Voltron keith and allura relationship

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voltron keith and allura relationship

The relationship between Keith and Allura has always been integral to the Voltron/GoLion canon, going back to the original series, between. Allura has truly grown more than any of the Voltron characters. . There's a little bit of chemistry there and I think Allura wants to have that connection . We've seen a lot of Allura's interactions with Lance, Shiro, and Keith but. a blog centered around keith and allura's relationship, both its platonic dynamic and romantic /Voltron/Klance/ /Keith x Lance/ ♡ #Yaoi Wattpad, Manga.

In the end, they become allies in the fight against the Galra, solidifying a friendship between her group and the paladins. Unfortunately, any relationship that could form between Nyma and Lance would be an unhealthy one. Nyma thinks Lance is an idiot and doesn't respect him. This would lead to an imbalance of trust and expectations. Plus, she already has someone she probably likes much better: The next female alien Lance had a connection with would be Plaxum.

This is one of the very few circumstances where Lance doesn't start flirting first. It's only after Plaxum takes off her protective jellyfish that he sees her for the beautiful mermaid she is. Plaxum and her crew save Lance from being fed to the Baku monster, and he in turn saves her entire race.

They worked together really well, and ended up forming a lasting alliance. With what we've seen of Lance's love of water, he would probably have a great time visiting her in between paladin missions. The only problem I can think of is that she's half fish.

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If she wants kids or if her race has a bias against intergalactic couples, they're kind of screwed. Plus, she's probably better off getting together with Swirn or Blumfump, who are close friends of hers. Finally, let's talk about Keith.

voltron keith and allura relationship

Again, I don't think this is going to happen. Whenever Shiro speaks to her, he calls her princess.

Princess Allura/Keith Kogane

It's a boundary he won't cross. They also didn't get any time to talk or bond in Season 3. Though, if they did get together, they'd probably be a good pair since they're both very mature and put others before themselves.

The last candidate for Allura and you might hate me for this is Coran. They, besides Haggar, are the last Alteans alive. Allura thinks earthlings are a bit hideous as stated in episode 1 and in the fun facts section of her page in the Voltron guide bookand can't find it within herself to like any Galra.

Her only option to continue the Altean race would be through Coran. Once back on the castleship, they apologize for leaving. Keith is hurt by this, after a hug with Shiro, Keith turns to look at Allura and sees her cold expression.

voltron keith and allura relationship

Keith visibly looks heartbroken at this. Allura is still giving Keith the cold shoulder. Early on in the episode, Allura merely glares at Keith. As Pidge is helping Keith prepare his mission, Allura comes in asking Pidge if she can speak with Keith alone.

Allura goes on to say how the Galra have done terrible things, from destroying civilizations, to taking her family. Over time she has come to consider Keith and the rest of the paladins as her family.

She continues to say how she wanted to hate him, but how the problem was her the entire time, how her anger blinded her. She runs into Keith, Keith is stunned, but slowly raises his hands to hug her back. Allura apologizes for misjudging him and pleased for Keith to come back to them, he says he will. Allura is adamant they check it out. Keith merely watches her go. The team crosses through to an alternate reality, after searching for any beings in distress; two figures drop down from a ceiling hatch.

After a brief battle, other Alteans board the ship and the Shiro look-alike and company leave. Allura and Keith listen to Hira.

voltron keith and allura relationship

Sometime later, Keith and Allura are speaking with Hira, the leader of the other Alteans; Allura is delighted in knowing of peace movements throughout their galaxy. Hira tells them of how they keep people in check- by controlling them. Keith yells at them to let their friends go.

A battle breaks out and they make it back to their own reality, with Lotor taking the comet once they return. Keith and Allura talk privately. Allura sits alone overlooking the galaxy when Keith walks up to her, telling she did the right thing.