Zabuza and haku relationship memes

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zabuza and haku relationship memes

Looking for the best & top rated Rose Jack Naruto Zabuza And Haku Anime Art Silk The Master-Student relationships between The Sannins and Team 7. No low-effort memes, image macros or shitposts. .. If you look at their relationship, in some ways Haku plays a supporting motherly role to. Zabuza then proposed to Haku that, if he wanted to be trained Quotes ZabuHaku is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Zabuza.

Sasuke says "How should I know?

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Sasuke then smiles as he remembers all these memories and says, "I don't know. My body just moved on its own. Sasuke glances at Naruto sadly before saying "Don't you die too Tears appear in Naruto's eyes and in the anime he hugs Sasuke's body close to him while crying. What takes the cake is how Sasuke's "death" made Naruto go into his first Unstoppable Rage of the series, in order to take revenge on Haku for wounding and "killing" his friend.

Chapter 34 page 3: Following the Land of Waves arc Sasuke and Naruto act awkward and outwardly hostile around each other after both risked their lives to save one another. In one Shonen Jump interview, Kishimoto jokingly mentions that he doesn't think there has ever been a manga where two rivals kissed and, curiously enough, "Sakura, who had intended to be the first one to kiss Sasuke, has it stolen by her rival Naruto".

Naruto ignores one confession of love and outright rejects a second which he correctly figured out to be fake, in either case done because he was too busy chasing after his best friend. While he states that it isn't about Sasuke and more about showing that the cycle of revenge can be ended, it is clear his motives are deeply personal and have to do with their brotherly bond.

Actually, in terms of Sakura's confession to him, her ultimate goal is to dissuade him from chasing after their teammate and put himself in danger by, which Naruto quickly figures out. Naruto allowing Karui to beat him up, because she is angered at Sasuke for attacking Killer Bee. He does so in the hopes that she can take out some of her anger on him, which is meant for Sasuke.

I can't betray him. The Raikage refuses and leaves Naruto, who appears to start crying a bit and remains curled up on the ground until Kakashi tells him to get up. Before his fight with Kyuubi! Naruto, Orochimaru provokes Naruto by referring to Sasuke as "my" Sasuke. He then says to Orochimaru with a look of pure rage on his face in the manga "In my presence, don't you ever dare speak of Sasuke as though he belongs to you!

From Manga Chapter Yamato and Naruto are training. They are discussing that Naruto has wind element chakra and Sasuke has fire and electricity element chakra. Yamato mentions that Naruto's wind won't work on Sasuke's fire but it will be able to beat Sasuke's lightning. Naruto then says "So I'm the perfect match for Sasuke The only thing that can save a fire from dying and give it even more power, is wind. Sakura states that Sai looks like Sasuke and Naruto responds: They don't look anything alike!

Sasuke looks tons better! Sasuke doesn't look anywhere near that bad! He says that Naruto has influence over Sasuke and is changing Sasuke's heart and goals. Orochimaru then says their best course of action is to separate the two as soon as possible.

Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

Sasuke comes up behind Naruto and shoves the tip of the baton up Naruto's clothed butt. The next scene shows Naruto laying on the ground in pain with the baton stuck in his ass and Sasuke standing above him either not realizing what just happened or ignoring it. In the Shippuden anime, during the Sora arc, Naruto is asked if he had been kissed before.

He firmly states that he has, as he remembers his accidental kiss with Sasuke, and says "I know it was with a guy, but still Sakura gets very pissed off at Sasuke when he tells Naruto his life is none of his business and tells him to shut up. Sakura promptly yells to him, "Do you know how Naruto feels about you?! He'd die with Sasuke, for Sasuke.

And Naruto seems to be the only person in the Narutoverse Sasuke has a strong emotional bond with or any sort of human emotional interactionbesides Itachi. Sasuke makes it even more apparent.

Shortly after meeting up with Sasuke at Valley Of The End Naruto tackles Sasuke to the ground, straddles him and punches him across the face. Sasuke then spits blood at Naruto's face and they grab each other by the shirt pulling their faces close to the others. Then Sasuke laughs and, in the dubbed version says "Remember how ''thrilled'' you were at the thought of beating me to a bloody pulp?

