Young justice wonder girl and super boy relationship

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young justice wonder girl and super boy relationship

A big part of it came from the romantic relationships of the series. Did she know that Superboy was attracted to an adult woman and wanted to In the second season of Young Justice, Miss Martian and Superboy have broken up. The 10 Most Drastic Marvel Reboots That Actually Worked (And 10 That. Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark, also known as Wonder Girl, is a fictional superheroine As Wonder Girl, Cassie joined Young Justice due to her crush on Superboy. During her time with the Titans, Cassie also developed a relationship with Superboy, whom she had harbored feelings before and throughout Young. Wonder Girl a.k.a. Cassie Sandsmark, is the love interest of both Superboy and lost her confidence and her relationship with her teammates became strained. she is a very tough girl, she joined the Young Justice crew during the invasion.

However, the biology of it all is definitely kind of freaky. See, when cloning a Kryptonian, the DNA is somewhat unstable under the limitations of Earth's technology. A pure-Kryptonian clone is angry and violent and unable to control its powers.

The fact that Superboy is half Lex Luthor is already pretty disturbing, but think about the conversation that led to this. It's almost like Lex wanted to make a lovechild with Supes. In season two, we find Roy attempting to cope with this realization by trying to find the real Roy, which he eventually does. The real Roy's entire right arm was used as genetic material, and 2. The clone Roy went on to have a kid with Cheshire. Seriously, what did they do with Roy's arm? Throw it in a blender and use the goo to make a new Roy?

And another thing, if Clone Roy's whole purpose was to infiltrate the Justice League, why did they give him the potential to procreate? Superboy had finally and fully come to terms with his feelings for her as he became extremely worried when he wasn't able to get in contact with her. He was determined to find and rescue her and was completely distraught when he discovered her to be frozen in ice. Miss Martian managed to free herself and reunited with Superboy and they quickly shared their first kiss, thus finally becoming a couple.

However, they both decided to keep their newly formed relationship a secret from the rest of the team, but everyone slowly began to find out and even their mentors discovered their relationship. Since becoming a couple, Superboy is shown to worry about Miss Martian's safety several times such as when she was almost killed by Red Tornado's siblings, Red's Torpedo and Inferno.

However, Miss Martian was shown to be annoyed by his protectiveness on one occasion, but they soon worked out the issue. Later, during a supposed invasion of Earth in the episode Failsafe, M'gann had confessed to Connor that she loves him and became devastated when he was "killed" by the aliens that she fell to her knees. Lex Luthor had tempted Superboy with special patches that allowed him to have all the powers of Superman temporarily, but would also cause his anger to increase, leading to some clashes with his teammates.

Queen Bee had blackmailed Miss Martian, threatening to reveal her true appearance as a White Martian which would possibly lead her friends and Conner to abandon and hate her. Eventually in the episode, Usual Suspectsthey both revealed their secrets.

Superboy was the first to reveal the patches, including the discovery of Lex Luthor being his human father and Artemis had revealed to the team the truth about her family. Miss Martian gathered her courage and faced her fears and finally revealed Queen Bee blackmailing her and finally showed them her true form. However, Superboy's feelings for her don't change, revealing he already knew when she restored his memories in Bereft and decided to wait until she was ready to tell him herself, showing he truly loved her and thus their relationship became even more closer and serious.

Later, when they and the rest of the team had saved the Justice League and it was time to celebrate New Year's, Miss Martian and Superboy shared a romantic kiss along with several members of the Team such as Kid Flash and Artemis and Robin and Zatanna.

Superboy and Miss Martian's strained relationship since their break up. In the second season, taking place five years after the first season, Superboy and Miss Martian are revealed to have recently ended their relationship and Miss Martian has started dating Lagoon Boy, another member of the team. Superboy is soon revealed to be upset about her relationship with Lagoon Boy, showing obvious signs of jealously and anger, but admits that while Lagoon Boy can be a jerk, he does treat Miss Martian well.

young justice wonder girl and super boy relationship

However, it's later revealed that Superboy broke up with Miss Martian, partially because he didn't outwardly age, but mainly because he was upset on how she abusing her telepathic abilities as whenever she probed the minds of their enemies, she would leave them in a catatonic state.

