Andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

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andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

'The Walking Dead' leading man Rick Grimes and the actor who plays him, Andrew Lincoln, made their final series appearance in Sunday's. Andrew Lincoln Gallery By the evening, Rick and Lori meet with Glenn and T- Dog as they arrive at Hershel greets him and boasts he has his leg back. Rick was awarded the People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Anti-Hero. Rick Grimes is a fictional character and the protagonist in the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. . Rick and the group settle into the prison where they meet the former prison inmates who hadn't managed to . War against Negan (– )[edit].

The Governor's men drive a tank through the fences, destroying Rick's home and causing a battle between the two sides. The Governor tries to strangle a badly wounded Rick to death, but Michonne stabs him through the chest. Rick discovers Judith's empty cradle and believes that she has been killed by walkers; heartbroken, he escapes with Carl.

After reuniting with Michonne in the episode " Claimed ", Rick escapes from a dangerous group called the Claimers, before travelling towards Terminus, a supposed sanctuary, in " Us " Rick is seen with Carl and Michonne, walking along the train tracks, heading to Terminus.

In the season finale, " A ", Rick re-encounters the Claimers, who try to kill him, as well as sexually assault Michonne and Carl, but an enraged Rick bites the leader Joe Jeff Kober in the neck as Michonne and the reunited Daryl who had joined the Claimers kill the others. The four head to Terminus, but become suspicious as they discover the inhabitants wearing the clothes belonging to the survivors they knew.

The Walking Dead season 5 In the season premiere, " No Sanctuary ", Rick's group escapes Terminus as an explosion set off by Carol destroys the compound and infests it with walkers. He reunites with his daughter, Judith and graciously thanks Carol, who resettles into the group.

In the episode " Strangers ", the group meets Father Gabriel Stokes Seth Gilliam who brings them to his church to stay before going to Washington, DC in hopes of a cure.

In the episode " Four Walls and a Roof ", Gareth and five other Terminus survivors hunt down the group, capture a bitten Bob, eat his leg and leave him as bait, before the group lure them into the church to be trapped and slaughtered. A rather peaceful resolution is ultimately decided with a hostage exchange, as the group captures several police officers for the exchange. In the mid-season finale, " Coda ", leading officer Dawn Lerner Christine Woods demands Noah back as her ward after Beth's departure, fuelling Beth to try to kill her but she is reflexively shot in the head.

Dawn is immediately killed by Daryl and a stand-off is defused by Officer Shepherd. In the mid-season premiere, " What Happened and What's Going On ", Rick's group travels to Virginia where Noah's community is and eventually strive for Washington despite the cure being outed as false, in hopes of finding a safe haven, but suffer one more loss with Tyreese.

In the episode " The Distance ", the mournful group is encountered by a stranger named Aaron Ross Marquandclaiming to be a recruiter for a community named Alexandria. While distrustful, they follow him as well as his boyfriend, Eric and discover he is telling the truth.

In the episode " Remember ", Deanna Monroe Tovah Feldshuha former congressperson from Ohio and leader of Alexandria interviews the group and assigns Rick as a constable in the community along with Michonne.

andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

In the episode " Try ", Rick has a confrontation with Jessie's abusive husband Pete Cory Brillforcing Michonne to knock him unconscious. In the season finale, " Conquer ", Deanna holds a meeting to potentially exile Rick, but Rick proves he is trying to ensure the community's protection from the living and the dead, before Pete shows up and tries to assassinate Rick with Michonne's katanaaccidentally killing Deanna's husband in the process.

The Walking Dead season 6 In the season premiere, " First Time Again ", while getting reacquainted with Morgan, Rick discovers a quarry filled with hundreds of walkers held in by a barricade that is about to fail.

He takes de facto command of Alexandria with Deanna's approval and recruits the native Alexandrians to help lure the herd away. In " Thank You " Rick and the rest of the groups follow the horn of the truck hurriedly and it separates of Glenn and Michonne, but when it tries to drive its vehicle it is attacked by a group of wolves to which Morgan let them go ahead but Rick he manages to knock down all the wolves that tried to kill him, while trying to restart the RV to go home, he discovers that the engine had been turned off, thanks to a shot fired by the blond wolf.

Each failed attempt to light the RV sends Rick into a state of increasing panic, before he hears the pack's moans as they emerge from the forest beside him. The plan goes awry at several points and Rick returns to Alexandria pursued by half of the herd in the episode " Now ".

