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That's why Reiji doesn't seem to have much of a problem when Yui picks nor does he particularly care when Yui talks to Ayato or the others. Read High school basketball from the story Diabolik lovers Yui x Ayato by That's when the girls started to ask questions on her relationship with Ayato. +. the relationships presented in Diabolik Lovers, do you think Ayato and Yui's The boys have psychologically problems, which are so deeply.

Reiji, on the outside looking in, envied that attention.

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Reiji naturally has a personality that nurses grudges for a long time, as evident by how much he still resents Shu even years later when Beatrix is already dead.

Shu, of course, would rather nap than participate. Reiji calls him a good-for-nothing again and the barrage of insults annoy Shu enough that he decides to participate.

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In his mind, even a useless hobo like his older brother has standards. However, that he has a deep inferiority complex and jealousy when it comes to Shu is fact. The implications are pretty clear. Beatrix, the second wife, had done the unthinkable and given birth to a son before Cordelia, the first wife.

Keep in mind that to become the head of the family, one of the boys would have had to kill their father. Beatrix, as knowledgeable as she was about vampire hierarchy and customs, had to have known this and yet she had no qualms about raising her son to be the perfect heir—the perfect husband killer.

The problem with this fixation of hers is that in focusing on her older son and defending herself from Cordelia, this afforded Beatrix very little time with Reiji.

Though she cared for Shu and wanted him to succeed just as much for his own good as for hers, she only knew how to cause him discomfort with her heavy love. Propriety, status, and accomplishments are important to her.

At the same time, she seems just as awkward about expressing her feelings as he is. Like his mother, Reiji hides behind a mask of perfection and propriety and he could never tell his mother how he really felt.

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He had her killed, convinced that he wanted to see her suffer as revenge for a lifetime of neglect, but he only understood the depth of his loss once she was gone. At his core, Reiji simply wanted his mother to love him and give him praise and attention. Yet this wish was one that, deep down, he was ashamed of. He thought himself weak for seeking such a thing and convinced himself that he felt something else entirely. He says so in his Maniac 03 scene and in his Heaven scenarios.

Again, this resonates because from what we know of Beatrix, she was a strong-willed woman. Despite being the second wife and enduring horrid treatment from both her husband and his first wife, she still kept her head held high and did what she thought was right—even if Reiji was resentful of her not giving him attention, he respected her attitude.

During the times when Shu was outside of the castle messing around, Reiji was indoors. Thus, he was acutely aware of the suffering that Beatrix had to go through. This is probably part of why he resented Shu so much, as well—for abandoning their mother and not living up to her expectations. As Yui is very well aware, when it comes to Shu, Reiji just completely loses his cool. He is incapable of being fair, rational, or sympathetic where Shu is concerned.

Reiji is terrified at the thought that Yui, someone he is interested in and begins to increasingly respect, would pick Shu over him—like his mother did. Reiji and the other brothers Before moving on to talk about his relationship with Yui, I wanted to briefly address how Reiji gets along with his younger brothers.

A lot of people seem to have the impression that Reiji is an indiscriminate hardass who hates his entire family, but honestly I think that putting Shu aside, Reiji bears no ill will towards the rest.

If anything, he goes above and beyond to take care of them. Reiji is kind of the glue that holds the family together. There is no need for him to do so, yet in the drama CDs and throughout the game, you see him taking care of the others. He knows their favorite foods and even prepares their birthday presents and feasts for them. He made all our favorite foods! Not only does he procure a birthday cake, but he also cooks their favorite food for them once again. What does Reiji gain from this? Even though he gets nothing but resentment and insults from the rest of his brothers and some rude nicknames he continues taking care of them year after year.

If anything, he seems almost sympathetic. Though he may not know all of the details, he is at least aware of the fact that Cordelia harassed his mother and that she was horrid to her own sons, as well.

There is a clear difference in treatment and I think that Reiji actually does care about his younger brothers in his own way.

Though whether they actually notice or appreciate his care is another story… Reiji and Yui Finally, of course, we have to talk about Reiji and Yui.

Does he really love her? Is he as much of a douchebag to her as many people like to think? However, Cordelia gives Yui some of her power and so Yui is able to push Reiji away and escape. Why does Reiji snap? He wants to see her dying in agony, wallowing in her regrets of neglecting him and underestimating his worth. For another, according to Cordelia and Laito, granting death to someone who would otherwise be immortal is basically a declaration of love.

So her final words to him, the first time she really looked at Reiji and spoke to him from the heart, were full of love and acceptance. He would have been fine with that in the way that a pessimist is fine when their worst fears are confirmed. I think that deep down, Reiji knows that, too. Reiji himself sees it as a momentary lapse in judgment because he apologizes to Yui for it in his Maniac 08 scene. In the second episode Ayato bites Yui at School exclaiming he has been so patient and he must drink her blood.

When he gets caught by Reiji he is sent home to watch over Yui,He stays with her until she wakes up,he could of left her if he had wanted to but he Stayed with her till she woke up.

After he threw her in the pool the fact that's she started drowning Ayato had a flash remembering the way he was treated as a child being thrown into the lake. Once he had reached her in the water he kissed her then proceeds to drink her blood.

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You see different acts of kindness and Ayato's sadisticness during the series as he tries to make Yui his. When Yui stabbed her self at the end of season 1,all the brothers were concerned but Ayato seemed to be the most asking Reiji if there was anyway he could save her.

When Yui was kidnapped and taken to the Mukami's Ayato was the only one really who showed any signs of trying to get her back. His Clothes Ayato's school uniform Is a blazer with a white trim,a white shirt with a black belt and Ayato's legendary tie he says he knows how to tie on but I don't believe him: He wears blue pants with his belt. He has green eyes like his mother. In my opinion Ayato is gorgeous because mixed with his hair face and Clothes he is a really unique character.

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His personality Ayato is very self-centred only ever showing a caring attitude towards Yui. He is a bossy person and doesn't act surprised when things go his way. He loves mischief and plays lots of pranks on Yui and his brothers. Ayato is know as the trouble maker of the household. He speaks badly of his mother and His father. He also calls his brothers. His fighting skills When Ayato fought Richter he got stabbed in the shoulder.

After putting up a fight to the other much older vampire. After a while things go on and Yui stabs herself afer Ayato catches her on the stairs.