Aside from Miss Martian misusing her powers, Superboy ended their relationship as she attempted to erase his memory of their argument on how she was using her powers. Due to this, Superboy was greatly hurt and devastated while feeling immensely betrayed by her actions, leaving him no choice but to officially end their relationship. However, despite their issues, Superboy and Miss Martian still harbour strong feelings for each other, showing that they obviously still in love, but don't want to admit it.

Miss Martian was also revealed to still feel great remorse and guilt for her actions toward Superboy and continuously apologized whenever the subject was brought up. Superboy also revealed his beliefs that Miss Martian didn't truly have any real feelings for Lagoon Boy, believing he was only her rebound boyfriend, despite Miss Martian's protests. Morrow to infiltrate the Justice League only for Red Tornado to defect to them.

He serves as the Team's "den mother", since he doesn't need sleep to function.

Superboy (Young Justice)

Tornado has an android body he can transfer his mind into to take on the John Smith persona. This android body not seen after the time-skip. He was originally apprehensive to Superboy but in the five years since Season 1, Superman now considers Superboy to be his little brother and gave him a Kryptonian name, Kon-El. He was the second substitute den mother when Red Tornado was missing.

Due to Nabu voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson stating that the world would always need Doctor Fate, Zatara offers himself to become the new Doctor Fate in lieu of his daughter. In the five years since Season One, Zatara is presumably still possessed by Nabu. The group was conceived by Vandal Savage who views himself as a first among equals. Among its members are: Artemis says that Ra's al Ghul is supposed to be a gentleman. He played a part in the creation of Superboy by donating his DNA to stabilize the uncontrollable Kryptonian half.

Lex Luthor was also responsible for the real Roy Harper missing half of his right arm in order to further the cloning projects. At the end of the second season, he is named Secretary General of the United Nations after helping the Team and the Justice League stop the Reach's plot. Mercy Graves - Lex Luthor's cybernetic and silent bodyguard.

In this show, Queen Bee possesses the ability of persuasion over most men and some women. She is the first to discover Miss Martian's true form and uses this to blackmail her through the first season.

It was her military's attack that led to Beast Boy's origin and Queen Bee later murders his mother in retaliation.

He often enjoys making the pun "Psimon says", based on the children's game, right before forcing someone to do his bidding. His function for The Light includes extending the range of Queen Bee's influence and being the most useful combatant against telepaths. To that end, he often faces Miss Martian in telepathic battle. Sometime after the events of Season 1, he was somehow disgraced and was replaced with Black Manta.

Brain voiced by Nolan North in the first unofficial appearance, Corey Burton in the first official appearance — Member of the Light.

He was originally a man whose brain was put in a special mobile container. According to Greg Weisman, Klarion joined the Light mostly because it seemed like fun. If Teekl is destroyed, Klarion will have nothing to anchor him to the mortal realm. Villains and rogues[ edit ] Mr.

His powers are also used to charge his freeze cannon, but he must wear a cryogenic suit in order to survive in temperatures that are above degrees. He attacked a park in Gotham Citybut was quickly defeated by Batman and Robin.

He was sent to Arkham Asylumbut was later transferred to Belle Reve upon pleading sanity where he participated in a super villain breakout, but was defeated by Superboy, who broke Mr.

Freeze's helmet, forcing him to turn his powers on himself to survive. He was sent to Belle Reve where he participated in his father's failed breakout plan. InIcicle Jr. He was also chosen by the Light for a strike team led by Kaldur to capture Blue Beetle. She was then sent to Belle Reve prison where she participated in a super villain breakout.

