10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

Watch The First Meeting Between The 10th and 11th Doctors In This Clip From 'The Day Of The Doctor'

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

The episode featured the return of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and the appearance of and a unique TARDIS control room predating those seen in Series 1. to have a "complete set" in time for Matt Smith's upcoming final episode. .. Kate explaining to Clara that the Doctor has met an earlier version of himself. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who episodes. Stories: Doctor Who: Dalek television and film stories. As the Doctor is a time traveller he does indeed meet himself every so often which recently aired with Doctors 10 and 11 as well as the "War Doctor". One of the specials named "The Day of the Doctor" features David.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

Home, the long way round. The War and Tenth Doctors realise they will not remember what happened; they will continue shouldering the guilt. The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More. The Eleventh Doctor decides to find Gallifrey. Continuity[ edit ] As the show's 50th anniversary special, the episode contains a multitude of references to previous episodes. It opens with the title sequence and theme arrangement used at the series' debut in Echoing the opening of " An Unearthly Child ", the first episode of the first Doctor Who seriala policeman is shown walking past the sign for I.

Foreman, the scrap merchant in whose yard the TARDIS was located, and its first few seconds are in monochrome as had been the case in The Two Doctorsthe last time more than one Doctor had featured in an official story.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

Coal Hill Schoolwhich the Doctor's granddaughter Susan Foreman attended when they were on Earth in in the very first story, also featured in the serial Remembrance of the Daleks. According to the school sign, the chairman of the school governors is now Ian Chestertonone of the First Doctor's original three companions and a science teacher at the school, and the headmaster is W.

Lethbridge-Stewart was a central character in the Third Doctor 's era and also several of his successors', originally appearing in the Second Doctor serial The Web of Fear and making his last appearance in Doctor Who in Seventh Doctor serial Battlefieldwhich is also referenced.

An image of the Brigadier is seen alongside images of various companions of the Doctor. The UNIT dating controversy, regarding whether the Third Doctor era stories took place in the s or s, is alluded to in dialogue by Kate Stewart, when she mentions that events occurred in "the '70s or '80s depending on the dating protocol used".

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When the Eleventh Doctor tells Clara that the situation is "timey-wimey stuff," and the War Doctor ridicules him for it, the Tenth Doctor remarks, "I have no idea where he picks that stuff up"; the Tenth originally used the phrase in " Blink " Likewise, a Time Lord says, "I didn't know when I was well-off. All twelve of them. The reality is though that, aside from the references and images from the older episodes, this really is more of a celebration of where the show is right now rather than reaching back to try and capture any specific other era.

This shows in the film because it fits very naturally into the last few seasons in that it is entertaining, doesn't always hang together, has the odd "intense" character moment to make the viewer think it might do more, has lots of timey-wimey stuff and occasionally just relies on the BBC orchestra bashing out dramatic music to make the viewer think it is more exciting and engaging than it actually is.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

This isn't to say that it is bad, but just that while it has the strengths of the recent shows, it also has the weaknesses as well. As such we have some comic stuff that doesn't work, a whole plot line involving the Queen which really doesn't seem to fit particularly well into the other thread and, as a result, just appears to be dropped when it suits.

The darker thread is more engaging and, although it gives the character a bit of a cop-out, I did find it interesting.

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A big part of this is the performances from the 3 Doctors. Hurt is easily engaging and, if this is below him, he certainly doesn't show it.

10th and 11th doctor meet episode 1

Tennant is a welcome return aside from a bit too much mugging with the Queen, while Smith is OK but really standing next to these two doesn't help him one bit. Coleman is her usual flirty self — she has a nice twinkle and she suits the tone of most of the show now, but there is not too much beyond this. I have no idea why they wanted to bring Piper back — she did not need to be the character she played and her performance is a bit too stilted and awkward — I could have lived without her.