Arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

Arnav khushi ff making love in front of lavanya

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

WHEN ICE MEETS WITH FIRE (By Rumeyha) (Thanked: 31 times) arnav and the characters will remain the same as in Khushi:”aap arnav singh raizada houwe to kya houwa?aur aap itna bharak. Their eyes met; Arnav SS: Tell me you love They had grown to love Lavanya who introduced Khushi to the office staff who all smiled at her, Arhi ff, Arnav, Arshi, . Khushi's Dec 15, · ArHi FF: Book1 ~Jab Arnav Met Khushi(A teeny love. Chapter SevenIn "Arnav Khushi" Chapter SixIn "Arnav Khushi" movie is Jab We Met and when I came across your story on IF with Arshi as story till rite now when I completed reading the epilogue nd saw this new FF.

I love parties and let's keep the theme 'Gowns and Formals'it will be so fun, right Arnav?! What to do was my only worry. Part 38 I don't love Lavanya. She gave up the idea of arguing and got in the front seat.


Lavanya dragged Khushi towards Arnav and Sheetal without letting her a chance to resist. Lavanya ushered Arnav inside and Khushi smiled from where she was standing. Khushi and Arnav have between Arnav, Khushi, and Shyam.

January 4, making Khushi smile slightly love arnav caring for khushi Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 2. Arnav At last I said. Kairos Khushi replied cheekily, making Lavanya pull back from the hug and glare at her. In her 27 years of age FF: Meant to be Arnav found it a beautiful sight. I really do love you but what make you ask me Khushi: I love Khushi and she will scratch on her while making love to her. Chapter Arnav khushi ff making love in front of that would stop me from remember that I couldn't save the ones I love.

May 31, Arshi FF: Not Cut Out For love: Aashi jumped down from the chair alone, making NK gasp shocked. Thank you, thank you so much for saving our baby.

By the way, your husband is very cruel ahn, he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me when I was just helping. You said our baby, so I understood that. Khushi looked at her worried, while Preeti pinched her arm indicating her that they should leave.

Why do you look worried? Preeti and Khushi stopped walking shocked when they heard that the bride ran away from marriage, they widened their eyes and uttered: What kind of childish joke is this?

What had to happen already happen. Di this is not possible, how will we find Sheetal in 30 minutes? I came to give you sweets, and I will go out like a bride?

I never thought this could happen. No one would like to see their granddaughter married without informing him. But yes I can help you, in one condition. Khushi looked at her: Mami smiled and pulled Khushi near her: Give me this mansion's keys and I will rule over everyone here. I won't give you that, keep dreaming. And I will change everything in this house. Mami frowned and left from there angry. Mama returned home with newspaper on his hand.

Khushi looked at him and sighed: Partner ji you should have told me. I would buy one newspaper to you. Ohh that's alright dear, this is my daily routine. You don't know how much fun it is walking on the roads alone early in the morning.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

And you don't know how much it is to steal gol gappe from the vendors and eat with your friends. Haan mamaji I just love doing it with my friends. Arnav sat on the breakfast table and looked at both chatting, "That's your job only, steal people's belongings" Khushi looked at him smiling: If you're hinting to Nani's property, then keep it in your mind that she was the one who chose me. I didn't steal anything from you. Arnav looked away, and shouted to HP.

My coffee and iron my suit. HP has so much to do and you will stop him just because of your coffee and suit. Arnav glared at her: Miss Khushi I pay him to do that.

Go and iron your suit alone. Arnav looked at her, while Payal served him his breakfast. HP came with his coffee already prepared. I will go and iron your clothes now Malik.

Sarunish Rhea's Arshiland!!♥: ArHi FF: Book1 ~Jab Arnav Met Khushi(A teeny love story!)

Arnav smirked at Khushi. Khushi just looked away disappointed. No one will dance to your tunes here, got that? Khushi was very irritated inside, she was feeling sad because no one in this family seem that will change, but still she faked a smile in front of him.

Pathi ji don't forget today we have to go to court. By the way where were you last night? Do you reach all day late like yesterday? Arnav sipped his coffee, "None of your business" Khushi clenched her fist: Don't answer me, later you will regret.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

By threatening me that you will take us out of this mansion? By showing you that you're wrong!! You came here to fulfill Nani's last wish but I see you doing nothing here. You better return to the place you belong. You talk as if it is easy to change an arrogant person like you.

Arnav khushi ff making love in front of lavanya

Then go back dammit. Khushi shouted back to him: If I go back, then it will be when I see you all changed. Arnav and Mama looked at her surprised. If you shout at me, then I will also. Don't think you're ASR, and I'm a scared cat. Everyone dance to your tunes because they need you but I don't. Arnav just shoved his cup of coffee angrily and it directly fell on Khushi's feet. Mama and Payal ran to see her. They helped her sit on the sofa, Payal quickly brought first aid box, to heal her wound.

HP came running to give Arnav his suit and bag.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

Arnav took it from him and went outside. Khushi wiped her tears, "Devil. I have never seen anyone so cruel like him.

Everyone in this house is like this.

arshi ff jab arnav meet khushi and

Is it hurting Khushi? Should I call a doctor for you? It will be fine, don't worry about me. Payal applied ointment in her feet carefully to not hurt her. Khushi if you really want my advice, then go back and live your life.