Black family reunion meet and greet themes

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black family reunion meet and greet themes

To help you select the best family reunion theme for your upcoming event, we have compiled some of our favorite family reunion themes to help you decide. Jul 6, Explore Jamie Warren's board "Family reunion themes" on Pinterest. Neon Pink with Black Design Circuit Projects, Vinyl Projects, Family Reunion Planning Guides Apps and Books: How To Plan A Meet And Greet. Discover best Black Family Reunion images and ideas on Bing. Updated daily with the best images from around the web. | See more images and ideas about.

Planning a fall reunion? A reunion during the fall would more than likely be scheduled close to either Halloween or Thanksgiving, so these holidays can be incorporated into your own family reunion if you want a running theme.

black family reunion meet and greet themes

Sports Themes What about a football-related family reunion theme? Professional, collegiate, and even high school football capture the attention of many sports fans, including your family if your family is a sports-loving, football-crazy bunch.

black family reunion meet and greet themes

Football themes are great, and provide the group with lots of good-natured ribbing, rivalries, and football talk. You can even schedule a casual game of flag football as part of the festivities, as well as football trivia games, sports movie night, or a family tailgate party at a football game in the area.

Family Reunion Themes List

Fantasy Themes Children particularly enjoy dressing up in costumes a lot of adults do, too! You can decorate your venue in accordance with your selected theme. Create a fairytale princess castle, decorate the interior of the Star Trek Enterprise, or make a walk-through map of Narnia, to make the whole event more exciting for everyone.

Time Period Themes There are also times when taking risks can actually turn out to be great ideas. With the help of the Internet, family members can now easily trace their family history, and this can be a great time of learning and bonding for everyone attending the family reunion.

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For instance, if you discover your ancestors were part of the California Gold Rush, you can have a mining-inspired theme, have everyone dress up as miners, and look for activities and games revolving around this period in history. For outdoor themes, especially during spring and summer, plan on picnic or bbq fare, along with plenty cold refreshments to keep everyone hydrated.

Family Reunion Centerpieces & Table Decorations

For sports related reunion themes, serve stadium-style finger foods and snacks, such as corn dogs, popcorn, buffalo wings, nachos, etc. They can be so decorative that you might not need many other decorations, or so simple that they just add the perfect finishing touch to the look you are trying to achieve.

Every event where there is a large gathering of people and tables present, should have centerpieces, and family reunions included! However you want to use them, they need to look good or it will defeat the purpose of a decoration!

Family Reunion Themes

So how exactly do you make family reunion centerpieces look good? Before making centerpieces, take into consideration the size of the tables. Making the centerpieces too small, well you might as well not have any.

If there is a theme to the family reunion, this is one of the best places to utilize it. If there is no theme, it is not a bad idea to consider at least a color scheme to make the event look nice. Using family pictures, code of arms, colors from country of origin, or any family-known symbols will all make for great ideas when making the centerpieces, and make it personal to your family.

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Speaking of birds, incorporating your favors is like killing two birds with one stone! Decorations and favors in one! Fun DIY Centerpiece Ideas Family reunion centerpieces can be fun to make, especially if you call upon the help of other family members!

black family reunion meet and greet themes

Make it a fun time, and consider these ideas: Flower pot flower pens: Using ceramic flower pots found in any garden center, paint them to match the theme.

Take pens and fake flowers, attach the flowers to the pens by wrapping them with green floral tape all the way down so that the pen becomes the stem.