Brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

A description of tropes appearing in Retsupurae. If there's one place in the world where Sturgeon's Law is in full effect, it's The Internet. In an age where . my best friend Brak Space Ghost, 90s Cartoons, Tv Land, Cartoon Network, Crystal Stringer and Casey Hayden, oh how I love you for introducing me to Brak and his pure nonsense. Brak poster The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets DC in this epic mashup. .. "Space Ghost, Moltar, and Zorak sit around a coffee table. Brak is a fictional character and supervillain on the Hanna-Barbera animated series . In , Space Ghost, Moltar, Zorak, Mojo Jojo and Brak interviewed professional soccer player Hugo Sánchez on the Latin America Cartoon Network.

After he wakes up from the sleep he goes on to say how he was having the best day he's had in months, much to slowbeef's chargin. Your friend just died. The Retsufrash and Wrongpurae videos from slowbeef and Diabetus are riffs on the games themselves; the former category targets Flash games and animations on Newgrounds while the latter provides commentary over longplays. This came full circle with the Wrongpurae of Shinobi-X; the longplay footage is mostly comprised of cutscenes telling a typical ninja-movie story.

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Other Min which the duo riffs the game's "Theater Mode" rather than the gameplay itself, since their focus is on the abysmal story. A common staple in the featured LPs, where some don't bother to finish their recording proper and end up with them being cut off mid-sentence. Wait, he's saying something! Threatened probably jokingly in "The Marios": Why is no one going to hear this when the video mysteriously cuts off at the five minute mark?

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

Several Let's Players have taken down the Let's Plays or outright closed their account after getting mocked by Retsupurae. David John-Bores the person who recorded Meet'N'Fuck Kingdom for slowbeef and Diabetus commented on the video that he censored the king's erection with a picture of slowbeef's face. This ended up being covered up by a user review. They believe the goons "cherry-picked" moments in his videos when, in reality, that was definitely not the case.

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The laws of probability state that either I am the luckiest motherfucker in the world, or there is an issue that really needs to be addressed. Red Oni, Blue Oni: The main two themselves. Diabetus even mentions this in Retsutalk 17 calling himself the superego and slowbeef the id Chip and Ironicus could also count; Ironicus is usually calm and deadpan, while Chip tends to be more energetic.

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

Rouge Angles of Satin: Frequently in Newgrounds reviews. To add to the hilarity, the riffers usually pronounce the typos when they read it aloud. Star Mission alone has one guy who talks about fucking your finance while another said that the game made his cook steam. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! They also get about halfway through Plumbers Don't Wear Ties before abruptly ending it; Word of God says the game ran out of things to mock shortly afterwards.

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

Chip and Ironicus start on a Minish Cap LP, but when the LPer says his cat is addicted to human sweat just one minute into the video they immediately give up. Brak and Sisto were the main adversaries in the episodes "The Lure" and "The Looters", and the duo were also featured during the six-part Council of Doom storyline primarily in the episode "The Two Faces of Doom".

Brak was voiced by Keye Luke for all of his original Space Ghost appearances. In the episode "The Lure", Brak and Sisto had cat-like whiskers. Brak would continue to make frequent appearances on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, often just yelling short phrases like "All hail Brak!!!

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

His character would develop more of a personality as well as an expanded vocabulary on the spin-off program Cartoon Planetwhich premiered on TBS in Brak was voiced by C. In response to a viewer's letter read on an episode of Cartoon PlanetBrak revealed that his current level of stupidity was the after-effect of being thrown into a space dust cloud by Space Ghost at the end of "The Lure".

brak and zorak meet moltar crystar

Cartoon Network's write-up for Brak explained: It was during this adventure that Brak was irradiated by Pirranamyte, releasing him from the burden of intelligence. Now armed only with his meager wits and the love of a peppy tune, Brak happily entertains fans and annoys his co-stars with equal aplomb.

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He will continue to do so as long as he receives a steady diet of pineapple and processed meats. These specials were intended to test the waters for a Brak spin-off show, but they received only a lukewarm reception from viewers and fans.

A pilot for The Brak Show premiered unannounced at a very early hour on December 21, In this new program, a parody of traditional sitcoms such as Leave It to BeaverBrak plays a suburban teen living with his parents and brother and hanging out with his friend Zorak. This version of Brak is even more childlike and friendly than any previous depiction of him.

In addition to Brak's family and Zorak, new characters such as Brak's robot neighbor Thundercleese were added.