Yusei and akiza relationship marketing

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yusei and akiza relationship marketing

Over the period of time, Akiza and Yusei both were planning to .. fall with boyfriend, and I plan on majoring in Business and Marketing. Divine thought, smirking, Your relationship with Akiza won't stand a chance after this. We know from the first season that Aki is in love with Yusei. there's been obvious chances to show relationships but they've never went that. This Pin was discovered by Lizzy Wang. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

They own a bunch of shares in a multi-million dollar dueling corporation. You know the name? They have some of the best Turbo Drivers on the market. That kid and his family must be loaded.

I mean, my family is well-off, the Princetons make us look like beggars. And Chase certainly isn't shy about letting people know. If he was really that rich, then he must have all of the rarest and most powerful cards on the marker available to him. No wonder Akiza wanted take more time to prepare for this duel. He's full of himself, I know, but he's also an exceptional duelist. I've seen him pull off combos that I never even knew existed.

Yusei looked down into her eyes and saw that there was more to the story. Akiza sighed and continued. He hasn't stopped bugging me to be his girlfriend, no matter how many times I tell him to get lost.

I'll just beat him this Friday. He'll never forgive me for striking such a big blow to his pride. I'll just have a short little talk-" "You do, then I'll refuse to kiss you for a month. No way would he trade Akiza's warm, soft lips for some guy's well-being. She had only threatened to stop kissing him once before when he had offered to teach Jack a lesson about teasing her.

It was Halloween, and Akiza had said she didn't really enjoy the holiday. Jack mouthed off to her, and eventually hit a wound that hadn't yet healed She left the room quickly, ignoring Yusei's pleas that Jack wasn't being serious. Yusei, after glaring at Jack, who feigned cluelessness, ran after Akiza. He found her sobbing in the next room, and he listened as she let all her fears and worries spill out; that she would lose control, hurt more people, be rejected, feared and hated. That she would never be good enough for Yusei, that she would hurt him or hold him back, that he would fall out of love with her.

Never, he had said. I will never stop loving you. Hello, earth to Yusei? Just zoned out for a second. Their tongues fought for dominance in each other's mouths, both desiring to taste more of their lover. Akiza's hands raked through Yusei's hair and his hands trailed down her back, sending excited chills through her body. Yusei lowered himself onto the couch, taking Akiza with him as the two continued to kiss.

Yusei could feel his desire building up with each passing second. He wanted more of her, more of this electric sensation that he felt.

Things were beginning to get heated When they heard the door open. The head Signer hastily fixed his hair, trying to conceal their moment of passion.

yusei and akiza relationship marketing

After all, no couple wants their parents to catch them making out on the sofa. Izinski was the first to enter. I didn't know if you would still be here. How comes the dueling? There's been a few bumps in the road, nothing major though.

They still hadn't told her parents about the eviction notice. Yusei had said that he didn't want anyone else to worry about his problems, but Akiza didn't want to keep it secret.

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She said her father might be able to help them, but Yusei refused, saying he would not accept any handouts. Yusei made a decision. Truthfully, we're a little behind on out rent. Izinski's face became slightly more serious. Well, I hope your landlord isn't giving you any trouble now. Well, if you ever need anything, just let me know. I have to help my friends load up some parts before they head out of town.

Izinski and giving Akiza a quick hug, he headed for the door. He was disappointed that he and Akiza didn't have more time alone, but she shot him a glance that clearly mean 'tonight'.

With a grin, Yusei started his runner and headed back to Poppo Time.

Akiza Izinski

Come nightfall, Yusei had everything set up for Akiza's visit. She had said that he didn't need to do anything special for her, but Yusei wanted to give his girlfriend the very best. A table draped in a white cloth sat in the middle of the living room which doubled as the dining room.

Three candles sat in the middle of the table, waiting to be lit. The lights were dimmed in the room, and once the candles were lit, there would be a romantic glow that filled the air. The food he had cooked wasn't pristine, but he knew that Akiza wouldn't mind.

That was one of the things he loved about her; she didn't want to be treated to the finer things in life. She just wanted to be with him. Yusei was finishing setting the table when there was a knock at the door. He hurried to place the last of the silverware and made one last check of everything before answering the door.

Outside stood Akiza, her Turbo Dueling suit hugging her figure, giving Yusei a slight but magnificent view of her curves He really needed to stop thinking about that before he lost it completely. Beautiful had become Yusei's unofficial pet name for Akiza, and he could tell that she never got tired of hearing him say it. The candles now burned, giving the walls a warm glow in the dim light. Fine china adorned the pure white tablecloth with tall drinking glasses to match.

Two chairs sat at the table, just waiting to be occupied. No doubt about it, Yusei had gone all out for their dinner. Akiza was almost moved to tears. She jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately, in awe of all he had done for her. Yusei gave a sheepish grin. I thought I would treat you to the kind of date you really deserve.

She was his angel, his perfect gem, his flawless rose, and she deserved the best, even though he hadn't been able to give it to her.

yusei and akiza relationship marketing

The claw Signer wiped away a stray tear that had fallen. I love you so much. He served each course himself, and while the food wasn't perfect, the evening was. Akiza was surprised when Yusei brought out a bottle and began to fill her glass with a sparkling liquid. Again, Akiza was awestruck. All of this, just for her? She couldn't believe it. The meal was delicious; salad for starters, pork chops and potatoes as the entree, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Yusei was glad that Akiza was enjoying this, and her happiness meant all the kingdoms of the world to him.

yusei and akiza relationship marketing

After dinner, the two lovers cuddled on the sofa, Yusei softly whispering words of love in her hear, making Akiza feel like Aphrodite herself. The candles still burned as the two began to kiss. The two wrapped their arms around each other and fell onto the couch, Akiza laying on top of Yusei. Desire quickly ran through his veins, and his lips began to move with more force and fervor.

