Victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

Narrative and Technology: Frankenstein Through the Lens of Henry Clerval

victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

parent and child, and that an unhealthy relationship conversely produces harmful Shelley and her protagonist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, were led down .. As the church continued to lose the trust and respect of the people through a classmate named Henry Clerval with whom he develops an extremely close relationship. Describe Victor's relationship with his father in the novel Frankenstein. love, and security; Clerval was loyal, charming, joyful, and gave Victor altruistic support and strength. 2 educator answers; How much can we trust the validity of Victor's story in Frankenstein? How are Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein. After parting from Clerval on his departure for Ingolstadt, Victor does not see his After Frankenstein's recovery, Clerval convinces his father to allow him to join.

Clerval never doubts Frankenstein; he gives no hints to thinking that Frankenstein has gone mad. He trusts that his friend has good reason for his actions. As the reader taking his perspective though, it is difficult not to think Frankenstein has lost his mind. Since their childhood friendship, Clerval has had an interest in human nature. As he grows older, he takes these interests and decides to apply them to the study of language. Even though his father disapproves of study Shelly 37he pushes and finally succeeds in joining Frankenstein at Ingolstadt.

Seeing that Frankenstein has become ill from something he did while at school, he only defers his studies.

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Once Frankenstein has been revived, Clerval continues with years of schooling afterwards. He knows that something at the school did this to him, and a very influential figure in his life has expressed dislike towards studying in general.

victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

He must be a very self-driven character to desire to continue, despite the circumstances. In addition, Frankenstein joins him in his studies for lack of other things to do to keep his mind busy Shelly Yet Clerval never questioned when Frankenstein studied with him.

victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

He also may have thought that Frankenstein was being kind by partaking in a subject that he enjoyed; giving it a chance after his studies in science had seemed to fail him. Both of these events could have easily driven Clerval away from study, but he instead stayed.

We see from Clerval that study can be either good or bad, depending on how it is used. Frankenstein let his emotions and desires lead him to using his learnings to create a monster.

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Once Frankenstein has recovered from the terror of his creation, a tragedy calls for him back at home. Henry, proving to be the great friend that Victor has described, ignores his studies and nurses the scientist back to health. Once Victor is back to normal, or at least healthy, he and Henry set out to leave for their hometown, Geneva. Victor and Henry eventually part ways on their journey.

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Chapter twenty-one is the last readers hear of Henry where he meets fate when the monster strangles him. In chapter two readers learn that Victor liked to be alone with the exception of his family and one friend, Henry.

Victor then goes on to describe that Henry is a talented person when it comes to writing, business work, and has an adventurous spirit. Even though it is not directly stated at this point in the novel that Henry Clearval demonstrates compassion, readers can safely assume that he is.

Considering the fact that Victor selectively chooses with whom he spends his time, Henry must display the characteristic of kindness. If Henry lacked this it would be very unlikely that Victor would want to be so close to him.

Chapter five is the first instance that readers actually get to meet Henry Clerval. At first Henry thought that Victor was acting this way because he was excited that Henry was visiting him since they had not seen one another in such a long time. However, because Henry cared enough about his friend and took the time to really examine the situation he realized that Victor was actually sick.

victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

Had Victor had his encounter with a casual acquaintance, chances are they would have thought his behavior was perhaps a little odd. And due to not knowing him very well, they would not have done anything about it.

Luckily for Victor, Henry genuinely cares for him and is able to realize that he is ill.

victor frankenstein and henry clerval relationship trust

Had Henry not have discovered that Henry is sick it is likely that Victor would have died shortly after this event.

The most obvious way that Henry exemplifies the theme of compassion is the actual act of taking care of Victor while he is unable to care for himself. It is important to keep in mind that Henry is supposed to be focusing on his studies at this time in his life; however, he is spending his time nursing his dear friend back to health.

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This would have to be frustrating. To be taking care of your friend for such a long period of time, then think that he is finally better, only to realize that he is still sick. It would take someone with dedication and sincere kindness to stick with a person through this difficult journey, and Henry does just that without much hesitation, it seems.