Andrew Lincoln with Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun greet fans at Walking Dead Press Day At Comic Con SD

Deanna is revealed to have been bitten and asks Rick to look out for the native Alexandrians as he does his own pre-Alexandria group before she dies. Rick prepares ponchos covered in walker innards for the group to sneak through the herd to safety. Sam suffers a mental breakdown in the mid-season premiere " No Way Out ". Sam is killed, followed by his mother, and Ron shoots Carl in the eye before being killed by Michonne. Denise Cloyd treats Carl, an enraged Rick leads nearly all of Alexandria in battling and defeating the herd.

Rick tells a comatose Carl that he now has hope for the future again and plans to rebuild the town, two months later, in the episode " The Next World ", Rick and Daryl meet Paul "Jesus" Rovia on a supply run and after take him back to Alexandria. He later begins a relationship with Michonne.

In the episode " Knots Untie ", Jesus takes Rick to the Hilltop Colony, and when he learns they live in fear of Negan and his Saviors, offers to assassinate him in exchange for a trade of supplies. After a successful raid on the Saviors in the episode " Not Tomorrow Yet ", Rick believes the threat of the Saviors to have been vanquished, only to be proven wrong when Denise is killed in the episode " Twice as Far ".

Rick makes preparations for an attack from the Saviors in the episode " East ", but in the season finale " Last Day on Earth " when Maggie has complications in her pregnancy, leads a team to seek Dr. Carson's aid at Hilltop. The group is herded into a trap by the Saviors, and Rick watches helplessly as Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan kills two unseen members of the group.

Negan torments Rick, saying that their deaths were his fault for crossing the Saviors, and threatens to kill them all unless Rick submits. In " Service ", Rick is forced to abide by Negan's rules and the opposition of Spencer, whom he threatens.

In " Go Getters " Rick plans an expedition to go find more supplies, knowing that the saviors will return for more offerings and Aaron offers to accompany him. Carl looks at his father reluctantly to see him too submissive to Negan's orders and began to treat him with indifference, rejecting even his offer to accompany him on the way out. Michonne gave him an intense kiss goodbye as a sign of support. Negan explains that Spencer asked him to kill Rick so he could take over.

With some prodding from Michonne, Rick agrees to stand up and fight, and goes to the Hilltop. In " Rock in the Road ", Rick attempts to gather an army to fight Negan; when Rick fails to rally enough people in Hilltop, Jesus brings them to a community known as the Kingdom. Rick and the group are able to procure wired explosives left by the Saviors. Later, Rick and the others are surrounded by a new junkyard group.

In " "New Best Friends"Rick negotiates with the leader Jadis Pollyanna McIntoshand she agrees on one-third of supplies once the war is over, but they need a large quantity of guns to make a formal alliance. In "Say Yes"Rick and Michonne look for guns. They bond, have sex, and have a deep conversation about whether he will die in the war, asking her to take over if he does.

Jadis is dissatisfied with their offering, but Rick manages to convince her to let them keep some of the guns while they find more. They huddle the community at gunpoint, but promise they will return them later. They fail to convince Oceanside to fight, however. It backfires when it is revealed Jadis was already working with Negan.

andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

Negan threatens to kill Sasha, and Rick asks to see her. Sasha, having committed suicide to prevent herself from being used as bait, reanimates as a walker and attacks Negan, buying the Alexandrians a chance to open fire against the Scavengers and Saviors. Rick is shot by Jadis after he tries to re-negotiate, and later soldiers from the Kingdom and the Hilltop arrive to save the day.

This prompts Negan to retreat. The episode and season ends with Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel uniting the three communities together. The Walking Dead season 8 In the season premiere, " Mercy ", Rick stands before the assembled forces of the Kingdom, Alexandria and the Hilltop and declares the world to be theirs. He leads a large convoy of survivors with armored vehicles to the Sanctuary to confront the Saviors. Rick offers the Saviors the chance to surrender, but states that Negan has to die.

The group then opens fire, ravaging the Sanctuary before a massive herd of walkers led by Daryl arrives. Rick uses an explosive-laden RV to blow open the gates. As walkers flood into the Sanctuary, Rick spots Negan taking cover and attempts to shoot him, but Gabriel stops him. In the episode " The Damned ", Rick and Daryl lead a group of survivors to take control of a Savior compound with the added goal of capturing a stash of guns housed inside. Rick finds where he believes them to be housed, but only gains access after killing a Savior in a brutal fight.

He opens the door to find a nursery with a baby inside, forcing Rick to question the morality of his plan. This is compounded when he is confronted by former Atlanta survivor Morales Juan Parejanow a Savior, who informs him that reinforcements are on the way. Their conversation is cut short when Daryl kills Morales from behind, despite Rick's protests.

