled at her and then slid the engagement ring on her finger. He couldn't believe Annie had agreed to be his wife! Remembering that she was supposed to be upset, Annie wiped the smile off her face.

Abed didn't make his major life decisions based on a line from a cartoon. I love alliteration as much as the next girl, but that's just wrong.

She immediately gulped the water to calm down. Ivan was clearly the wrong choice for you. Perhaps if you would just let me set you up with Gary Annie rolled her eyes. He's annoying and neither Troy nor Abed likes him.

Not die, just to never have existed at all. He thinks that the very existence of that man is an affront to God. In fiction, it indicates a character that develops a large group of fans who hate it. Abed thinks Gary's a real life example," she explained. For the record, though, he's kind of right. It's been a big letdown. Besides it's time that I could spend focusing on my studies.

She quietly wondered how she had gotten to the point where her romantic life was an acceptable topic of conversation.

Actually, she knew exactly when her two friends had decided that her relationships were fair game. She had dated Jeff. Unlike Britta who had kept her physical relationship with him a secret from everyone. At the end of August, Jeff had asked her out on a real date. He had apparently decided to take to heart Shirley's advice that he should do what makes him happy. Shirley hadn't been too thrilled to learn that her words were the catalyst for their relationship, but the other woman had gotten over it when she noticed how well Jeff had treated her.

Their relationship was a good one, but the entire study group also thought that it was their business. Honestly, Annie couldn't remember Britta and Troy suffering the same kind of interference that she and Jeff did although Britta assured her that they had.

Annie had to admit that she had it easy though. She only had to deal with Britta and Shirley's curious questions. Poor Jeff had been read the riot act by Pierce, Troy, and, oddly enough, Abed. She still remembered the night that Jeff had come back from dinner with her best friend. He had been surprisingly pale and all he would tell her was not to screw with Abed.

She still didn't know what her roommate had told her boyfriend that night but given his knowledge of TV and movies, it was probably a pretty creative threat of some sort. After the first flush of excitement, euphoria, and really excellent sex had worn off, Annie had quickly figured out that she and Jeff didn't actually have all that much in common.

They didn't share the same interests, not that they didn't try. Annie wanted to enjoy soccer but she simply couldn't. Jeff had given romantic movies a shot but he thought they were mostly stupid. They couldn't agree on anything - movies, TV, music, food, even something as simple as candle scents. They were great together in bed, but anything outside of the bedroom that wasn't related to school or their friends was turning awkward.

Of course, their issues also ran deeper than the superficial things. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Annie and Jeff had sat down and had a real discussion about their future. Sure, it was only a few months into their relationship, but they had decided that it was important to be honest because of their status in the study group and their history of friendship. If there was no chance that they could work out their differences, they wanted to know sooner rather than later so that they could salvage the platonic side of their relationship.

They quickly learned that they didn't share a common view of the future.

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Annie wanted to stick around Greendale, where she had grown up, and eventually get married and have kids in addition to her career. Those were things that she had wanted long before she ever met Jeff. He, however, wanted to leave Greendale for a large city and never wanted kids.

He knew that he preferred to be his own top priority and he wasn't ready to have to push his own wants and needs aside to accommodate children. He didn't think he'd ever want to do that.

troy and annie relationship advice

But he also thought that kids deserved parents who would put them first. Parents who wouldn't want to run off when things got tough. Clearly, he was carrying some severe scars from his father and feared becoming him. In the end, they had decided to split up while they were still on good terms rather than carry on until their differences grew into resentment and, eventually, hatred.

Annie felt like they had made the best decision for them. They were still friends; things hadn't even been awkward for more than a couple of weeks after their breakup. The best part, to Annie at least, was that the small place in her heart that Jeff would always occupy would remain untainted by bitterness. They had at least tried, and she was satisfied with that.

Around the beginning of January, she had started dating again.

troy and annie relationship advice

It hadn't gone well. I mean, yeah, the whole Ivan thing was awful, but you've also been really excited after a few of them.

She was about to admit something that she had kept to herself since she started dating again. To distract herself from their gazes, Annie looked around the room, taking in Britta's decor. It certainly wasn't her taste, focused mostly on cats and her various causes. Her nose scrunched up when she took in the poster on the wall declaring support for the movement to legalize marijuana.

She really hoped that Britta didn't have any of that in the apartment because in the event of a sudden drug bust, Annie might get in trouble. She couldn't imagine what something like that would do to her future.

I just knew that I'd get a call, but it never came. She had been strung out on adderall at the time, so she liked to pretend that hadn't happened. You're a prude; of course you aren't sleeping with men on the first date. I can't imagine that it would be good with some random stranger. Even without the emotions, the physical stuff is still a hell of a lot of fun.

Maybe the guys weren't actually having fun.

troy and annie relationship advice

There was a lot of talking and laughing. We all spend so much time together that most of my best stories involve the six of you. Maybe you talked about yourself too much," Britta suggested, brushing her hair out of her face. He's practically perfect and he's freakin' hot.

And he wants three kids someday.