After discovering that Miss Martian was disguised as Tuppence Terror, she froze her. Superboy subdued Frost quickly after seeing Miss Martian's state. He was sent to Belle Reve prison where he took part in a failed breakout attempt. He created the Blockbuster formula and helped Lex Luthor to create Superboy. When Superboy was about to escape the Cadmus, Desmond ingested the Blockbuster formula becoming Blockbuster. He was defeated and sent to Belle Reve where he took part in Icicle Sr.

He worked with Bromwell Stikk to test out the Mister Twister armor. It is later revealed that the real T. Morrow was in a coma at an old age and that he built an android in his place until the android duplicate was destroyed by Red Volcano.

Morrow created the Mister Twister armor and used an android double of Bromwell Stikk to operate it. She had originally been the s heroine Firebrandbut was "too heroic" and ended up being "killed" in the line of duty, negating her usefulness to Morrow at the time. He was created by T. Though Red Volcano destroyed the T. His gun smuggling operation was thwarted by Red Arrow and sent to Belle Reve. He was part of the failed breakout plan to escape from the prison. Bane voiced by Danny Trejo - A Hispanic supervillain who uses the super-steroid Venom to increase his strength.

He was the ruler of the island nation Santa Prisca in the Caribbean Sea where he headed a factory that manufactured the Venom. The island was taken over by the Cult of the Kobra after Bane was defeated by super-powered Mammoth. After, the factory was destroyed by the Team, he was able to get back his island. Bane and his gang later formed an alliance with the Light where he allowed them to use Santa Prisca as their base of operations.

After being injected with a hybrid strain of the Venom drug and the Blockbuster formula by his sister, he developed super strength and became very deformed.

After Kobra's defeat, Mammoth was sent to Belle Reve where he took part in a failed breakout attempt. InBaran was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach. She is also the twin sister of Baran. After Kobra's defeat, Shimmer was sent to Belle Reve where she took part in a failed breakout attempt. InShimmer was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach. However, Miss Martian took her out with a brain blast.

Later, she was experimented on by the Reach with the experiments activating her metahuman powers. In a flashback, Sportsmaster and Deathstroke were responsible for the death of Ted Kord. When Artemis faked her death, he demanded an "eye for an eye" situation by being allowed to kill Aqualad. He has the ability to copy the powers of the Justice League.

Superboy defeated it when Artemis' arrow induces Amazo to use Marian Manhunter's density shifting. Before Amazo could fully restore its density, Superboy stuck his fist inside, destroying him. Professor Ivo mentioned that it took him ages to figure out an acronym for "monkey.

Despite the family feud, Cheshire is shown to have a soft spot for Artemis and admits that she doesn't "actually want her dead.

She informs Red Arrow on where the real Roy Harper is located, and together they rescue him.

Cassandra Sandsmark (New Earth)

Cheshire later teams up with Red Arrow to deactivate one of the Reach bombs in "Endgame". Due to Lian, Jade may retire from the adventurous life she's had. Lian Nguyen Harper vocal effects provided by Kelly Hu - The daughter of Cheshire and Red Arrow; her actual age is not stated, but one or two is likely. Cheshire has said Lian's enjoyment of watching super violence is genetic from her side, prompting Red Arrow to sarcastically retort "great".

Lian is shown to be smart for a toddler, saying "Two dadas" when the original Roy Harper is rescued by her parents.

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League of Shadows — A group of assassins that are led by Ra's al Ghul and carry out the bidding of the Light. Hook — An assassin with a hook for a hand. Professor Ojo voiced by Nolan North — A scientist who wears a special helmet to see. He later teamed up with Klarion the Witch Boy in order to find Helmet of Fate so that Klarion can make him a true magician. He was defeated by the Team in the Tower of Fate.

In the tie-in comics, Matt Hagan was a member of the League of Shadows. His appearance is quite hideous and frightening, looking more like a rotting lump of flesh than a being made of clay. Terror Twins voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Danica McKellar respectively - Tommy and Tuppence Terror are rash and arrogant fraternal twins who possess super-strength and invulnerability.