Where's your smile now? The above image which depicts the scene at the end of their fight where the pain from Sasuke's curse seal makes him fall to his knees above an unconscious Naruto, with his head hanging just above Naruto's so that he's staring at Naruto's closed eyes in the rain.

Then there's how Naruto's laying unconscious on the ground after their fight and Sasuke is shown standing above him looking at him and not leaving. And there's also that flashback to when they were younger where they link fingers and Naruto is shown smiling causing a frowning Sasuke to smile back at him while the wind blows in their hair.

And then there's chapter where we see a flashback of a young Naruto and Sasuke sharing a secret smile and how Naruto cries Berserker Tears at having to fight Sasuke.

And in chapter we get another scene of Naruto straddling and pinning down Sasuke when trying to convince him not to go to Orochimaru. Or how Naruto is shown looking at Sasuke with a very upset expression on his face and thinking "Can you kill me calmly In one scene when Naruto progresses in his waterfall training Kakashi muses "The training method isn't the only reason for all this progress.

Sasuke is what makes him so determined. In Shippuden episode a filler Naruto and Sasuke briefly intertwine fingers when trying to push the job of babysitting an ostrich onto the other. In the fourth OVA Finally a clash! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!! In the manga when Naruto and Sasuke meet again Madara tries to get Sasuke to leave but Sasuke tells him to wait and actually stays to listen to Naruto when Naruto wants to tell him something.

In a filler episode Kabuto who's actually Kagerou in disguise tries to kill both himself and Naruto by squeezing his heart that's connected to Naruto's and before doing so says "Time to leave this mortal coil then you can finally see your beloved Sasuke.

Naruto says he has to get back to Konoha to wait for Sasuke because he made a promise to him. Shippuden episode a filler has a second Sasu Naru kiss, the two boys glued together by their hands, peeing together, Naruto straddling Sasuke and getting very close to him as he shouts about going to save Sakura, a scene were they are sopping wet and panting side by side.

To top it off, the two boys then fight together in perfect sync, and finish the episode off by being told that they will have to stay like that for two or three days, much to their dismay.

There's also phallic rock under the waterfall and the water that forms a heart-shaped splash. To make the scene even more humorous, Naruto's sexy music plays when they realize they're stuck together.

In chapter 3 after their Accidental Kiss Sasuke defends Naruto when Sakura dismisses Naruto for being an orphan and speaks lightly of what it means to be without parents. In chapter 8 and in the anime Sasuke shares food to Naruto along with Sakura. Also, Naruto reacts quite fiercely when Sai insults Sasuke, even more so than Sakura. Sasuke occasionally thinks of Naruto. The most poignant moment is when in The Land of Waves he looks at the bridge named after his friend, suddenly looking all serious.

In the first official character databookthere is a picture of the kiss with the caption, "Will Naruto bittersweetly relax Sasuke's obstinate heart!? Taken out of context, every conversation Sasuke has with Naruto in Shippuden and their behaviour towards each other plays out like a bad break-up or the fighting of jilted lovers the few canon love confessions in the manga are incredibly similar to said conversations and can in fact be easily swapped in for the dialogue.

Any conversation Naruto has with Sasuke after the time-skip is oddly reminiscent of someone who just got dumped and is trying to win their lover back. Also, Naruto seems to have a "broken heart" thing going on after Sasuke leaves. In Konoha Gakuen Den Naruto grabs Sasuke by the shirt when pissed at him while Sasuke smirks and Naruto calls him "iro otoko" which means "pretty boy, lady-killer, sexy guy". Not to mention the following lines at the end of Konoha Gakuen Den: Just you, my only If you replay that part it looks like he's giving Naruto a blow-job.

