Whittingham and mendenhall relationship

whittingham and mendenhall relationship

Bronco Mendenhall and Kyle Whittingham were not exactly the best of friends But the frosty relationship between the two football rivals has changed now that. "I think our relationship is cordial and professional," Mendenhall said on "It's a different dynamic for sure," Whittingham said of playing BYU as. coach Bronco Mendenhall for not cultivating a relationship with the former With former BYU linebacker Kyle Whittingham as the coach and.

whittingham and mendenhall relationship

Certain that Whittingham would take the job, Mendenhall and his wife, Holly, sat down with their three young sons and told them that they were getting ready to move. But, in the end, Whittingham turned down the BYU offer to stay at Utah and Mendenhall was hired days later — paving the way for several classic matchups between Mendenhall and Whittingham.

BYU vs. Utah: Bronco, Kyle cordial, but not best buds - The Salt Lake Tribune

This one just because of proximity and how much people care about it in the state. It becomes more personal because it affects more people that you know.

Two teams laid it on the line. What else can you want from an in-state rivalry? What else could anyone want from an in-state rivalry? Dirk Facer contributed to this report.

BYU, Utah football: Bronco Mendenhall, Kyle Whittingham keep things strictly professional

I feel like we have a very professional relationship, what you [would] expect from competitors. There is a mutual respect. There is so much that goes into that game, maybe more than there ought to be. It is hard to be buddies in that regard. Personally, after being removed from a rivalry game, I have become pretty close friends with the guy that was on the other sideline, but it was hard at that point in time.

whittingham and mendenhall relationship

They weren't together for the taping of the audio portion of the radio spots, but were for the photo on billboards, Mendenhall said. That lasted for about two seconds. They snapped it and then it went back to normal, and I think we had similar feelings about that," he said, laughing.

  • BYU vs. Utah: Bronco, Kyle cordial, but not best buds

Utah defensive coordinator Kalani Sitake, a former Cougar, said the two head coaches are "cordial," but he doubts they ever become close friends. Remember when you were in high school and you told your buddies you'd always stay friends? You vowed to continue playing hoops five times a week, even after you got married. But then five games became one, then none, and the years passed and you weren't really angry or upset.

You just had different responsibilities. And once in awhile it made you feel a little wistful.

BYU-Utah football: The ninth meeting between Bronco Mendenhall and Kyle Whittingham

Of course, you won't hear such sentimentality coming from either BYU or Utah. Asked if this year will be different, Whittingham says, "Nope. Same ol' same ol', as far as the routine goes. We have a fall camp model we've used for several years now, working through the system.

We haven't even played in our conference yet. We can only worry about what is going on inside this program, and as far as what happens outside, we can't control that.

So we're happy to be playing football, glad to be at a great university and happy to compete.

whittingham and mendenhall relationship