He is further disturbed when Daryl executes a Savior who Rick had promised to let go in exchange for information. In " Some Guy " Rick and Daryl chase a savior named Iago and another escaping rescue partner, while they make a hasty pursuit with weapons on their backs, one of the men of the saviors begins to shoot the two, making Daryl deviate From the road, Rick stays in his way, Iago evades the walkers on the road, pulling the other savior's target and causing him to stumble, When he regains his position and continues shooting at the other truck, Rick veers off to the side, allowing that Daryl, who reached the persecution, open fire against the savior, shoots it several times and manages to shoot down one.

Rick manages to reach Iago's truck and jumps on board, stabs him in the stomach and pushes him out of the vehicle before crashing into the side of the road, Daryl arrives at the scene and meets Rick while both contemplate the condition of caliber machine guns approach the truck to check the remaining savior.

By " The Big Scary U " Rick and Daryl who go to a dying lago to know what happened but this reveals before he dies that all the militia of the Kingdom died with the exception of King Ezekiel, Jerry and Carol finally die and Rick avoids their resuscitation, shortly after they observe the weapons aboard a vanished Salvador's truck that prevented him from returning to the Sanctuary.

They enter into a discussion about what to do with weapons, Daryl believes that they should use them against the Saviors, while Rick sees a more humane solution. The argument turns into a fist fight, which inadvertently results in a dynamite bag thrown at the truck, destroying it along with the weapons, Daryl goes on his motorcycle back to Alexandria, a resentful Rick heads off to another course.

For "The King, The Widow and Rick" in the days after the start of the war against Negan and the saviors, Rick, Maggie and Carol correspond to each other to report their victories and casualties and organize a strategy to launch the next assault in a few days, Rick travels to the scavenger base to meet Jadis, showing him the Polaroid photos of his victories and offers to deal with them in his war despite his altercations; Jadis refuses the negotiation, no doubt, Rick is taken inside a shipping container in captive quality, and left in his underwear.

In the episode " Time for After " Rick tries to negotiate his release with Jadis, but she refuses again, they remove Rick from the storage container, force him to kneel and Jadis brings him a slightly armed walker to execute him, able to dominate Jadis, Rick threatens to let him go or die; she lets him go. Rick then makes a deal to allow the scavengers to share the savior's supplies if they join him, but Jadis demands to see the situation in the sanctuary before she or her people commit to Rick's plan, the scavengers are guided by Rick to the outer perimeter of the enclosure, upon entering, Rick finds one of his snipers dead, being devoured by walkers, unable to eliminate the other snipers, Rick climbs a tower and watches the area from a higher ground, looking at the SanctuaryRick looks horrified at the Sanctuary yard, completely devoid of walkers, only to see an abandoned garbage truck and an open door with a giant hole in the wall of the complex, alarmed by it.

In the final mid season " How It's Gotta Be " Rick marches with the scavengers that take them to the Sanctuary, they are ambushed and the scavengers flee, leaving Rick behind. Carol and Jerry come in a car and pick up Rick.

As they move away, the three decide to separate. Later in the night, Rick finds an Alexandria on fire which forces him to confront again with the rescuers, when he arrives at his house, his house, he finds Negan and the two fight. Negan tries to hit him with Lucille, but Rick manages to escape multiple blows. Negan accuses Rick of not raising Carl in the right way and that he will "fix" him, which will make him one of his best players in a few years and will express that he will not kill Rick soon and will make sure that he does not.

Negan then pushes Rick out the window and the officer escapes, he finds Michonne killing a Savior to death and he stops her, she takes him to the sewer where they all hide, Judith and Carl are safe there with all the In addition to Alexandria, Rick finds Dwight among his people, resting against a wall, although Rick seems surprised to see him, continues without saying a word, is also surprised to find Siddiq in the sewers with the rest of the survivors.

Carl reveals that he brought Siddiq there, then Carl reveals Rick, Michonne and the rest of the people who were bitten by a walker. As Rick mourns Carl's death, he contemplates making his son's peaceful vision of the future a reality. Rick decides to embrace Carl's vision by ending the war without killing Negan, imprisoning him instead. The Walking Dead season 9 Rick begins the season as the de facto leader of all the communities, with Maggie in charge of Hilltop, Daryl in charge of the Saviors, and Ezekiel in charge of the Kingdom.

Rick strives for prosperity and cooperation among the communities, assuring the future that Carl had wished for. However, his choice to spare Negan has cost him his relationship with Maggie and Daryl, who both want Negan dead. Tensions rise between the groups and a small insurrection occurs, led by a small group of Saviors who oppose Rick's rule. This causes an even further rift between the communities, and ideologies clash as Maggie and Daryl begin to oppose Rick's leadership and vision of cooperation.

