Bambi and faline meet ronno

bambi and faline meet ronno

Faline is a female deer and one of the deuteragonist of Bambi. In an attempt to placate Ronno after she and Bambi first meet him, and possibly to spend more.

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He introduces himself and tries to impress Faline and Bambi with his horns, "Stab" and "Jab". He then tells them how he fought off hunters, and how the trick deer by calling, "I'mmmm Heeere," Seeing the two are intimadated, he challenges Bambi to a fight.

bambi and faline meet ronno

His mother calls his name and Ronno whines, "In a minute!! After Bambi has a dream about his mother, he hears, "I'mmmm Heeere," and heads out to the field in search of the noise.

bambi and faline meet ronno

Then the crows fly out of the trees, the signal that hunters are near, and soon enough, big, black dogs run toward him. His father finds him in time, and tells him to run.

bambi and faline meet ronno

But Bambi froze on the spot. Bambi's Father yells, "Run, now! Bambi stands up for Faline When Ronno appears again, Bambi recently got pricked by a porcipine. And infront of your own father!

Then he tries to lead Faline away with him. Bambi then says, Bambi: Angrily, Ronno gets up and chases them. Flower faints as Ronno leaps over him. With a dead end, they jump over a stream to safety. Bambi's father finds them, compliments his jump, and they walk away. He tries to jump it, but he doesn't really make it, so he grabs onto the ledge. Then he falls into the stream. In the midquel where she is still a fawn, she is considerably calmer, serving as a transition between her hyperactive early personality and her maturity as a young adult.

When she appears again shortly after her meeting with Bambi, she is a beautiful and very attractive young doe and has progressed to the point where she makes her moves with what comes across as a thoroughly deliberated strategy, with the possible implication that she had been watching Bambi for some time, waiting for the perfect moment to make her approach. It is notable that she is the one who always makes the first move in their relationship, whether in mere play as a fawn or in romantic pursuits as a young adult.

Although Faline appears dependent on Bambi, with him rescuing her from both unwanted suitor Ronno and hunting dogs, she does have a degree of resourcefulness, as shown by her rock climbing to escape the dogs and the fact that she made her way to a safe place after the fire. The only time she is truly calm as a young adult in the film is when she is seen at the end of Bambi with her and Bambi's twin fawns. It has been postulated that this was because, as she was now a mother, Walt and the animators decided it was only suitable that she be shown in the traditional image for that time period of one.

Admittedly, the fact that she has just given birth to twins may also play a part. Appearances Bambi Faline first appears when she and Bambi are introduced to each other through their mothers' meeting.

Faline says to her mother Ena that Bambi is bashful to which Ena replies that he might not be if she said hello. She says hello to Bambi who after some encouragement from his mother says hello too.

She immediately takes a liking to Bambi and, in her efforts to befriend him, chases him into a small pool with reeds.

In a playful gesture, she teases him by popping her head in and out of the reeds to lick him on the cheek several times, much to his annoyance. However, he soon catches sight of her and gives chase himself, pursuing her into the meadow where the bucks are gathering for the season. Their meeting ends when the deer are all forced to run, due to the presence of man being sensed. Young Adult Faline Afterward, Faline does not appear again until the second half of the film, shortly after the "Twitterpated" sequence.

She returns as a young adult, and predictably she still has Bambi on the run. She actively flirts with Bambi by cornering him into getting his antlers tangled in a tree's branches, giving her the opportunity to lick him on the cheek. Her strategy succeeds without a hitch, and upon seeing Bambi's infatuation, she playfully lets him pursue her in a sequence that turns their surroundings into clouds as a representation of their romantic bliss. However, their blossoming romance is threatened by Ronnowho interrupts the sequence to try and herd Faline away from Bambi out of a desire to make her his own.

Fortunately, Bambi immediately runs to her rescue and he battles Ronno, while Faline stands back against a rock wall to watch them fight over her.

bambi and faline meet ronno

The battle ends when Bambi manages to throw Ronno off of a cliff and into the water below, defeating him although he survives. With nothing else to come between them, Bambi and Faline walk away together into a meadow and frolic through it in the night, set to the song " Looking For Romance ". Shortly afterward, she and Bambi are seen having fallen asleep together in a spot in the woods. However, when Bambi leaves while she is still sleeping to see that man has returned, she wakes up while he is still gone and, out of worry for his safety, runs to look for him.

bambi and faline meet ronno

While searching for Bambi, she runs into the hunting dogs, who chase her until she is forced to climb onto the top of a rock in an attempt to evade them. She is trapped on the rock until Bambi comes to save her again, fighting off the dogs while she escapes. Faline does not appear again until she is shown with the other forest animals in a safe place outside the forest after the fire, anxiously awaiting Bambi's return. She perks up when she sees Bambi, and they reunite happily.

At the end, as a parallel to the beginning, she is seen as a new mother, having just given birth to her and Bambi's twin fawns. She has slightly darker coloring she went back to lighter coloring when she grew up.

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She still has a huge crush on Bambi and even surprises him, making him touch his nose on hers. In an attempt to placate Ronno after she and Bambi first meet him, and possibly to spend more time with Bambi, she suggests to Ronno 'yeah, maybe you should get going' after Ronno's mother begins to call him away. Faline then offers to walk Bambi home but he tells her that his father is coming for him to which she replies that it was nice to see him again before leaving with Ena.