Up ellie and carl relationship trust

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up ellie and carl relationship trust

Resultado de imagen para una aventura de altura frases Up Carl And Ellie, Idea .. trust, understanding, friendship and faith in your relationship to make it last. Ever wonder why we cry our eyes out every time we watch Ellie and Carl in "Up?" We are only exposed to the couple's love for a few minutes of. Moderators: Pixar Planet Moderators, The Brain Trust I just wondered what you guys thought about Carl's and Ellie's families and what I think 19 was not an uncommon age for marriage in those days - as you noted in the.

Their relationship is truly one of the best subjects incorporated in UP and I should also note here that their relationship is one of the key reasons why UP is one of my top favorite Pixar movies.

They started out as the most unpredictable of friends as children and as they grew up, their relationship blossomed magnificently. We watch Carl cherish a simple yet special and meaningful little grape soda bottle cap given by Ellie in their youth, and throughout their time together and even after her death, he treasures this simple object with all of his heart because of the fact that his true love had gifted him it.

up ellie and carl relationship trust

In my opinion, they have such a pure and heartwarming relationship full of joy and happiness for the time that they were together. Carl never stopped loving and treasuring Ellie even after her decease. She was his true love, and Carl was hers.

Carl cherishes everything that reminds him of Ellie and wishes to carry out and succeed in accomplishing their goal in life of reaching Paradise Falls and living their together. Along the way, of course, we see him learn to let go of his past and have a new adventure and appreciate the surrounding people who care about him like Russell, Kevin and Dug.

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Despite Carl learning this new lesson of going out to have a new adventure, he never forgets Ellie and always remembers how much she loved him and he will always love her no matter what. During the beginning of UP, we watch them have lovely and sweet picnics together, have bundles of fun building and designing their dream home, as well as enjoy their jobs together.

Their relationship proves that true love never ends nor grows old. That phrase could be a simultaneous compliment and insult.

Ellie likely was told many times to "act like a lady" and other silliness. She was a product of her time, and not afraid of honest, hard work. A woman of her time would have been indoctrinated that her worth was directly proportional to the neatness and beauty of the house "she" kept. Also obvious is Ellie's love of art, also a common trait of women born in the ninteen twenties.

All people then did not have nearly the information inundation we are subjected to today, and spent a great deal more time appreciating the "mundane" beauty of the world outside thier door. All of this was reflected perfectly.

up ellie and carl relationship trust

Even the assisting Carl with his ties montage communicating the passage of time. How many husbands reading do thier own clothes shopping? As far as the problem having children goes, in the forties and fifties, up until about the mid eighties actually, the loss of a child was one of the "fates worse than death" for a woman in social circles.


It still carries a stigma of "damaged goods" even today. Ellie had love to spare however. The previous analysis of the source of Ellie's outgoing personality coming from being one among many is spot on I think, My wife and her three sisters are extroverts in thier own way, but I certainly got the Ellie of the bunch!

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Carl by contrast, was the classic proto-nerd. Not only introverted, but full of wrong ideas about the world as learned from classic adventure stories instead of the schoolyard, actively discouraged from adventure by an over protective mother but craving it as much or more than other boys.

He too is a product of his time, but with a gentle soul that would never embrace the callousness expected of men toward women in his prime.