Rick learns that Maggie is going to kill Negan, and rides with Daryl to try and stop her; however, this results in a fight between the two in which they fall into a chasm, and have to fight their way out to avoid being swarmed by two incoming herds of walkers. Rick tries to salvage the bridge between the two communities, he is thrown from his horse and impaled on a rebar pipe. Crying in agony, Rick is left on the side of the road while he passes out, as hundreds of walkers approach him.

Seriously injured, Rick manages to free himself from the rebar and leads the herd away using his horse, haunted by hallucinations of his dead friends. Finding the camp overrun, Rick leads the massive combined herd onto the bridge, which he believes would collapse under the weight of the herd, but it holds. With his friends desperately trying to save him, Rick shoots fallen dynamiteblowing the bridge up and apparently killing himself in the process.

Unknown to anyone else, however, Rick survives the explosion and is found by Jadis on the riverbank. Jadis convinces her allies in the helicopter to take Rick to safety and treat his injuries.

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He's a musician and he was playing last night, in fact. And I came back from work, after a very long day, looking a little bit different. And he was like, "What? And I said, "I'm not telling you! I even fear somebody is listening in on this phone call as we speak, and not my publicist. Knowing Scott Gimple, and knowing that he has an ambition—I obviously wouldn't want to speak on his behalf, but I'm going to—I think his intention is to keep moving the story forward and changing it up.

It's that double-edged sword. We lose incredible characters and beautiful friendships on and off camera, but we gain new cast and new characters and relationships and story arcs as a result. We hit the ground running, and it doesn't let up. If you want a musical analogy, the first eight [episodes] is "Helter Skelter," and the second eight is "A Day in the Life.

andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

Maybe "Helter Skelter" is a little bit longer than eight. Those are two different songs entirely, so anticipate a changing show. From that analogy it would seem that you're saying that the first eight will be pretty chaotic and the last eight will be a little more reflective. Since you've been playing Rick for five seasons now, do you see him as a fundamentally different character now than when you started playing him?

He's not the same guy. And that has been the joy of playing him. It's funny, because I love it when characters talk about the past in the show, and I also love meeting new characters and hearing their stories. I think it builds the world and makes it a bigger world.

And I had to do a scene where I talked about the past recently, and it was a very well-written speech and a very beautiful moment. And it was very emotional, because the memory of that guy is so faint now. It's funny because you guys watch it, but we live it. It was funny, we just flew into L. That's the most amazing thing about it. Would you say that sense of family has been there since the start?

It began at the start. I mean, God, there are lists of people—this extraordinary ensemble. We were so lucky to get this collection of people who just wanted to take the jump. All of us were like, "Really? We're going to do a fucking zombie show? And I suppose when you do something that scares you, there's nothing like fear to galvanize friendships.

andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

When you think back to that first season, did you have any expectations for how the show would be received? I just wanted to pull off my Stetson and boots and make sure I looked like a cop! That was all I was worried about—and not to be killed falling off horses. I had never read anything quite like it. It was so spare and quiet and the scale of it was so big.

And then I got on set and met Frank, and then we started filming and I met this extraordinary crew that has stayed. This crew is the same crew, for all intents and purposes, since that first shoot. That's how much they care about the story, as well.

When I started filming it, I think we were three weeks in and we were doing a sequence. We were out of sequence, because we had shot a lot of solitary stuff alone, and then we went back and shot the first bit before the apocalypse. Then we shot the waking up scene in the hospital. So we probably had about two and a half weeks of film in the can, and they were starting to assemble it.

andrew lincoln meet and greet 2014

I remember Frank Darabont sidling up to me and very quietly saying, "I think we might have something pretty special here. But you never know. It's like some bands. Some bands are brilliant, but they're 10 years too early or five years too late.

And I think that it just felt like maybe we got lucky.

Andrew Lincoln confirms 'The Walking Dead' exit at Comic-Con

Was there any particular moment when you realized that the show was breaking through and connecting deeply with people? I had been so incubated in what I was doing at work. I had been away from my family and had come to America and studied dialect and the whole thing, and they cut together the trailer and we took it to Comic-Con.

And I don't watch the show, so I don't really know what it was, but I was standing outside, waiting to go on and be introduced to the Comic-Con audience. And the first three or four seconds of the trailer started and there was a shot, and I just heard this roar that came through the hall. And it came through the wall, in fact, where I was waiting outside. And I was just standing there.

★ Andrew Lincoln Address

Do you know the recovery position you do after a long run? You've got your hands on your knees and you bend over. I was just waiting, and I had no breath in me. And then I heard that, and I remember just sliding down the wall going, "Oh, thank God. Thank God we're not fucking it up. But don't fuck it up. So to get a thumbs up was huge information. But that never equates to what happened [in the ratings], I suppose.

What I love about [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] and the writers' room—and all the writers we've had on this show—you've got to keep telling your story.