Zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

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zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

He married his college sweetheart Zoe Henry in . her embark on a casual fling with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and start a relationship with David more. Although not all of the relationships lasted, some of the soap stars are now happily married with children. View Gallery26 photos Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry. Jeff Hordley is an English actor most notable for playing Cain Dingle in ITV's long -running soap He married his college sweetheart Zoe Henry in Henry.

Did you try and look like any of your musical heroes as a teen? But I used to have my hair pretty long most of the time, you know the same thing the Roses would have, a bit like the San Francisco hairdos those 60s bands had, that type of thing.

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You mention playing South and DJing on a regular basis, so was it ever an option rather earning money acting? And what was your bag, what did you play? Earlier this year, in an interview with Nicky Evans for Live4ever, your friend and fellow actor, cited you as one of his sources for new music, so are you always on the look out for new tunes and bands? Yes I am, from the days of Manchester in the early 90s and places like the Hacienda.

zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

In fact I was over in Manchester a few weeks ago and saw a band called Little Barrie and Mani was at the gig as the guitarist in Little Barrie is the same guitarist as in Primal Scream. Amazing, really was, sounded so fresh yet took you back as well, top night. I saw him in a church in Leeds and his album was one of the most listened to albums of mine last year and I really like that folky confessional type stuff.

zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

One gig I have to mention is The Flaming Lips show I went to not long back which was a fantastic show. Wayne Coyne crowd surfing in a big plastic ball with masses of balloons being dropped all over the crowd while they go through their set, visually fantastic and just an amazing gig.

Fortunately for me, she said yes.

zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

They have a home in Saffron Waldon, Essex, near Zoe's family, and a flat in Leeds, which is convenient for both the Emmerdale set and the West Yorkshire Playhouse, where Zoe is currently appearing in the Accrington Pals.

Being busy means that they don't get to see as much of each other as they would like, but they are now enjoying the fruits of their labours at Manchester Metropolitan University, where they met as students.

I made moves and, fortunately, she said yes on that occasion too. I like to keep my private life to myself. I wouldn't want to bring that kind of intrusive pressure on myself or on my family and my friends.

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Perhaps you should ask me again in a year's time. His mother Linda - a nurse - died of Crohn's disease when he was nine and he, too, underwent surgery for the condition when he was at drama school. Crohn's never goes away entirely but he has now enjoyed years of good health. His father, Jeff, re-married a few years after his mother's death and, despite the tragedy, Hordley says he, his two brothers and a sister had a happy childhood. It was at North Chadderton Comprehensive where he first tried his hand at acting in the drama classes run by Colin Snell - now head of his own theatre school.

zoe henry and jeff hordley relationship

Fellow North Chadderton pupils included Nicola Stevenson. After school, he worked at a Manchester record shop, toured Greece and then got a "proper job" at Holroyd Meek, the Oldham accounts company where "virtually everyone in town has worked at one point or another.

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It was there that I realised I didn't want to push pens. Acting was the only thing I had ever done which I had enjoyed, and I picked it up again with Colin Snell, who had his own theatre group by then.

I really do owe him a great deal.