He felt her eagerly sucking on his lips with each kiss, demanding to taste him even more. Soft, quiet moans could be heard coming from Akiza amidst their kissing, and it made Yusei even more excited to have the most beautiful woman he knew right on top of him.

Akiza's hands went to Yusei's head, gently caressing it and running her fingers through his hair. Kissing Akiza was incredible, and Yusei wanted more. It's only 6 hours until their destruction begins.

Akiza, Yusei, you will both suffer, and I intend to make it painful to your eyes, Divine thought, bowing to the makeup artists. After about five minutes, Luna and the girls were starting to get ready for the party.

From what Luna could hear, the boys were starting to get ready too. You get used to it. I hope she's not going to do what I think she's going to, Akiza thought, shivering at the thought. While she was running her bath water, Akiza took her dress out of her closet. Once she really looked at it, Suzuki's comment about her probably looking like Cheryl Burke was true.

Eh, I think I totally look better, Akiza thought, heading back to her bath water. Back to Luna's room, Luna like she said, was in her huge jacuzzi bath tub text messaging people, leaving out the part that she was eating a bowl of ice cream.

Anyway, I can't wait till Justin gets here. He seems like a cool friend, not boyfriend material. He literally has a shrine in his room dedicated to you.

Don't tell him I told you. In Luka's room, Yusei was staring at himself in Luka's mirror. He felt weird wearing a tuxedo. He was just used wearing his normal street clothes. No wonder rich people look so cocky. MY GOD these things are itchy, Yusei thought, constantly scratching his back, Have these people heard of fabric softner? I don't even wear ties and I know how to do it. It's so cool, we look like twins. Too bad you're not single. When was the last time you had one?

Luka didn't say anything. I got my eyes set on someone else. It's just me and you having a friendly conversation. He wanted to go to bingo night at the rec center. After how long she had them closed, they started hurting. I wish I were with my boyfriend. We broke up when I caught him cheating on me. I hope you find another guy who loves you. She couldn't believe that was her covered in all the makeup.

To her it was so cool how the white eyeliner contrasted with the little bit of black eyeliner and the white and silver glitter eyeshadow. I really want to see! As Akiza was heading towards the stairs, she saw that the outside had been set up. Basically, it was white everywhere. White lights, tables, candles that smelled like vanilla, a stage with a DJ, white center pieces, everything you could name.

Okay, Akiza, it's time to stop being a freaking douche bag. You've been with Yusei for almost five months, get over yourself, Akiza thought, heading downstairs. To him she had looked so pretty, he hardly recognized her but her red hair. As they walked outside, people turned around and saw Yusei. At first Akiza was scared because she thought that there would be paparazzi. It's only a family party. I totally love my armwarmers. Especially not in front of people. Now you just have to do it in front of people.

Meanwhile, Jack was inside waiting for Carly to get done using the bathroom. He personally was nervous. This was the first time he'd been out with a girl before. I'm only doing this for you.

He was too busy staring at her dress. It was white and had silver glitter on it and her hair was wavy and her makeup looked like she had none on except eyeliner. He started to see her more than just a friend, and no less. For a few seconds, their lips smacked quietly. That's why I've been trying to say for the last few months we've been living together. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I love you too.

Not because you're the former king, because you'll always be a king in my heart. As the party progressed, Akiza spent most of her time with Luna's mom talking to some of her rich friends. Over the past few months, a lot of people have been commenting how beautiful she looked.

Not far from their conversation was Luna and Suzuki having a conversation with boys from their school. I heard she's going out with Brian now. Anyway, why is that Dexter kid here with your brother, Luna? They've been friends since we were babies. You're hot and he's not.

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Two seconds later, Yusei was right behind him. You're not getting lucky today. Yusei, prepared to see the nightmare of your life, Divine thought, smirking, Your relationship with Akiza won't stand a chance after this. First up, is some dancing by yours truly and the rest of my friends. The first pair is my two dear friends dancing what I call the slow tango, Jack Atlas and his partner Carly!

Akiza just nudged him in the stomach. Give it up for Yusei Fudo and Akiza Izinski. Pretend I'm the only one in front of you. As the music started, Akiza twisted towards one table and flashed a smile, as she and Yusei started to turn and step with one another in unison, then took steps back and forth, and continued to twist. After another few twists, Akiza took sly steps towards Jack, while belly rolling, and lightly shoved him, this caused a few people to laugh for thirty seconds.

Yusei and Akiza continued dancing, until they got to a part where it looked like they were passionately hugging until he dipped and swung her around, and then back to the part where it looked like they were hugging.

Next, Akiza started doing ballerina turns, until a moment where her and Yusei froze for a few seconds and turned around again. As they continued to twist and turn, Yusei and Akiza moved into another dance where as they moved backwards, they continued to turn until Akiza slipped down into what looked like Yusei's crotch but instead her stomach touched the ground as Yusei grabbed her arms and lifted her up on her feet.

They both finished with Yusei sliding onto his knees and Akiza popped her hip out a little and shot her arm into the air. Everyone started to clap and applaud them. Jack obviously was infuriated that Yusei showed him up again.