Sasuke getting worried for Naruto's safety when he learned Itachi was in town and was after Naruto. This motivational poster highlights some nice scenes quite well. In Part I there were moments where Sasuke would constantly worry about where Naruto was and would even worry about him. The Sasuke x Naruto dynamic was the focus of the 2nd Shippuden Bonds movie with Naruto constantly chasing after Sasuke, Naruto and Sasuke fighting together, and Naruto destroying the part of the fortress that Sasuke was on to get him to leave and smiling fondly at him was oddly reminiscent of a certain romantic scene between Rose and Jack in Titanic when Rose got on one of the last lifeboats and was looking at Jack much like how Sasuke looked back at Naruto.

zabuza and haku relationship memes

Also, there's a scene where Naruto and Sasuke run past each other and have a Held Gaze moment. Naruto seemed to have a thing for putting his arm around Sasuke in the past and then there's that time in Part I when they returned from training and Sasuke was helping Naruto walk, supporting him. Note that Sasuke was heavily injured when he shielded Naruto from hitting the tree.

Sasuke also says about Naruto that he doesn't want him to die, describing him and Sakura as "those dear to him". In Part I Sasuke acknowledging Naruto as his equal and saying that he really wants to fight him with a smile on his face and Naruto agreeing that he wants to fight Sasuke too. Shippuden episode 48 has Naruto respond to Sai's question of why he's trying so hard to bring Sasuke back to Konoha when he thinks so little of him with a smile and "Back in the day, I couldn't stand Sasuke.

Even though neither of us had families, he was an elite and I was last in the class. But it really was a lot of fun when we were together. He acknowledged me more than anyone else ever did. Sasuke is my friend. Someone who I was finally able to form a bond with. I don't care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms off I'll kick him to death. If he rips my legs off I'll bite him to death. If he rips my head off I'll stare him to death.

And if he gouges out my eyes I'll curse him from beyond the grave. Even if I'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru! Sasuke and Naruto's japanese voice actors once recorded a scene where Sasuke confesses his love for Naruto. Naruto once glared at Sai and told him "If it's to save Sasuke, I'll do anything. I'll even work with you. How Naruto and especially Sasuke tend to act like a sort of Tsundere towards one another.

Naruto angsts about Sasuke almost nonstop, even to the point of going into an Angst Coma. Some of the moments they have together are very suggestive and it looks more like they're having sex.

Like if you replay any part where Naruto is straddling Sasuke while they're fighting at the Valley of the End it looks like they're having sex. Not only that, the infamous kiss is a used to remind you of Sasuke and b a chapter or so after that, close enough to the reference, Sasuke appears again He once stated at a panel: Maybe if you aren't doing anything later This panel has a fan asking Maile which one she preferred: Zabuza and Haku encountered the Kaguya clan fighting against another, but it was none of their business, so they left, then they encountered Kimimaro the only survivor of his clan, but they left him as well.

Zabuza attempt to attack the Fourth Mizukage but failed and fled with the Demon Brothers, that is the reason why he joined the Seven Swordsmen. The two teams encounter each other. Naruto wasn't there at the time because he overslept.

Kakashi continued his battle and launched an attack called lightning blade, it was clear that the attack would have killed Zabuza if it wasn't for Haku. Haku was able to save Zabuza by taking the attack on him as a human shield, Haku died.

zabuza and haku relationship memes

Gato arrived and told Zabuza that his other client should kill Tazuna instead of him, there was no use for him now. Zabuza ended the battle with Kakashi because there was no use for him to fight him anymore. But Naruto provoked him to not leave while he was shouting the feelings that Haku had for him and many other stuff, when Zabuza heard Naruto, he revealed his feelings as well by crying, then he fought Gato and all his clients with just a kunai hanging in his mouth, being stabbed along the way, ending Gatos live.

Zabuza died lying on the ground beside Haku. Zabuza wished that wherever Haku was now, he wanted to go at the same place, thinking that he would end up in hell and Haku would end up in heaven. Kakashi believed that maybe Zabuza would end up in heaven after all. The fourth Shinobi War was coming and Kabuto Yakushi reincarnated Zabuza and Haku and many others to fight against the allies.

Zabuza was angered with Kabuto, because not only did he used the dead to fight for him but he figured out that they also could not die. Kabuto made a good move on erasing their memories so Zabuza wouldn't fight alongside Kakashi. The other seven swordsmen appeared and Zabuza joined them.

Zabuza and Kakashi began to fight once again, his sword was broken but it vegan reforming with the iron he collected of the enemy's blood. Kakashi made another attack and once again Haku became another human shield for Zabuza.