All time low meet and greet tumblr

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all time low meet and greet tumblr

All Time Low are my favorite band. They have been for a long time. Finally getting to go to a meet and greet was a dream come true. I was so fucking excited. Imagine All Time Low Band and Crew your time at a meet and greet with him · Part 2 to spending all of your time with him at meet and greet. All Time Low rant. I'm not being funny, but All Time Low selling meet and greet tickets at £50 or whatever got on my nerves a bit. I wasn't offered that during the.

This is more of a challenge where if you have to get the tap completely unscrewed without being caught in the act, pocketing it and getting out of there without anyone noticing.

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So what do All Time Low get up to when you are in a city waiting to play a show? It depends on the day and what our schedule looks like. Some of the guys in the band and crew are very fond of good food and eating out. Are you into any TV shows at the moment?

all time low meet and greet tumblr

We watch a lot of television and movies on the bus. Lots of spoiler drama on the bus. A lot of us were doing Breaking Bad and House of Cards before that. Do you ever look yourself up on Tumblr?

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ATL are pretty huge on there. Sometimes I go in with a little bit of interest but I have to close the page before it gets to weird. So we know that Jack Bakarat gets lots of girls underwear thrown at him on stage… Alex: Woah, I would like to argue that. We ALL get underwear thrown at us. But Jack just hoards it. He makes a point of making himself look cooler and insists that it gets put on his mic-stand. I don't even think it was alcohol, pretty sure there were on some hard core drugs but they kept backing up into me and I kept being pushed back by them and I kept trying to tell them to stop and they were so out of it that they couldn't even tell I was talking to them.

Eventually they just left the pit so then I was fine.

all time low meet and greet on Tumblr

Some guy swung at a girl and punched her, and a guy pushed a girl and she punched him. Then when All Time Low finally came on stage this older couple pushed their way up closer to the stage in front and they were knocking into people and pushing people around and a group of people including myself tried pointing him out numerous times and I saw the a security guard look over but he did nothing.

all time low meet and greet tumblr

Then when this couple decided to leave the pit that pushed people out of the way and when the man couldn't get through this one girl he literally wrapped his hands around her, grabbed her and pushed her out of the way.

At that point I wasn't even having fun anymore because I was constantly looking around myself to make sure something like that didn't happen to me. I got so anxious to the point that I left my spot close to the front and got out of the pit. I was very dissapointed with the way this concert turned out.

all time low meet and greet tumblr

The only reason I did 4. So anyone that was there, fuck you.

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Most of you were assholes. Tess Tabernacle July 13th This was the best night of my life.

all time low meet and greet tumblr

The show started off with The Wrecks they were so sweet and I got to meet them several times after the concert. They love hugs so shower them in love then Waterparks, who I also met during and after the concert. Geoff was such a sweet heart so was Awsten, unfortunately I wasn't able to find Otto.

Swmrs were really good, inspirational.

all time low meet and greet tumblr

And All Time Low played their hearts out. Everyone in this crowd was extremely nice, we all stuck together and watched out for eachother so it was a safe environment.

Event staff was amazing and very nice to people, however did their job very well. Set up speakers, lights, production, ECT. Of course the bands were fantastic.