Cars and parts magazine swap meet

cars and parts magazine swap meet

That was one of the great things about the swap meet. Because if you wanted the really desirable actual car parts from private vendors at Since I was working on High Performance Pontiac magazine at that point, I figured I. A Southern California tradition since , the Pomona Swap Meet was originally intended to be a place for car nuts to buy and sell parts. A great place to find that unique part for your car or truck. The aisles are full of booths that have a wide variety of "stuff".

cars and parts magazine swap meet

Thousands of people patiently wait for their turn to park at the Pomona Swap Meet, one of seven such Saturday morning events scheduled for There are countless cars in the general parking area alone, with droves of people making their way forward through the lot to the ticket booth at the spectator entrance. On average, some 14, to 16, car crazies attend each Pomona Swap Meet. The swap meet itself is a living piece of Southern California car culture.

The Pomona Swap Meet is a So-Cal Tradition for Car Fanatics | Automobile Magazine

ByCross hosted five events a year and had moved from the fringes of the Pomona Fairplex a sprawling event space formerly known as the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds into the enormous main parking lot. This place is the original social media. We get 20, to 25, people in one parking lot in one day. No one else does that.

cars and parts magazine swap meet

On one side of the massive outdoor Fairplex, vendors — more than 1, of them on an average day — are set up along rows that run toward the center of the swap meet, where two directions of traffic run perpendicular to the vendor rows. Some idle to their display space, some just cruise for the sake of cruising.

  • Early Fall is Swap Meet Season

Throughout the day, there is no shortage of metal on this main strip, rolling along at 5 mph, slow enough for spectators to get a long look. Polo shirts mingle with leather vests, tattooed arms extend a handshake toward Rolex-wrapped wrists. Classic American cars are by and large the majority turnout, but there are plenty of Volkswagens, Porsches, and classic Japanese cars as well.

The Pomona Swap Meet is a So-Cal Tradition for Car Fanatics

The attendees are a mixed bag, too. Polo shirts mingle with leather vests, tattooed arms extend a handshake towards Rolex-wrapped wrists, and Camaro owners even laugh easily with Mustang enthusiasts. It has a booth it operates at each Pomona Swap Meet, and well before lunch time a long line of hungry showgoers waits for specialties that include the Trump Dog.

But the vendors are what the majority is here to see. Most have their booths setup by 5 a. Located on the grounds of Hersheypark, the AACA Fall Meet is the biggest event of its kind, with thousands of vendors hocking their wares. Unlike most events, it lives up to every bit of the hype.

The main attraction is the vendor spaces, with both mom-and-pop vendors hoping to clean out the garage, to some of the biggest vintage reproduction vendors in the country. Every time I attend, I kick myself for not buying something. I still wish I got it. Also, the roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce is worth the extra six miles on the treadmill. The entire town of Carlisle is centered around this event, and the many other automotive swaps and shows held at the fairgrounds.

The Fall and Spring events are the biggest, and bring enthusiasts out by the thousands, all looking for great deals on cars and parts.

Early Fall is Swap Meet Season

My notable major purchase from Carlisle was a Oldsmobile Cutlass back in aboutwhich I bought for my wife, Lisa. Still one of the best car purchases I ever made. Bring a GPS and make a few excursions out into the country roads around Carlisle.