Together they make the villainous duo "The Terror Twins". Their arrest was vital in a plan to infiltrate Belle Reve as Superboy and Miss Martian would go undercover as the twins. Inthey were chosen by the Light for a strike team led by Kaldur to capture Blue Beetle and some of the other members of "The Team".

While imprisoned in Belle Reve, Icicle Sr. Despite not escaping, he and Hugo Strange were satisfied with accomplishing multiple objectives in part for the Light. Hugo Strange voiced by Adrian Pasdar — A prison psychiatrist of the supervillain prison Belle Reve who is also an operative of the Light.

He was an inmate at Belle Reve and the only one to escape during Icicle Sr. Riddler is also shown to be an agent of the Light as he was seen helping Sportsmaster secure a part of Starro from S.

During the Season 1 finale, he sets up an ambush, asking a riddle about a plant that is not a flower or a tree. After capture, Zatana gags him out of annoyance because he kept trying to say riddles.

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During the failed breakout attempt at Belle Reve, she was frozen by Killer Frost who was trying to hit Superboy. InDevastation was working for Queen Bee in Bialya preparing abducted runaways to be sent to the Reach. The Injustice League — A small group of villains who used plant-like creatures to attack the Earth in "Revelation. Atomic Skull — A S. Labs scientist turned supervillain and enemy of Superman. Black Adam — An adversary of Captain Marvel.

He is obsessed with seizing power from his niece Queen Perdita. Unlike the others, he was not arrested due to Diplomatic Immunity, which revoked later that season by his niece when he accidentally got tricked into revealing his pact with Vandal Savage to ensure the failure of her heart transplant. Joker voiced by Brent Spiner — Batman 's archenemy. Unlike other versions, this one hints towards having multiple personalities.

He shows knowledge of the fourth wall ; most likely his insanity lets him see the truth of his reality. Ultra-Humanite vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker — An albino gorilla supervillain with super-human strength and intellect and enemy of Superman. In the tie-in comics, Ultra-Humanite was an old lady who transferred her brain into the body of an albino gorilla.

He was one of the magicians summoned by Klarion the Witch Boy to perform a spell that could split the world in two dimensions. Intergang - A crime syndicate that uses technology from Apokolips. He is later lobotomized by Sportsmaster to serve as a warning to anyone who goes against the Light. She is later lobotomised by Sportsmaster to serve as a warning to anyone who goes against the Light. He came to Earth to supply Intergang with Apokoliptan weaponry. He was defeated by the Forever People and Superboy, but got away.

She was the only thing Harm loved, but since required his heart to be pure in order to hold the Sword of Beowulf, he had to cut her out of his heart by killing her. He also refers to himself in third-person and uses the impersonal pronoun to refer to others, objectifying them. The guilt of killing Greta eventually overcomes him when her ghost appears, causing the sword to reject him. Whether this left Harm completely mentally broken from guilt is left unknown.

Blackbriar Thorn voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson - A High Priest of the ancient Druids of Cymru who is recruited by Klarion the Witch Boy alongside other magicians in order to cast a powerful spell that would separate the adults and children of Earth onto two separate worlds.

Zard voiced by Corey Burton - A skilled magician dressed in Victorian fashion. He was one of the magicians called by Klarion the Witch Boy to cast a spell that split the world into two separate dimensions.

young justice wonder girl and super boy relationship

Match voiced by Nolan North - He is a genomorph created by Project Cadmus and the first attempt at cloning Superman which didn't go well, since Kryptonian DNA is tricky to clone compared to that of earth's lifeforms.

His name was derived from Lex's desire to "have Superman meet his match.

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However, Match attacked Superboy after seeing his Superman-insignia. He had been programmed to respond to this, in order to attack Superman. Match then burned a backwards "S" onto his chest with heat-vision, mirroring Bizarro. By using the shields given to him by Luthor, Superboy was able to defeat Match. The pod containing Match was later stolen from Project Cadmus during the Light's raid.