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This is What Happend adventure time with finn and jake - adventure-time-with- fionna-and-cake Photo. Michel. Did it for the Lawlz. See more. See more ideas about Adventure time, What time is and Finn jake. Adventure Time, Finn and Jake, Fionna and Cake. .. It looks like shark boy and lavagirl. Linda xd Marceline, Finn The Human, Fanart, Gender Swap, Finn Jake, MarcelineFlame Princess And FinnAdventure Time AnimeWhat Time IsSharkboy And .. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Marceline, What Time Is, Anime . Charlie gave me his coat and snuggled me during a rain storm soon after we met.

Anyway, after Marcie sings a song about the corrupted relationship between her and her father, Finn attempts to make Marcie feel better by traveling into the Nightosphere to release her dad.

However, instead of reconciling with his daughter he goes on a savage rampage throughout Ooo, heartlessly eating souls with a few condescending one-liners.

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They try and fail various times to block the horse from their sight, and they are forced to come out and attempt to confront the horse themselves. In this episode, we learn that Jake can play Beethoven and Mozart on his viola: He must travel through a swamp, silence the echoing of the woods, and defeat the one thing that stands between him and his armor. All while avoiding Sir Slicer and his endless stack of condescending ridicules.

But not just any story. This story needs to contain romance, fighting, suspense, and a happy ending. To find elements for his story, Finn travels to the forest where his story search ends up getting out of hand—he catches Boobafina the duck and Mr.

When Snorlock ends up using the treehouse as a shell, Finn and Jake attempt to teach Snorlock the bases of talking to the ladies with role-playing, saying that feminine mollusks love men with swords. When Snorlock finds a sword and beatboxes at the same time, he woos a group of female snails that begin to destroy the house. Not weird at all, right?

Well, after the party at night Finn is kidnapped by the gnome, befuddling Jake and BMO at his absence in the morning. When Jake realizes Finn is missing, he searches for him but must overcome several distractions including telling jokes with Nymphs and being possessed with the energy of a thousand partying demons… Yeah, you heard me.

Thence Jake decides to start a non-violence vow—however, his timing is off, as a crystal they find opens a portal to the Crystal Dimension, where Finn is kidnapped for their great master. And why is Finn getting kidnapped so much? The only one reliable enough to take these tarts through the whole kingdom and into the Badlands for the back rubbing ceremony was the Royal Tart Toter.

As the Toter is now too old and daft to do his job, PB needs a new Toter to take the royal tarts into the Badlands—and who else to rely on but Finn and Jake? But this is a life-or-death situation—if the two fail to deliver the tarts punctually, PB will be beheaded! The story starts when Finn and Jake are chewing apples to feed the masticated matter to a group of baby birds, and their mother rewards the two by calling them heroes.

Meanwhile, a tree witch, who was apparently eavesdropping the entire time, emerges from the bushes in awe of standing before true heroes. She is unhappy with her balding, and would love to have a nice head of hair. Finn wants to hide until the Ice King comes back, but Jake resorts to abandoning their hiding spot, which causes Finn to chuck a meatball at him.

Finn uses condiments to paint Jake up and covers the house with rainbow jelly to trigger a rainicorny ambience. Apparently two are good and one is evil, and that one evil pod must be destroyed once and for all. Finn and Jake accept his offer moments before he dies, and they decide to plant the pods to see which one is evil. The next day, one pod splits open to reveal a group of cute piglets in several costumes including a chef, a bumblebee, and a magician. The second splits open to reveal a pack of magic wands, which the piglets play with.

The third splits open to reveal nothing but ice cream. The scene changes to the Ice Kingdom with Ice Queen walking to her "home". Ice Queen walks in and Gunter happens to notices her walk in and starts quacking to warn Ice King that there is an intruder in the Ice Kingdom.

Ice King walks in the room and sees Ice Queen he thinks she's a princess. Then he said "that a queen is much better then capturing princesses all the time". Ice Queen pauses and thinks evil of an idea and tells Ice King about a deal she would like to set a deal with him.

The scene changes to the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum working on something. Then she hears Finn's voice yelling her name then turns to see Finn behind her from a distance.

Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake

Finn tells her that there's a problem then she ask what it is. Then at the door, Fionna peek in at the room with Cake and Jake behind her. The princess asks who just appear by the door then Finn introduces Fionna and Cake to Princess Bubblegum and said they're from an alternate universe.

Fionna explains a little more about herself and Cake's state and Princess Bubblegum agrees to help them. Princess Bubblegum shows all of them her new vortex machine she was working on before they showed up. She states that she's not finished with it and tells them to come back later. Then they all leave to go to the tree fort to wait for her to finish the vortex machine.

Princess Bubblegum tries to connect the last part of the machine to get it to work properly and it is a huge success. When she was distracted someone behind came up and covered her mouth and kidnapped her. The scene changes to the Tree Fort, the gang is still walking. Lumpy Space Princess ' voice came out of the blue as Finn and Jake turned to her and asked her what was happening. She told them that the Ice King and a queen were kidnapping princesses in Ooo.

Fionna knew it was Ice Queen. Finn asked Fionna "who is Ice Queen". Cake responded saying the Ice Queen was like the Ice King but eviler. Fionna told Finn and Jake that they should go to the Ice Kingdom to check it out. Finn agrees with her then changes into his yellow sweater and so does Fionna. Fionna thinks that they need faster transportation to the Ice Kingdom and Finn agrees but wonders how they will accomplish this. Jake brings up finding Lady Rainicorn to take them there.

Finn thinks it's a great idea and they all go to Lady's house where they find her with Lord Monochromicorn. Then Fionna tells Lord Monochromicorn that maybe he and Lady Rainicorn can both take them there since they're friends. Lord Monochromicorn agrees and charms Lady Rainicorn a little then Cake and Jake get even more jealous. Ice King shows off Ice Queen to all of them and saying she his queen. Ice Queen gets annoyed and says "For the last time I'm not 'your' queen".

Finn then realizes that has met Ice Queen before in the crystal dimension and before he met Fionna and Cake. Then Finn then tells a story of when he and Jake met Ice Queen and how he fought her. Then Fionna and Cake hear voices screaming their names.

Then Finn declared that they would save them from those two. Then the scene changes to outside of the Ice Kingdom with Marshal Lee and Marceline talking with each other. Marceline hears Finn's voice from a distance from where she and Marshal Lee are. Marceline decides to go investigate where the noise came from and takes Marshal Lee with her.

Marceline finds Finn and talks with him to figure out what's going on. Finn notices another vampire with Marceline and asks who's with her. Marshal Lee talks with Marceline and says "it's cool". Fionna notices Marshal Lee then asks him why he's here and Marshal Lee explains that he came here with Marceline. Telling Fionna that there is another vampire she knows she was his opposite. Fionna meets Marceline then Marceline tells her that Marshal Lee told her that she gets pranked a lot and thinks it's funny.

Telling Fionna that, she becomes angry and yells at Marshal Lee for telling Marceline about his embarrassing pranking. Then Finn tells Fionna to wait and says he has an idea. Ice Queen begins the battle with a zap of her ice powers. Fionna is antsy to fight Ice King who seems to be ignoring her and seems to make her upset with him. Fionna, even more upset with Ice King, run toward him ready to attack, but Ice King cheats and freezes Fionna's feet.