Zayn and gigi relationship advice

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zayn and gigi relationship advice

It looks like Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship is stronger than ever after the couple posted a photo looking super loved up, with Gigi. Zayn Malik may not want to define his back-on relationship with Gigi want to believe me or take my advice it's fine but one day some of you. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship is going in the right direction! But the year-old revealed that the style advice goes both ways.

Zayn and Gigi help up a fan who fainted with excitement at the sight of the celebrity couple.

zayn and gigi relationship advice

Did we expect anything else from the down to earth pair? When Zayn and Gigi were spotted leaving her apartment, a fan got too excited and ended up fainting in front of them.

Being the seriously cool and kind people that they are, the young couple helped her to her feet with Zayn visibly lifting her up. Zayn protects his girl as they make their way through crowds. Making sure that no harm came to Gigi, Zayn was spotted guiding the supermodel through the hoards of people who were waiting to greet them at his apartment. Now, if that's not a gentleman, we don't know what is.

Zayn REFUSES To Label Gigi Hadid Relationship & DISSES The Met Gala

Zayn and Gigi make their red carpet debut at the Met Gala Ball With the theme being Manus vs Machina, Gigi turned up rocking a metallic embellished dress whilst Zayn rocked a suit with armour sleeves.

Staring into each other's eyes, the young duo could not take their eyes off each other. If this isn't the definition of CoupleGoals, we don't know what is. The pair are plagued by break up rumours but this is the photo which confirmed their reunion. Most couples in the public eye are rumoured to break up in the press at one point or another, but in typical Gigi and Zayn style, they shut down the talks of a split pretty quickly with this adorable photo of them cosying up in bed.

zayn and gigi relationship advice

Gigi continues to prove the strength of their relationship as she sings along to Pillowtalk. Because nothing shuts down rumours of a break-up quite like singing along to your boyfriends number one single, 'Pillowtalk', right Gigi?

Zayn And Gigi Hadid : 15 Facts About Their Relationship

The pair head off on holiday together along with their families to celebrate Gi's 21st birthday. Spotted climbing with Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, it seems that Zayn has been accepted into the Hadid clan with open arms. Gigi pays tribute to her boyfriend as he declares that he is battling anxiety. Proving she supports her man no matter what, Gigi took to Twitter to post a public message of support for Zayn.

zayn and gigi relationship advice

This came after he publicly announced his battle with anxiety. The pair leave Gi's apartment holding hands, looking stronger than ever.

What caused the break-up?

zayn and gigi relationship advice

Did someone cheat or were they fighting or did one of them fall for someone else? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't seem like Gigi and Zayn are giving the reason right now Yup, that definitely sucks because of course you really need to know.

zayn and gigi relationship advice

Instead of giving a reason, the two celebs gave public, official statements about parting ways on their Twitter accounts. They both said super sweet, polite and respectful things about each other Seriously, though, what could have possibly slip these two up?! In the case of Gigi and Zayn, people honestly thought that the two were going to get engaged soon, and when you analyze what you knew of their relationship, it definitely seems like that could have been the case.

There were a ton of rumors about an engagement Maybe they felt like that would have been the next, logical step in the relationship and they weren't ready for that? It's all very sad and confusing and just the worst news ever.

That might have been the rumor, but right after stories were published about that, they were spotted out and about and looking as lovey-dovey as ever before. As an article on Cosmopolitan. Do you think that they broke up and got back together a whole bunch of times?!

That's a truly heartbreaking thing to think about. They just always seemed great together and really in love, so it's hard to believe, but of course anything is possible and no one will ever really know for sure.

Gigi Hadid Claps Back at User Who Calls Her and Zayn Malik's Romance Fake

On the one hand, the fact that he unfollowed them both seems super sudden Wouldn't he still want to follow them if he and Gigi wanted to remain friends if that is what they both want?

On the other hand, you've probably gotten rid of your ex-boyfriend on social media, so you can see why this would be a thing. Social media definitely makes breakups a whole lot trickier. Maybe Zayn got a tattoo that professed his love for Gigi Hadid recently and fans are talking about it a lot now that the two have announced that they're going their separate ways.

What is the tattoo?